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Ming 1 letter 10 name of invention
Production method of bee IJ11 um rumor board
3, Detailed Description of the Invention This invention is an animation acoustic transducer etc.
VCf! The present invention relates to a method of producing a beryllium sheet to be used. In the
prior art, for example, in the case of the electric sound 11 converter of the ribbon type sbi to
force (tweeter) temple used for high-pitched sound, its motive plate is made of a thin film 17i)
ram thin. This beryllium sheet is formed in a shape that can most effectively generate a high
peristaltic noise, and it is formed in a uniform thickness so as to make it possible to improve its
vibration characteristics. It is f! ! It is called. As a method of producing such a beryllium thin film
mt, for example, a method of forming a block of beryllium entirely by forging or pressing, and
then forming by cutting, or a method of forming by pressing or forging, hot rolling after forming
holes, etc. Are known. However, in the former method, since chips are generated at the time of
cutting and processing, the yield of Kushina is very bad and there is a disadvantage that the eddy
value is obtained. In the latter method, it is very easy to hatch after the rolling. As it has to be
rolled, it has to be rolled and rolled with stainless steel willow, etc. Moreover, it must be rolled at
a warm temperature to prevent cracking of thin sheet 9 In this case, there is a disadvantage that
the manufacturing cost is reduced to a whole island, and this little light is n2 to eliminate the
fragments due to the conventional force plate as described above, and the base 111 t thin plate
of any shape is used. 9! EndPage: 1f: Provided in a simple manner and with good accuracy and
steps. The n mark is that beryllium was vacuum deposited on a substrate made of aluminum and
this beryllium thin film was formed t '. The beryllium flI plate tl-is obtained by immersing the
aluminum substrate in the etching liquid and removing it. Hereinafter, the present invention will
be described in detail based on the drawings IC. First, as shown in FIG. 1 (aK, aluminum @ is
pressed or drawn to prepare an aluminum substrate 1 having a thickness of about 10 μm lj
having a ffi surface conforming to the shape of the IJIJ thin sheet to be manufactured. The mask
2 of the aluminum substrate 1 is formed by vapor deposition of the aluminum substrate 1 by
means of vacuum evaporation, for example, by means of vacuum evaporation or the like. Exposed
surface) If CM, a thin 171Jum thin film layer 3 having a thickness of about 9 to 10 μm is
formed. In the same figure 承 j is a state where this + 117 + 1 um thin III bit 3 is formed. Next, as
shown in FIG. 6 (cl, the mask 2 is removed to obtain an aluminum substrate 1 having a beryllium
thin N layer 3 formed on the portion excluding both end portions a and b.
As shown by tdJ in the same drawing, a photoresist is applied on the back surface of the
aluminum substrate 1 on which the beryllium 4 temporary film 1-3 is not formed, and the back
surface of the slope on which the beryllium thin film layer 3 is not formed. The selected
quaternary and current #I are performed to leave the photoresist in the region slightly in the
center VC extended to the temperature at which the portion to be folded is formed. Using the
remaining photoresist as a mask, remove the aluminum curtain plate 1t-tower FJ (previous one
with a 7-hole lens, etc.) odresist discharged with an etching solution such as a solvent (50%)
solution. The same figure fcl shows this condition. Next, as shown in FIG. FeJVC, the aluminum
base wii remaining on both the four parts of the base 111J um 4 olfactory I # 3 is frothed, and
the curved part 4t having a U-shaped cross section in the direction orthogonal to the longitudinal
direction -Form. FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing the meat in the case where the beryllium
thin plate expressed by the above-described manufacturing method is used as a thermoacoustic
fIA unit at 11; That is, yoke plates 10.11 fixed to different poles of two magnets (not shown)
arranged at regular intervals are spaced apart by a predetermined distance, and yoke plates 10.2.
A vc magnetic field is formed between the eleven. A ribbon-like diaphragm 12 is disposed so that
its flat portion is parallel to the magnetic field, in the longitudinal direction vca of the yoke plate
10, 111a'1Cfd yoke plate. The diaphragm 12 is a pair of edge portions made of an aluminum foil
having a folding portion 12a composed of the above-mentioned beryllium 4 and a bending
portion 4 respectively formed on both ends of the play portion 12a. The pair of edge portions
12i) and 12b are fixedly held at fixed terminals 13, respectively. In such a
configuration, when the current flows in the diaphragm 12 in the direction of (a), the peristaltic
plate 12 receives a force in the magnetic flux direction (in the row (a ratio of the current in the
direction of the current is reduced). Therefore, the diaphragm 12 is moved completely by
lowering the 'in a direction perpendicular to the plane in response to the air signal. In addition,
since the above-mentioned center @ example was used as a diaphragm of the electroacoustic
transducer, aluminum bases @ were left on both shoulders of the beryllium thin plate 3, but the
invention is not limited thereto. It will be clear that it is sufficient to completely remove the entire
aluminum dovetail temporary 1 if it is desired to scoop only the 17 lamina sheet 3. As described
above, according to the method of manufacturing a thin 11 + 1 aluminum thin plate according to
the present invention, beryllium is vapor-deposited on a substrate made of aluminum by vacuum
deposition or the like to pre-form a beryllium thin film layer, and only the substrate is etched. By
removing the beryllium sheet with a solution, it is possible to obtain a beryllium sheet so that the
beryllium sheet of the desired shape can be obtained uniformly.
Moreover, conventional #! It is used for the diaphragm of electro-acoustic transducer 4A, etc., as
it is not only non-zero and has a high yield, it can be manufactured inexpensively, but also it has
excellent uniformity of plate thickness and shape. The effect is very great.
1), -6-EndPage: 2 Fig. 1 (aj-(e) is a sectional process drawing showing an example of an actual
IjPA of a method of cutting a beryllium sheet according to the non-invention Fig. 2 is a
perspective view showing an example in which a beryllium thin plate manufactured according to
the present invention is used as a @ motion plate of a "4 air noise 1 converter". 1 ··· Aluminum
substrate, 3 · · · Helium thin @ # i. # Japan Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Representative
agent Masashi Yamakawa, Kei (1 other) / + 7-EndPage: 3