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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are front views of a conventional
diaphragm, respectively. 3 and 4 are front views of the diaphragm of this invention, respectively.
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention relates to the improvement of the imaging
plate made of titanium alloy or metal alloy such as aluminum alloy, and to expand the piston
vibration area and raise the wave number for the high frequency reproduction limit. A speaker
diaphragm in which a hardened portion is formed by partially performing a baking process. The
imaging plate of one speaker exhibits piston vibration in which all parts of the diaphragm vibrate
uniformly in a region ttC where the vibration frequency is relatively low, but the vibration
becomes uneven as the vibration frequency increases. In other words, the vibration frequency
changes from a high h K ス ト ス ト ス ト ノ ノ ノ ノ 径 径 振動 振動 振動 径 径 径 節 節 と と と
と と と と と) Take a shooting action. In the shooting movement with such a joint radius and a
joint circle, the upper part of the moving plate vibrates in the opposite direction to each other at
the boundary of the node, and this causes a peak step harmful to the frequency characteristics It
results. The occurrence of such node radius and node circle is often attributed to the rigidity of
the rigid plate of the diaphragm, and it is necessary to increase the 1jlll property of the moving
plate as a means to solve the front f problem. It is done. For example, as shown in FIG. 1, the
same ス and 吠 and one insertion of radiation h (or, as shown in FIG. There is. 3gi insertion Fig. 1
is concentric circles to control the generation of nodal radius')? 11 persons (in the radial
direction in order to suppress the occurrence of the segment circle) provided with a reinforced
portion-[Figure 2 is a spiral having a radial I-Polandian component and a circumferential
component J The victory reinforcement part 1 character Japanese person was established. In the
prior art, as a means for forming a reinforcing portion in such a moving plate, a structure in
which a reinforcing member is bonded, a structure in which a reinforcing member is attached by
electrolytic bonding, a structure processed by metal ion diffusion, etc. However, due to problems
such as intermittent adhesion between the reinforcement and the diaphragm, io'l @ of weight
increase, and mass production, it is difficult to provide a diaphragm with desired characteristics
at a low cost. It is the present condition that it is important. (1) This invention is a diaphragm in
which the disadvantages of the prior art are solved by subjecting the diaphragm to partial
hardening treatment, which will be described in detail below. このづ♂−y%
1! iJ "A 'H" @
As shown in the original drawing, it is an imaging plate which has been partially quenched as a
means for shaping the inward portion of the core. Therefore, the material of the moving plate
which is the object of the present invention is limited to a metal which can be subjected to
hardening treatment such as titanium alloy and aluminum alloy.
As a means for quenching Jt treatment, a laser or plasma etc. is used as the first ", and the
reinforced portion is instantaneously heated at 1 and the water or air flow is used to carry out Vc
in a single time. If it is necessary to prevent the acid f-treatment, the treatment is carried out in
vacuum or in an inert waste. The imaging plate partially hardened as in this invention has an
effect of suppressing the generation of the nodal radius and the nodal circle, since the hardness
of the wedged part significantly increases and the rigidity of the diaphragm itself increases. It is
large, and effects such as the expansion of the piston vibration region and the increase of the
upper limit frequency can be obtained. In addition, because the treatment time is extremely high
due to partial hardening treatment, the Inuharu Building VC, IM series. Also, since the properties
of a single material are partially varied, there is a concern that one of the reinforcement parts
may be separated like traffic. The durability is improved without any increase in t> i, and the
weight is not increased because the material of the oil is not attached 5 so that it has various
advantages over characteristics and under production stoppers, such as 41 ′ ′ 而 0 simple
'Theory 1 and FIGS. 1 and 2 are front views of the diaphragm 2-character insertion 4-character
deletion of -1, respectively. 3 and 4 are front views of the diaphragm of this invention,
respectively. 1111, =-Q-", 111 people on-key" "7 1 ° two agent patent attorneys Satomi gl Fu 1) ·
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patent attorney Satoshi Tabe ・ (YT '18 · V V, ′ ′' ° ° ° \ \ \ \ \ ′ '' K K 、, \ 1. \。、
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−1, J ! * ・: One. 5. Blg Figure 4: 1,6. -Person on 7-C4, I, et al. Attorney Attorney
C7AOπ〉 K6 Inventors other than the above (1) Inventor's address Osaka Prefecture Neyagawa
City Nisshincho 2nd No. 1 Onokiyo Co., Ltd. Saeki Michizo 9 Saeki Sangensan Sumida Mikoto 1)
Michio 9