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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a conventional
flat drive type speaker, and FIG. 2 is a view showing the structure of a thousand-faced moving
plate used in the flat motor type speaker of the present invention. 5 is a polymer film, 2 is a
magnet, 3 is a conductor, 4 is a flat diaphragm, and 6 is a nonmagnetic layer.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a flat drive type speaker, and a flat drive type speaker comprising a flat 1lli moving plate
formed with a conductor of a single side of a polymer film and a predetermined pattern is known.
is there. In this flat drive type speaker, for example, a plurality of magnets (2), (2) and (2) are
disposed at a predetermined interval on the yoke (1) as shown in 1j j 14 and Ltax-tb □ i 312,
each magnet Of two different magnetic poles, and a flat diaphragm (4) in which a conductor (3)
having a pattern corresponding to the arrangement of the magnetic poles is formed opposite to
the magnetic poles of each magnet. A driving force is generated in proportion to the voice
current flowing in 3), and the flat diaphragm (4) is vibrated to emit voice into the air. This flat
plate (4) has a structure in which a conductor (3) having a predetermined pattern is formed by
depositing a conductor such as copper on one surface of a polymer film (5) such as polyimide,
and then etching it. In order to obtain the electrical impedance and the number of flux linkages
(B1 product) required, the polymer film (5) itself, which is the diaphragm material, is flexible and
requires the conductor (3). Since it is formed by the pattern corresponding to the magnetic pole
arrangement of 2), the structure in which the conductor (3) portion is uniformly distributed over
the entire surface of the plane diaphragm (4) is perfect, and the plate as a whole is Insufficient
mechanical strength df and partial unevenness in strength occur. This particular vibrational fluid
number causes divided vibration, which degrades the three-frequency characteristics. Also, this
divided vibration or radical vibration generates an abnormal sound, and the flat diaphragm (4)
and The present invention has the disadvantage that the conductor (3) is locally bent and the
conductor (3) is broken at this part. The present invention is an improvement of such a
conventional defect, and the second subject will be described below. Do. In the figure, copper is
vapor-deposited on one side of a polyimide film (5) of 12.5 microns thickness to a thickness of
11 of 5 microns, and then etching is performed to form a conductor (3) of a predetermined
pattern. After that, the other side of the polyimide film (5) is deposited to a thickness of 5
microns to form an aluminum layer, ie, a nonmagnetic layer (6). L% (The surface of the aluminum
layer (6) In addition to aluminum, a lightweight and highly tetragonal substance such as
beryllium (Be), titanium (Ti), carbon (C) is desirable as the porcelain caster having a # structure
provided with f. In the above structure, since the flat diaphragm (4) is reinforced by the rigid 1 鴫
4 non-magnetic layer (6), the vibration of the flat diaphragm (4) hardly increases. A uniform hotwater stiffness is imparted over the entire surface of the plate, and partial uneven strength and
insufficient strength are eliminated.
Therefore, the divided vibration generated at a specific frequency is significantly suppressed and
the frequency characteristic is improved. In addition, this series vibration or radical vibration (an
abnormal sound due to this and a local bending of the flat diaphragm (4) and the current
collector (3) can be removed, and a disconnection of the conductor (3) can also be removed)
Have practical advantages,