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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial sectional view of the speaker device
according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a partial sectional view of a bass speaker, and FIG. 3
is for middle and high tones Loudspeaker (D-11r plan view, FIG. 4 is a schematic view of a
loudspeaker system. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Vibrator, 2 ... Diaphragm, 3 ... Resin layer, 4
... Drive coil, 5 ... Detection coil, 6 ... Voice coil bobbin, 7 ... Magnet, A .. · · · Bass speaker, B · · ·
Mid-tone speaker, C · *-+ A sound speaker, D · · · amplifier · E · · · phase correction type filter.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker device
1t, which is divided into a self-shoe band and a vibrating body I! IJ [IO ヲ カ ー カ ー ク ロ エ ン
エ ン σ σ σ σ tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk 金 C C C C C C C C C C C C C C 禰 禰 比重By making the
speaker J7 M 勧 @@ +] [II l flat, it is necessary to clarify the f source of each band-dedicated
speaker and eliminate the phase difference when the electric source of September is radiated to
each source. Books 1-,-. 1-1, 1/1 / ', to provide a speaker device that can obtain a good f41 signal
by using a small amount of diffraction by the speaker enclosure, & & Cri motional feedback,
external, In the beaker apparatus Mri bass, a cone type, a cone type or a dome type for middle
and high-pitched sound was beaten. However, cone-shaped and dome-shaped sneakers have the
disadvantage that bamboo sources can not be attached. Furthermore, when these types of
loudspeakers were attached to the speaker enclosure 7's l + 1i- (il, the signals overlapping each
band were radiated with a phase difference (time difference), and it became impossible to align
the phases. Therefore, in order to align the purple phase, the middle f and ilf for the 1st grade of
the steamer was separated from the steamer, or the baffled surface was made to have a step-like
shape. However, such a fx4 combination Vcl''1: near the speaker (K reflection surface is
increased, there is a drawback that 1jll-scratching sound from the speaker and reflected sound
from the reflection surface interfere with each other. Therefore, the present inventor removes the
above-mentioned lack of immersion so as to eliminate the phase difference when radiating the
honors overlapping the respective f sources, and without using the diffracted main body by the -
2-speaker enclosure, the speaker with a bright line of the sound source Figure 1 is a partial view
of the fledgling of the shielder, Figure 1. fA] is a speaker for bass, (B) is a speaker for medium
weight, and (Q is a labyrinth-speaker. Loudspeakers, one city of Pi body Ill is one as being within
the same -I. 2nd plan ス, 1-piece sounding sword-(In partial section 1 of N, the diaphragm (2) of
the vibrating body (1) is dome-shaped with a light metal such as aluminum, beryllium, polon or
titanium The beating surface is provided with a foam resin such as valve foam acrylic resin or the
like, and a resin layer 131'fr having a specific gravity of 1 or less on the beating surface so that it
is flat VC. In this way, by making the body 1 of the sliver body 1 ffl, the penetrant body fi + will
be able to take a picture of the piston at each station within its exclusive band, and it is dl- There
is a coil (4) and a voice coil bobbin 16) which is a fist of the detection coil (5).
(7) is a magnet. The low-pitched speaker is provided with a detection coil +51 and goes to 1 so
that rapid motion-type motional feedback can be applied, and the shoulder characteristics,
distortion and non-linear tampering near the lowest collusion-periphery IM number can be
applied. Fig. 3 is a partial cross-sectional view of the medium f and high f sliders that can be
easily designed. In addition, the cedar-like shape of the vibrating body (1) is a middle nine
cylindrical shape, and the detection coil is not branched. The detection coil is provided not only
for the low frequency slider but also for at least one of the other contracts (j ′ ′) for
pregnancy: light, but it is provided for all the sliders. The same is the flock explanatory view of
the $ 4mrj system. 'J, (Dl is an increaser 11), (E) is a phase correction type filter, the abovementioned [n] [this invention V, Sー エ ン カ ー 如 −1 −1 −1 −1 ビ ー ビ ー 1 ヌ ビ ー 如 ヌ ヌ
ヌ ヌ ヌ ヌ ビ ー ビ ー ビ ー ビ ー ビ ー ビ ー l l 、 l 、 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成
構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成 構成
構成 構成 エ ン エ ン エ ン エ ン エ ン. Since the 111 capital VC of the Vc vibration root has
provided a light j-weight with a light specific gravity and made the front face of the precision ma
e flat, the VC1 each scissor-car darkness V also overlaps Shin A Even in the case of (4), phase
difference is generated, and diffraction due to the shape of the speaker enclosure is also simple,
and a good f41 signal can be obtained.