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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional domeshaped speaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing one embodiment of the dome-shaped
speaker of the present invention, and FIG. . 11 ...... magnetic circuit, 16 ······ frame, 17 ...... dome
diaphragm, 19 ...... dome portion, 20 ...... conical pipe , 21 ... ... Coupling cap, 22 ... ... Voice coil, 24
... ... Magnetic gap.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a dome-shaped
speaker using a dome-shaped diaphragm and is intended to uniformly drive the dome-shaped
diaphragm to prevent division and generation of resonance. A conventional dome-shaped
speaker is configured as shown in FIG. That is, a ring-shaped magnet 3 is disposed on a plate
having a center mirror 1,> 2, and a ring-shaped upper plate A1 on the surface of the magnet 3)
has a ring-shaped upper plate A j j "w / 20 An edge fixing ring 6 is fixed on the magnetic circuit
6. An edge of the dome-shaped diaphragm 7 is fixed to the edge fixing ring 6, and the dome
shape is formed. A voice coil 1Q fitted to the magnetic gear tube 9 of the magnetic circuit 6 is
coupled to the periphery of the dome portion 8 of the diaphragm 7 to form a dome-shaped
speaker. With such a configuration, when an input signal is applied to the voice coil 1o to drive
the voice coil 10 to vibrate the dome-shaped diaphragm 7, the time for propagating the driving
force to the dome-shaped diaphragm 7 of the dome portion 8 is It becomes long as it goes to the
center from the drive point of a peripheral part, and it was easy to generate ¦ occur ¦ produce
split resonance for this. The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference
to FIG. 2 and FIG. A magnetic circuit 11 includes a plate 13 provided with a center pole 12, a
ring-shaped B magnet 14, and a ring-shaped upper plate 3, 16. A frame 16 is coupled onto the
magnetic circuit 11, and an edge 18 of a dome-shaped diaphragm 17 is coupled to a peripheral
portion of the frame 16. A large number of thin conical vibrators 20 having a large specific
elastic modulus are coupled to the back surface of the dome portion 19 of the dome-shaped
diaphragm 17 with the large diameter portion on the diaphragm side, and the upper end surface
is dome-shaped The lower end of a conical coupling cap 21 is connected to the lower end of the
conical pipe group 20, and the lower end of the coupling cap 21 is connected to a steering wheel
IIL 22. The middle of the voice coil 22 is supported by a damper 23 Therefore, they are fitted to
the magnetic gap 24 of the magnetic circuit 11 without eccentricity. When the voice coil 22 is
driven by applying an input signal to the voice coil 22 in such a configuration, the driving force
of the voice coil 22 is transmitted to the group of conical pipes 20 through the coupling cap 21
and the domes 20 are used. At the same time, the entire dome portion 1s1e of the diaphragm 17
is uniformly transmitted to vibrate the dome-shaped vibration 47.7.
The conical pipe 20 can be bonded with an adhesive to form a group of conical pipes 20, and the
conical pipe 20 can be made of a light metal such as aluminum. As described above, since the
dome-shaped speaker according to the present invention is configured, the driving force
generated in the voice coil is simultaneously transmitted to the entire dome portion of the domeshaped diaphragm and can be uniformly vibrated. There is no need to generate heat, and it has
the advantage of being able to widen the band of use, and is of great practical value.