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The contents of the specification δ, 1 ° 1 t B content (two different L) Specification 1, title 2 of
the invention, speaker vibration etc. characterized by floating the claimable vibration body in the
air with a magnetic field and making it f # vessel
Mag float speaker and other vibrators
3 、 Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention company is a vibration such as a
speaker characterized by floating the vibrating body in the air by the magnetic field, and thereby
the sound quality is good at a rate of 6 and a compressor Etc. a [speaker t! l You can obtain 11 +
vibration. As shown in FIG. 1, to describe one example of practice of scissors, magnet (1), voice
coil body, bobbin (31, cone f41. A basket (a speaker consisting of a space, a bobbin (3), a magnet
(a three-nearing company at a position that divides the circumference of the crucible 39, a
magnet (7) on the basket (5) corresponding to k) Fixation (Fix by means of cilia. Three magnets
(91 at a position that divides the circumference into three parts at the etch portion of the ring
(4), (a magnet corresponding to a magnet Set 0 and (ll). Magnets (= lO) and (11) d, basket 伜) K
fixed O magnets (と and マ グ ネ ッ ト, magnets (II and (lOxIl) a have the same polarity as each
other to fix each other 0 0 cone (6 ), Bobbin (4% voice coil (2) company, magnet (1) 0 cows (18)
and basket (5) without touching, 4C # in the air (so, the input signal in the chair coil (2) is
Faithful Kl !! Vibrations are converted into vibration ゐ 0 Fig. 2 company, another embodiment of
the present invention, but Madanets (61) corresponds to a bobbin (not a daughter company, a
loan (a base of a bush is Madanets) (1) The position of the magnet (1) (the shape of the part
corresponding to @ at the shape inclination is o o: I-end edge magnet (only magnet company (10)
corresponding to the eyebrow, 161 m <11) film Kena. The magnets (6) and (2) are oppositely
polarized, and the magnets (9) and (10) are repelled so that a balance can be achieved by the
cone (4) 1 air K # <e 31h invention and others An example is shown in the following. Bobbin (4
magnets (0 hit, 15 minutes of yoke of magnet (1) Yoke (13) is thin or thin) or 1-ring (13) of
magnet (1) (Phrase is alternate-kJE 8 ", cone (4 companies, place a magnet (9) near the outer
circumference of a cedar 1 cone so that there is no edge portion. In the case of # 3 to # 3 where
sodium bicarbonate (14) is provided at the corresponding position EndPage: 1 field of the
affiliation magnet (1) is driven by the sound film of the voice film (6) and the cone (rib and
bobbin (3) The magnet (? The magnet (16) is provided in the case (23) where f (ll) is unnecessary
and the structure is simple and there are a large number of holes (15), and the receiving
diaphragm (22) has a 9-width portion at the corresponding position To the shooting body (24) in
, Gnut (1?), Coil (18), magnet (19) are provided.
In addition, the magnets (20) and (21) are also pierced @ This makes the IM motion 4 body (24)
float in the air by receiving repulsive force from front and rear, right and left, and from the top
and bottom, so & 1kIJL1 coil (18) An electromotive force is generated and 0 magnet (16) taken
out to the outside with a -μ line from now on serves both as an electromotive force generation of
a sputum and as a function of hollow floating, and an arm (26) and a needle (2b) Moving body (j!
4) K11 wear becomes a car trip of the disk record. i% 51 & a, another example of the present
invention implemented in a cartridge of a disk record, provided with a circle 11 (27) K arm (26),
a needle (25) and three magnets (28), corresponding positions ff1K! -A magnet (2 G) provided on
the support (30) that pulls on the 0 (zero) cylinder (g'y) a floats in the air and! (D8) (z 8 J 7 (29)
0) 引 定位 定位 力 本 紘 紘 紘 紘 紘 紘 か ら か ら 空中 撮 能 率 撮 撮 撮 撮 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
1 1 1 1 1 1 耐久 耐久 耐久 耐久 耐久In addition, it is an invention having an extremely large
effect in that the cost can be reduced because the cost of moving objects is floated and the cost is
not reduced because it is fkvh because it has a pump compression and an air supply pipe
abbreviation. The wax of the present invention, and other various modifications described above
are considered, but all of them are included in the present invention.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the embodiment of
the speaker according to the present invention. FIG. 21 shows another embodiment of the
speaker according to the present invention. FIG. 3 shows another embodiment M4 of the speaker
according to the present invention. Or cartridge O1! Side cross sectional view of the embodiment
'5 Figure company invention car) axial direction and perpendicular direction of the other
embodiment of the embodiment of the rich Book (spontaneous) Showa 53 V V 4 2 invention O
name Mada yu-> speaker such as vibrator 3 pressured person relationship (patent aIjli people)
address Minato-ku, Tokyo 111 Aoyama a-1-10 -Target application for the so 94 amendment and
the content type of the amendment b. Change the contents of the content L) EndPage: 2