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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are route diagrams showing an
example of a centralized driving type flat speaker used to explain the present invention. 1 ······
Surface metal plate 2, 2 ······ Core, 3A, 3B ·········· Back surface metal plate, 4 ······ Voice coil, 5 ····
Voice coil bobbin.
[Detailed description of the invention] Akira Akira: dd1, the name of the thought stain drive
during driving Sugidairaconspeaker 2, practical use strain distortion request claim rope tit4-J
concentrated core with hollow I \ concentration with concentration I using a core 1E & & ra type
10 section 1 speaker, the east middle "1 slot cut type flat speaker made to differ the materials of
the above-mentioned medium and 14 sides of the medium and the reverse side gold □ no board
of the above-mentioned medium 'side plate. (2) Upper surface of the rod surface metal 1.1
temporary thickness is set to be larger than the thickness of the surface gold (i4 plate thickness
is set to practical use-axis number 1 of a billion and a single sheet) 1 shell + l [8 鍼The medium A
of the small-in-medium spinning flat-panel speaker 0 (, 3) on the back of the He rear surface
group metal is set to a material having a rigidity greater than the 1.41j property of the next
surface metal plate and 1 ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ° '' "" "" "" "4'- (steam, 2N, ttsu, [in], .DELTA.? Hun
jyr = 1V-^, B theory Toka 4 have flat-core gold with a medium-core disc, + inside, a 4-1lll flat [ll]
speaker father! iに1t1する。 4, E following hook, hollow for speaker insertion =, j as a 11.1
(a honeycomb of conventional leek of medium plate (Table 4-V ad-l-7) aluminum); In this case,
the i boundary point of the piston vibration and to j, that is, the first coincidence frequency is a
honeycomb shape using aluminum as a human face material. Temporarily speaking, it is possible
that a star which is rounded by a curve of a surface material 1-111 "is a curve i4 of the next
surface material by following the material and the material and thickness of the surface material
i4 It is an object of the present invention to set a large size and expand the use circumference /
skin-ii area of the conventional in-nest drive-type cocoon speaker. An embodiment of the present
invention will be described below with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 shows an example t of
an intensive drive type flat speaker used for explaining the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a
surface metal plate, 2 is a core, 3 is a back plate 4 different in material from the front plate 1, 4 is
a voice coil, 4 is a voice coil, and 5 is a voice coil bobbin. The bottom metal plate 1 is made of
aluminum as in the prior art. The core 2 is generally made of aluminum or expanded polystyrene
or the like in the form of a honeycomb, and the thickness is large relative to the surrounding
metal plate 1 in this case 0. The back side metal plate is bent more than aluminium. 1: 1 jl high
Beryllium, boron or titanium, etc. "") Nii-shu is used. Therefore, the back metal plate 3 to which
the bobbin 5 of the voice coil 4 is attached bends with respect to the front surface gold side 1 · 1
phenomenon becomes large, and the piston bias of the whole flat-concave speaker Movement is
That is, since the thickness of the core 2 interposed between the front surface metal plate 1 and
the back surface metal plate 3 is large, it is possible that the piston fluorescent of the poison coil
4 is transmitted to the outer peripheral portion of the front surface metal plate 1 It is often
delayed or not transmitted faithfully, but according to the present study that raised the JA face
withdrawal plate 3-11 king, the flat I-speaker firefly plate safe 1.1 Since the casting is intensified,
the piston assistance is transmitted to the surface mounting plate 1 faithfully and simultaneously.
Furthermore, since the 14: j property of the whole moving plate is enhanced in the flat speaker 4,
the primary resonance frequency can be increased accordingly in accordance with it, and the
working frequency is increased by expanding the piston oscillation region accordingly. The
mouth primary joint frequency which can expand the band is increased: / c is sufficient to
increase the · · · characteristics of the entire flat speaker diaphragm as described above, but the
thickness of the core 2 is large There is an upper limit on the thickness of the entire plate. In
addition, with the increase in thickness, K is a small number of ilJ bonds that increase 1j
property. I! Although any material having a high bending property may be used as the
material of the entire surface 1 and the back surface metal plate 3, as described above, the
transmission of the piston & wedge of the surface metal plate 1 is deteriorated. Therefore, in
order to increase the primary resonance frequency pattern in consideration of the above points,
as shown in FIG. 2, the thickness of the back surface metal plate 3B should be set to -N "larger
than the thickness of the surface metal plate 1 Is also possible. Obviously, if the back metal plate
3B is made of the above-mentioned material and is set to be larger than the thickness of the
hexahedron @ root 1, the +1 ceiling 1 frequency is further increased. is there. As described
above, according to the present << <<, the surface metal plate and the back surface metal joined
to the hollow electric rod using the flat core are made to be different in temporary materials. The
above-mentioned 4 surplus plates are of the above-mentioned surface metal plate! & + 4 because
it was set 'ji by the city in large become · ,, j Note resistance, can be allowed to increase the 1
ceiling 1-Bunshu Watariyue, and therefore can be allowed to expand the 吏用 frequency 叔 i
region. Furthermore, although the conventional 4) construction has a drawback that the piston
vibration is transmitted to the outer peripheral portion of the surface support rod by one delay or
not transmitted faithfully, according to the present invention, Such disadvantages can be
eliminated as described above. Furthermore, according to the present invention, the materials of
the surface metal plate and the surface metal plate are different from each other, and the
thickness of the Aml metal plate is surface heat! If the bending rigidity of the back surface metal
plate is set to be larger than the thickness of the plate O and the surface rigidity of the back
surface metal plate is temporarily increased, it is possible to further increase the size of one
ceiling i circumference 9 turns by j. It has the effect of making it possible to make F-Amu 'J Castle
a huge amount.