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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic side view of a shelf of a cantilever
according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a front view thereof. 1
···································································································································· 9.10.
[Detailed description of the invention] The book No. 4 is a record player vC with a noodle bowl
(moving magnet) type cartridge vc. The place that I do not consider and aim at is the buying
point Tsuka E 132 o 3) One! It is intended to obtain a hatching as shown in Fig. 9 and also to
make a city output possible. The following is a description of the unthinking 1-centre case with
reference to-the end of the castle t-cantilever 2 of the meeting t1 at the source end of the
cantilever 2. A half ring-shaped magnet 4 is coaxially attached to the cantilever 2 and attached to
the holder 3. In this magnet 4 on the other hand, N, S nosing is indebted to one priest. Damper
that swings at 5L rubber temple, 6 is a stylus holder that makes a suspension kkH 9 cantilevers 2
via a piano hk 4). On the other hand, 1 is a yoke in the shape of a circle on the side of the i road,
and the magnet 4 is cut so that the gap direction, ie, the gap direction, is perpendicular to the
shield direction of the magnet 4. It is distributed in a state of hate. 8 is also distributed with the
yoke. And these yokes T and 8 are the needle 1 II III L? On the other hand, it is distributed at the
corners of 451 L on both sides, so that the angle of the common angle of the yoke T and 8 is 90
tears. 9 ° 10 is a generator coil which is covered with 7 yokes 8 respectively. In addition, in the
upper self-yoke 7.8, a permalloy single-piece tube-shell or 7 elite core is used as a grit. According
to the above, the magnet 4 is, as shown in 1-1 in the stationary state of the cantilever 2, in the
gear 7 of 1 yaw 1.8, the shield direction is 10,000 times with respect to the cap direction Located at-. If the cantilever 2 vibrates in the L direction, Magnet 4ti, for one yoke 1 for the last
gear tabb I! It is angularly displaced in L5c direction, and angularly displaced with respect to the
other yoke 8 with respect to its gear wheel 万 1. That is, the magnet 4 is rotationally oscillated
about the R direction in p in FIG. For this reason, the magnet 4 does not provide an opening in
the wax powder for one of the yokes 1, but it shakes the direction of the sister's cage t 'for the
yoke 8 of the other force, and makes it leak. In a word, the coil 9 of 10,000 coils has no power,
and the coil 10 of 1 million coils has an electromotive force. If the cantilever 2 is made of ice in R
direction lLI, it becomes a trace. Therefore, since the coil 9 detects the transmission in the R
direction and the vibration IkU in the winding direction of the coil 10, respectively, 2ch 'is
It will be possible to detect channels . In addition to the public expense 1 which is necessarily
a half ring shape in the above, it may be a chevron plate shape, that is, a half Q ring shape may
be good. According to the above-mentioned swords and non-elements, it is possible to make a
magnet kuraite-ring ring that occupies a large ratio Xt in 夾 and 、, so it is possible to reduce the
overall childhood 幼 k as an axis. In order to get one nine, it will be possible to improve the NiiYu injection IIi teamability. Since the bladder air circuit for the 1 k, 恨 -coil can be covered, it is
possible to increase the number of 発 -cars, and the output is still oJ 艷.