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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
application with damping. FIG. 3 is the same partial view. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the
application of the present invention with damping. FIG. 4 is the same partial view. 1 is a
crosslinkable acrylic resin, 2 is a diaphragm, 3 is a corrugation portion, 4 is a 'synthetic resin.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION A wood device relates to a speaker which improves
the removal of heat from the periphery of the diaphragm. Heretofore, the vibration of the
speaker, "the material of the synthetic uniform 4 plus a caustic agent has been applied as a
material of & dgr; The first mixed channel u <<, partially inserted into the surface of the imaging
root, remains in the form of three letters, but is mostly immersed in the fibrous diaphragm to
make the periphery of the diaphragm, ie, the corrugation portion 3 unsoftened, To reduce
distortion noise, reduce the number of eight, and came to a braking ton split-C came, but there
was a defect of manure. 1. When the sample is subjected to heat resistance test λ dust for 1,200
hours at a temperature of 70 ° C., the softener is volatilized to form a visco-elastic, brittle, hard
material, and the effect as a damping material is lost. (If it has been used for a long time, the
plasticizer may shift to the arrow sheet sticking part of the shooting plate, weaken the adhesive
force, and in some cases the sticking part may peel off naturally . 3. If the large diameter speaker
is operated with adult power, the diaphragm pin thread axis is large, so the mechanical bond
between the purchased fibers may be weakened and the corrugation part may be broken. This
discussion is to eliminate the above-mentioned gap and keep the visco-elasticity of the
corrugation part of the moving plate, and it will be explained according to the figure. The crosslinked acrylic resin 1 of (or solvent type) is applied to one of the front and back surfaces of the
corrugation portion 3 of the diaphragm in the next generation or by brush writing. The viscosity
of the coating is reduced by 5 parts, the viscosity is increased by adding 10 parts of toluene (by
adding 9 degrees of toluene), and the degree of penetration of oil into the corn paper can be
suppressed to about 1/3. it can. The crosslinkable acrylic resin of the bath type can be adjusted
by the bath to adjust the drying speed and the bed speed. Thus, after the solvent of the acrylic
resin is heated, pressure is applied 17 to cause reaction. The three reaction steps are as follows.
The reaction process is as follows when the cross-linked acrylic resin is manufactured by DaiDanka Co., Ltd. -C142-c) l-cl2-cl-('0 NHC order, ol-14) 1 o14 z C-) INO and -c @ 2-c @@ cl12-cl.fwdarw.C0 NHC 1420 C142) INOC + l-12 (+ -C) 12 -CI-1-c) I2-cl-coIC) lzl-INOC + lcH. In a mold
heated to a temperature of 180 ° C, 0 seconds, press forming a composite reaction occurs in
place a, L. 1 j j just like on the front and back of the corrugation part of the diaphragm: one side,
the membrane 1 side is 0.1 to 0.2 '! One complete form of crosslinkable acrylic resin of about 'm:
In the present invention, as described above, it is preferable to use a cross-section 7 grill resin
with 匍 1.1 'and C ·) as described above, and allow the thickness of the diaphragm 7) to penetrate
within 1 当 and over ml Since a bundle primary film is formed, even if it is changed at room
temperature L−20′Ci, the castor I '↓ of the sneaker does not change (1 直 rounding number
fO does not change, diaphragm j The next fall of the corrugation part does not change. If a 41iit
wet test is performed, the diaphragm which applied what added the plasticizer to the
conventional synthetic resin will sag in the corrugation part! Although there was a forward
direction, the moving plate coated with the crosslinkable acrylic resin of the present invention
did not have such a thing. The heat resisting material of the present invention does not use a
plastic, so it is not brittle and hard even if it is subjected to a heat test at a temperature of
70'0.200 hours. Also, do not weaken the adhesive force of the arrow-sticking portion of the
moving plate. And when it is used for a large diameter speaker and driven by adult power, even if
the piston vibration of the beading ring becomes large, the film of the cross-linked acrylic resin
may be reinforced, and the corrugation part may be broken I can not. Wood note 1 '... The effect
of performing the purpose completely as a damping pump is extremely large, and it is a large
Amagawa-like threshold.