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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a plan view of a diaphragm, 8 is a main portion of
the diaphragm and 9 is a convex portion. In the figures, the same reference numerals indicate the
same parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to an improvement to a soft
dome speaker, in particular to its diaphragm. The speaker according to the present invention
uses foam polyethylene and / or urethane foam as the material of the diaphragm. When molding
the 0 diaphragm, punching metal is used on both sides or one side of the mold in combination.
Do not mold: it is also. Due to the mesh of this punching metal, the convex gold film is deposited
on the front of the diaphragm, causing large and small mechanical losses in this part, and due to
this action and effect, it is raised on the surface of the diaphragm (1 )What. 746 The purpose is
to prevent the contributing deformations and to significantly reduce the inherent distortion of
the speaker. Since the hard reconnaissance layer is generated on the shape surface of the
diaphragm because the conventional diaphragm die mold is used for the wedge molding, the
partial loss is small and the shape surface is likely to be deformed at a large degree. O which is a
major cause of deterioration of the sound quality by greatly increasing the distortion of the O.
Also, in order to ameliorate this defect, a thick part is provided on the shape surface of the
diaphragm, and the one with enhanced elasticity as a whole is used. However, it is very difficult
to remove the inherent distortion of the speaker because the signal of the diaphragm is increased
and the efficiency is reduced in this way. In the following, the embodiment will be described with
reference to the embodiment shown below. (11 is a yoke of a speaker% 121 ti A center ball
integrated with this yoke, (3) is a permanent magnet, (41 is a plate, +51 is a frame fixed to this
plate) b161tX voice coil s (lc sva (Ri 181 is a diaphragm plate made of the above-mentioned
bubble foam body fixed to the inner periphery of this spider, and the convex portion ˜ (2) (9) The
diaphragm of the present invention prevents deformation due to the shape surface at the time of
large amplitude by providing a large and small loss in this part and preventing the deformation
of the diaphragm. The practical effect is extremely large because the inherent distortion of the
speaker can be reduced and an excellent sound quality improvement can be obtained.