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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing another structural
example. 1 ··················································· 3 ······································ Voice coil, 5 ········ Magnet ·······················
Center pole, 7 ···································································································· 12. 12 Balance weight, 12 ·······
Lead wire, 13 pcs cover ○
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intended to prevent the
vibration of the frame caused by the reaction due to the acceleration of the speaker unit, y 'by
accelerating the operation of the two by using two optical systems. It relates to a speaker.
Conventional Speaker Unino) +-t! ! Seen from the perspective of the lX & system, it is a sindal
operation, and therefore the frame is m1ifJl1. There are significant ones, especially in Uno 1
Central. In order to cope with this vibration IC, a unit such as a conventional 1-frame V-frame or
a pneumatic circuit is heavy <L, or a heavy cabineso B. Just use it. The present invention is
intended to remove the size of the conventional speaker described above L7, to prevent the
shooting motion of the frame, and to provide a speaker that is necessary to make the unit and the
vidnet unnecessarily heavy. The implementation 1t11 of the present dispute will be described
based on the following time 1. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view in the case of using a 卑 -magnetic
circuit, and FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view in the case of using a magnetic circuit of 2: 1: 2; ・っ
コーン、3. 2-9 'damper, 4 indicates a voice coil. へ 1 in Fig. (へ vi is a small circuit external
magnet type, 5 is a magnet, 6 is a center ball, 7 is a space between the magnet 5 and the center
of the center ball 6 ( The yoke, 8 respectively, shows a plate. Two magnetic gaps are provided in
a single magnetic path 101. The other magnetic gap is provided behind the n1 voice coil 4 by a
plate 8 '. In the other air gap, a moving coil 9 is provided which has a bobbin smaller than that of
the above-mentioned Heus coil 4, and is centrally held at two places by dampers 10.10 '. A
balance weight 11 is provided between the dampers 10.10 'and has approximately the same
quality (-) as that of a cone paper sheet with an air 1711'. It shows a 12-lead, 131 cover. The
voice coil 4 and the moving coil 9 receive the same signal in the opposite phase as the input
signal nl. The one shown in FIG. 2 is two independent. -It is one using an 8-air 111 path, and the
interference between both magnetic circuits is freed 3--2-. One 'l' b! -Although the internal
magnet type is used because it can be removed, it is a matter of course that it may be an external
magnet type. The reference numerals of the respective parts are the same as those in FIG. 1, but
they are of the inner magnet type of Nakamiya]. The speaker of the present invention て If it is
the cone side V @ system and the balance weight 'I j: ·, the taking motion in the opposite direction
to the motion system-each other's sway i + 1 thread, the reaction of moth also cancels out 7
Accordingly, the vibration of the speaker frame can be prevented, and the vibration applied to
one magnet of the magnetic 11 can be reduced.
Therefore, the cabinet is not damaged 1 and unnecessary acoustic radiation can be prevented,
and one curved ((.. It can give a quick change. This can be revived well, with a good, transient
characteristic of the liver. 蒔 (Tetsu ˜ · · · 中 て, 岐 、 必, 礎 必 ト ロ ト ロ キ ャ ビ ネ ッ ト キ ャ
ビ ネ ッ ト キ ャ ビ ネ ッ ト 不安 不安 不安 不安 不安. 4ン1. {Circle over (1)} A simple
drawing, 1 A 'and an embodiment of the present invention 2 are shown in FIG. 1 (a sectional
view, FIG. 2 is a plan view showing the composition 19I of a pond). 4-l · frame, 2 · cone, 3.10.10 '·
damper, 4 voice coil, 5 magnet, 6 center ball, 7 yaw, 8 plate, 9 moving coil, 11 · balance weight,
12 lead wire , 13 cover practical analysis back registration ε backer · · · · ((Trio winding 1- 禮
step company 5- FIG. 1 s, 57, 8 '96 212 578 'Figure 2' 779. · · · · 5551 0 913 537 utility model
registration applicant bird, wood set company