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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a bank cavity of a medium sound speaker, FIG. 2 is a crosssectional view of a speaker cabinet, and FIGS. It is a sectional view of a speaker unit.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Panful, 2 ... Speaker: 3 ... Bank cavity, 4 ... Cabinet, 5 ... Speaker
unit, 6 ... Sound absorption material. Correction 53.4,
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker.
Conventionally, glass wool, felt, urethane, etc. are used as sound absorbing materials used in
speaker cabinets, back cavities for middle and high sound, speaker units, etc. These sound
absorbing materials are also e1 sufficient in terms of sound absorption coefficient There were
limits to reducing wrinkles and reducing QM. The present invention uses a sound absorbing
material utilizing recently developed 7 cellulose fiber to absorb 1-r / ri! It is an object of the
present invention to provide a speaker capable of reducing the n1 distortion and reducing the
QPvi to the same sound mixing effect. The mechanism by which sound is absorbed is still clearly
understood, but the general busy sound-absorbing '@ こ ま is often a fine N & wei, so the fine
card 1 is captured and moved It is understood that the energy is consumed and absorbed. On the
other hand, wood is a relatively good sound-absorbing material. ペ ゾ 吸音 吸音 吸音 吸音 セ ル
セ ル セ ル セ ル セ ル セ ル 比重 比重 比重 比重 比重 比重 比重 比重 比重 1 Describing the
husband and wife of the present proposal, which is a combination of fluffy material with a water
bath adhesive, with reference to the drawings. 2 d is full, 2 is a speaker, 3 is a back cavity, 4 (1 is
a cabinet, 5 is a speaker unit, 5a is a yaw, 5bH center hole, 5c is a magnet, 5c is a diaphragm, 5e
is a boss coil . 6 is a heat absorbing material, and as shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, when mounting
sK2- 會 ′ inside a hack cavity or cabinet, the dried cellulose fiber is finely broken up, its fluffy
material and water-soluble adhesive And squirt from the special nozzle. This special nozzle
spouts the arranged fiber material from the center and spouts the water-soluble adhesive
diagonally from the surrounding 4 nozzles of Ura, and approximately 301 spouts from the light
weight of the nozzle, and it is located at six positions (in air). The province is in a mixed state, and
from this K, it can be sprayed like cotton without causing blocking. For example, one sprayed on
a cloth or the like by a special nozzle as described above may be attached to the inner wall of the
enclosure. As shown in FIG. 1113 and FIG. 114, when it is inserted into the inside of the slider
unit, a cotton-like material produced by spouting from the special nozzle is used. The sound
absorbing material described above is made of fine hollow fibers, which are attached to each
other and bonded with a water-soluble adhesive to form a large number of voids between the
respective fibers.
The felt or glass fiber 3- is a solid fiber, so only the gaps between the fibers are formed, but the
sound absorbing material placed on the upper side has hollows of hollow fibers and fibers Bj, It is
tempting to catch air in the space of these two species. In addition, the specific gravity of the
bamboo basket material is extremely large, 50 to 200 Kg / ml. On the other hand, commonly
used glass wool is limited to 16-30 Ky / nl '# and it is standard! 1t16Kg/ni である。 If
the above-mentioned sound absorbing material is superior in sound absorption coefficient, ten
Am1. ,, +, etc. The specific gravity is extremely gloomy, and toe 1. Due to the provision of two
types of space, the air 伽 targeting rate is high 1-1. In addition, it is not a simple cellulose fine
weave, but a large number of raised hairs are generated by fine unraveling, these are intertwined
with each other, and the vibration of the word is converted more by the vibration of the fiber,
and finally it is heat energy) It is a dilapidated one. FIG. 5 is a comparison characteristic diagram
of the sound absorption coefficient defined by the remaining room method which is considered
to be closer to the actual wave than the standing wave, and A in the figure is a sound absorbing
material used in the present invention; Indicates class wool, and as is apparent from this, A shows
excellent sound absorption coefficient. FIG. 61 V1 is a frequency characteristic diagram based on
the embodiment shown in FIG. FIG. 7 is a frequency characteristic diagram when a glass wool 入
れ 20 is inserted and run as in FIG. 1, and as apparent from this also, the third order φ in the
vicinity of fo decreases and 58 vs Reno [, in the present invention 2. We have F until o2. このため
f。 The braking effect in the vicinity is good. As described above, according to the speaker of
the present invention, it is possible to significantly improve the sound absorption effect and to
reduce 1φ, and of course, it is possible to make QM smaller.