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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a pickup according to the
present invention. FIG. 2 shows the same side view and the flow of magnetic flux. 3 is a crosssectional view taken along the line A-A of FIG. FIG. 4 is a principle view of a needle vibration
system. In the figure, 1 stylus plug, 2 knee stylus cantilever, 3: armature, 4: damper rubber, 5:
yoke A, 6a: coil bobbin for right signal detection, 6b = coil bobbin for left signal detection, 1a: coil
for right signal detection , Tb: coil bobbin for left signal detection, 8: lead wire, 9: needle holder,
10: yoke B, 11: magnet, 12: terminal board, 13: terminal pin, 14: body.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrodynamic
pickup for improving output voltage. The basic principle of the electrodynamic pickup according
to the present invention is to identify a coil body and move a magnetic flux. Since the method is
adopted so that the movement of the magnetic flux is made equal to the waveform of the sound
cut in the groove of the disk record 1, the conductor of the fixed coil cuts off the moved magnetic
flux, The content is to generate a current equal to the sound waveform. Conventionally, the coil
body used for this electrodynamic-type biax coil is constructed by winding two coils on one coil
bobbin, but after each coil is wound in one direction of the fim coil, another coil is used. Since the
coil is crossed at a constant angle and repeatedly wound, it has been a problem that an increase
in the number of winding is naturally limited and the output voltage can not be improved. In
order to solve this problem, the present invention arranges two coil bobbins each having a
square cross section in parallel in the horizontal direction, and 2) the central axis in the
longitudinal direction is parallel to water, and coils are wound around each coil bobbin in the
vertical direction In summary, the armature is arranged in the range where the magnetic flux is
broken at an intermediate position between the coil bodies at which the cross-sectional center
point of both coil bodies and the cross-sectional center Ak of the square armature cross at right
angles to each other. Do. Details will be described below according to the drawings. FIG. 3 is a
cross-sectional view (A-AIIT surface view in FIG. 2) centered on the coil body and the vibrating
portion according to the present invention, but the coil bobbins 6a and 6b are divided into right
and left, and each coil 7a, B. In the past, two coil hts were wound around one coil bobbin, but it is
possible to increase the number of winding when the coil bobbin is divided and wound separately
as in the present invention. Since the output voltage of the C, ie, the cartridge, is proportional to
the number of turns of the coil, a large output voltage can be obtained. If the principle of
magnetic flux flow and needle swing secondary system is clarified here, the magnetic flux
generated from magnet 113 as shown in FIG. Holder 9-Armature 3, Coil bobbin 6, Yoke (A) 5 vay:
A path 2 is returned to the magnet 11. It goes without saying that all of these components and
products are made of conductive materials, while the information of the recording sound groove
detected by the stylus tip 1 is transmitted to the armature 3 through the stylus cantilever 2. One
operation of the stylus tip 1 which is shown in the fourth and the 1 in the vibration and
expansion mode of C B. [The vibration of the center of the fulcrum 0 and the bearing of the
arrow in the beast direction is a holding of the arrow of the center. The tip V action is in the
direction of the arrow.
・ '' Ζ yii 値 constant value between the armature 3 in which the magnetic flux is induced and
the coil is squeezed 6))) According to the law of electromagnetic g4 conduction in which the
magnetic flux in the constant arc bundle 1 moves in the same direction as the movement of the
armacure and cuts the coil directly in the angle direction when the armacure performs the
movement, 'ye = BLV (B = Magnetic flux! 1.1-It is possible to obtain an output voltage with
maximum efficiency such as the length of the coil when magnetic flux and coil (4) link with each
other, {circle around (1)} speed of movement of magnetic flux. In the case of the moving magnet
type cartridge, since the output voltage t−a is generated due to a change in magnetic flux due to
a change in distance between the magnet and the coil body, and further a pole piece gold
magnetic circuit is used. However, in the method according to the present invention, since the
magnetic flux directly cuts the coil, distortion is not generated, and accurate original sound can
be reproduced. The above principle appears as the operation principle of the stereo pickup
according to the present invention as follows. In the case of the left signal of 45'-45 'in the
movement of the stylus tip in the * -AVIF Iiic + diagram of FIG. 2 shown in FIG. 3, the movement
of the portion close to the coil of the armature is the vibration fulcrum 01! -Since the circular
motion about the included B axis is performed, the direction is vertical, and the magnetic flux
moves in a direction perpendicular to the coil wound in the vertical direction by the coil bobbin,
so that the output voltage is induced with good generation efficiency. The Rukoto. On the other
hand, for the coil that detects the right (5) signal, the armature moves in a circular motion
centered on the B axis, so if the armature is symmetrical with respect to the B axis, motion will
occur between the right and left sides of the B axis. Because the directions are opposite to each
other. The coils cancel each other out without inducing the output voltage, so that no black
stroke occurs and separation of the left and right signals becomes possible. Moreover, the
present invention is not affected by the frequency characteristics of the magnetic circuit because
the magnetic flux directly generates electricity by cutting the coil. In this case, as shown in FIG. 3,
both coil bodies have a square shape and the opposite sides keep the positions of 90 'at each
other in the form of a V shape and an inverted C shape at the same time! The present invention
functions most efficiently when the straight lines connecting the cross-sectional center points of
both coil bodies and the cross-sectional center points of the armature are orthogonal to each
other. As described above, in the pickup according to the present invention, the coil body is
divided into two and coiled only in one direction, and by raising the number of coils, the output
voltage is improved without approving the step-up transformer (6). At the same time, it is
possible to realize high frequency as well as to realize the same effect as the qucoil type.