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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross sectional view showing a conventional
speaker assembly structure, and FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view showing one embodiment of the
present invention. In the figure, 1 is the front (back full) of the enclosure, 2 is the back (rear) of
the enclosure, 3 is the frame of the speaker unit, 4 is the magnetic circuit of the speaker unit, 5 is
the mounting bolt, 6 is the mounting bolt . In the drawings, the same reference numerals indicate
the same or corresponding parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of a
speaker assembly, and more particularly to the miniaturization and performance improvement of
a high performance speaker assembly. Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing one example of
the conventional speaker assembly structure, # 74θZ / example, where (1) is the front surface
(baffle surface) of the enclosure, (2) is the rear surface of the enclosure [back surface], (3) is a
frame of a speaker unit (hereinafter simply referred to as a speaker), and a magnetic circuit
portion of a 141 ti speaker. The speaker is fixed to the baffle surface ill of the enclosure by a
mounting bolt (5). Conventionally, in a speaker assembly that requires high performance, a
wooden enclosure is used, and a plate thickness of 15 to 20% after #J is used. If the thickness of
the enclosure is reduced, the enclosure vibrates during the operation of the speaker, and the
acoustic wave number characteristic of the output sound pressure as the speaker assembly is
disturbed, and an unnecessary sound is emitted from the enclosure. Therefore, it is necessary to
make the thickness of the enclosure thicker in the speaker assembly to be subjected to the bird
performance t **, since the output sound may cause turbidity, which may cause the transient
characteristics to be impaired and the sound quality to be deteriorated. is there. By the way, it is
determined by the performance of the speaker assembly, in particular, the effective inner volume
of the low i reproduction limit company enclosure, and the larger the inner volume, the longer
the reproduction limit of the bass can be extended. The effective internal volume of the enclosure
is the outer volume of the enclosure minus the thickness of the enclosure. Therefore, in the case
where the outer dimensions of the enclosure are the same, naturally, the smaller the plate
thickness, the larger the effective internal volume can be. In the case of a large speaker assembly,
the inner volume is not affected by the influence of the thickness of the plate, although it does
not crack so much, but in the case of a small speaker assembly, it affects extremely remarkably.
In the case of a small speaker assembly, it is necessary to devise to make the effective internal
volume of the enclosure as small as possible, for the reasons mentioned above, in order to
reproduce the bass completely. For this reason, it is desirable to make the board of the enclosure
as thin as possible to increase the effective internal volume in a small speaker assembly, but it is
possible to reduce the thickness of the conventional wood by the above-mentioned reasons. The
result is a loss of sound quality, so it's easy to make it thinner 13+. This invention was developed
with the purpose of providing a structure for solving such contradictions and realizing a small
and high-performance speaker assembly.
Hereinafter, the drawings will be described. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an
embodiment of the invention of the invention, in which the same reference numerals as in FIG.
The frame (3) is fixed by N51, and the magnetic circuit portion 14+ is fixed to the back surface of
the Fushion enclosure by the mounting bolt (6). According to this invention, since metal is used
for the enclosure material and the speakers are fixed from the front and back of the enclosure,
the same function as putting a reinforcing bar in the front and long sides of the enclosure is
performed. The speaker itself is effective to increase the strength of the enclosure and to
suppress the vibration t of the enclosure to achieve assembly 0IIIi Th1A, which is equivalent to
that of a conventional thick-walled wooden enclosure. Enclosure plate 1) thick ore, which is
necessary to do so, can be made considerably thinner than conventional ones. Therefore,
according to the present invention, the effective inner volume can be much larger than that of
the conventional enclosure, thereby extending the reproduction limit of the bass region and
improving the performance. For example, if it is made according to the structure of this invention
that is comparable to the conventional wooden enclosure of 15 mm in thickness and 15 f in
height and 15 f in height by 15 ff in height by the structure of this invention, the thickness is
about 4% and the effective internal volume is It can be about 1.7 times larger. Furthermore, in
the conventional system, the speaker is only fixing the frame +3) to the baffle surface (1), so the
magnetic circuit (4) is excited by the reaction when the speaker is driven, and the sound quality
According to the structure of this invention, the speaker fixes both the frame portion and the
magnetic circuit portion (41, so that the magnetic circuit portion (41 Sound quality degradation
is avoided, resulting in improved performance. Also, although the allowable input of the speaker
is often regulated by the temperature rise of the voice coil of the speaker, the heat is dissipated
through the thermal control magnetic circuit generated by the +5) voice coil, so the temperature
rise of the voice coil can be suppressed. It is necessary to make the heat radiation of the N & air
road way good. By the way, in the conventional speaker assembly, the magnetic circuit portion
(around 41 is only in contact with the air layer trapped inside the enclosure, so it is in a
thermally isolated state, and the heat dissipation effect from the magnetic circuit portion is
extremely It was bad. However, since the magnetic circuit (41 is directly joined to the back
surface +21 of the enclosure made of a metal with good thermal conductivity), the heat
generated in the magnetic circuit can be conducted to the enclosure quickly. The heat dissipation
effect is very good.
Therefore, the structure of the present invention also brings about the effect that the allowable
input of the speaker can be greatly increased as compared with the conventional one. And also, if
the enclosure is integrally formed by casting to the actual result of this invention, the assembly
assembly S of the enclosure is necessary and the power is reduced, the manufacturing cost is
lowered, and the cost can be reduced and manufactured. , Its economic merit is also great. (As
described above, according to this invention, it is possible to realize a small-sized, large-capacity,
high-performing speaker assembly, a high-performance speaker assembly, and easy to
manufacture and reduce the cost compared with the conventional one. The effect is tremendous.