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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 6 show an embodiment of the present
invention, wherein FIG. 1 is a block, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram showing a digital gain regulator,
FIG. 4 is a block diagram showing a preset carder, FIG. 4 is a circuit diagram showing a control
circuit, FIG. 5 is a diagram showing a diode circuit of the control circuit, and FIG. 6 is a time chart
showing an example of operation. is there. PCI, PC 2... PC 3... Preset counter, GEN... Clock
oscillator, UC... Control circuit GCI, Ga 2. Ga4. Ga4 ······ Digital gain adjuster.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a material
orientation control apparatus for controlling the ninth place of sound 1 * in a plurality of
channels of recording / reproducing yarns. In the conventional recording, concert, etc., in the
recording / reproduction system of a plurality of channels, the operation regarding localization of
sound 1 is an operator such as a mix console, 6 th-, "f5? ノ Q 可 ′ L L す な c c c) @ 3 different
from the performer did i. Generally, this mixing console has a large shape, and the operation is
also designed to be operated by a full-time person by atS, so it was not possible for a player to
perform an operation while playing an instrument. For this reason, there is a problem that the
player himself can not position the sound image according to his intention or move it to a desired
position, and a light playing effect can not be obtained. Roughly speaking the localization of 攻 I
attack with the above-mentioned mixing console II! In the case of lI control, there is also a
problem in the speed of movement of the sound image to perform the manual operation, and the
internality V. The present invention is made in accordance with the circumstances of -F, and the
player himself or herself can determine the sound image, and he can control the sound, and
automatically move one sound with smooth movement by the specified stray electric current. The
t1 position control device t-providing can be fc aimed. An embodiment of the present invention
will be described below with reference to FIGS. FIG. 1 is a plotter diagram of the above
embodiment, in which a signal given to an input terminal pin is turned on several degrees, j to i
channels, for example, 4 channels, CH1. Output terminals PI through CH2, CHJ, CH4 digital gain
adjusters oc, GCt, GCs, GC4'ft respectively. Output from Pt + Ps + Pa. * * UC is a control circuit
that performs control purple to selectively rotate t 葎 (i-stop 6 or continuously 連 続 1) in a
predetermined specific direction. Fig. 2 is a circuit diagram showing a part of a digital muffle
terminal @ -channel unit of the l channel number, wherein the @ number from the input terminal
pin is depleted by the first multiplier pA, The signal is amplified by the multiplier 2 of pAt and
applied to the output terminal Pout. The network RN is externally connected to terminals Q, Q. ..
A plurality of resistances (a combination of nine and digital switchgear, so-called double nose
digital to analog digital-to-analog converters) in order to change the cutting sensitivity in
response to 8-bit digital signals given to Q8 . And Figure 3 shows the preset counter PC for 4
channels, which is on 41 networks RNi. PO2 · · PC3 gold 1 indicates 1 counter 1 pc 1 pc counter
1 pc pc 1 pc 1 pc, PC 4 PO 4 2 ch PC, pc pc 3 CH 1) PC pc 4 pc corresponding to 8 CH connected
in series A digital signal of a bit is output. @ 4 Figure is a circuit diagram showing a circuit of #llll
# circuit GHN is in contact with a pair of screw threads of a silver thread loop according to
resistance resistance of speed town fa 恍 VR It is a clock addressr that outputs a clock signal CL.
And MC is a preset counter pc of each digital phase 4iillll festival Get + OCt + GC41 GC4, mode
city IIJd path to clear up / down mode of FC2 · FC8, and Fig. 5 is mode + 8′1 I circuit あ circuit
preset Counter pc, pc! In the circuit diagram showing the diode matrix DM for designating the
operation of the FC 8, it is possible to selectively designate a predetermined predetermined point
of the sound field to stop it. That is, the push button switch PB1 is LP (front left), PB, FC (front
center), PB, RF (right), PB4 RC (right middle), PB. For example, RB (right rear), PB, CB '(near
center), PB te LB (left rear), PBsIiLc (left center), pB. The 7 g bit and r are all specified
respectively at DC (center), and the push button switches PB, PB,... PB, i are interposed between
the horizontal axis of the matrix DM and the power source V. In addition, 鍬 of this matrix D1.4?
Preset counter pc, DC2 ... connected to preset human power of PCs. The alphabet symbols of the
terminals of the first to fifth terminals are compared with each other) In such a configuration, for
example, the output of IcH is maximized and the channel in that period is minimized. To make it
clear, the preset counter PC and the count value of DC2 − + − S may be large, and the count
values of the other preset counters PCB and PCa− · DC 6 may be reduced. In addition, I
gradually increase the mound from IcH to 2CH! ! In the case of s, the output of ICH is gradually
decreased and the output of 20H is gradually increased and D may be scraped. That is, the
control signal of the down mode is given busy from the mode side j # circuit MC to the preset
counters PC, PC, and made to preprocess in the down mode,-10,000 counter, 1 clock PCs, control
signal of up mode to PO2 To operate in the up mode. If you move the sound image from 20H to
30H as a colleague, switch the down mode to preset counter pc8 ° PO2 and switch to the preset
counter PCs and PCIIt up mode as well when the audio output level of 12cH becomes maximum.
Good. Repeat this kind of @ work sequentially by K, IcH, 2CH, 3CH. The sound image ヲ # can be
moved by + lil of 4CH, IcH, ... Also, it is possible to switch the mode of each preset counter PC1,
PO2, ... pcs to reverse e *-e, 4 The movement +111 ¥ is also reversed.
FIG. 6 shows the above-mentioned operation t--a time chart, wherein e, f, g and h can be applied
to the CI4 of the preset counters PCI, PO2, PCs and PO2 from the mode control circuit MC. (The
supply counter number CA of this preset counter PCH + PCs * PC5 + PCy is given to the CI
terminals of the preset counters PCz + PO2 and PCs + PO2,... Note that this clock inertia signal
allows low-level control and stops high-level counting, and a * b * c * d switches the up / down
mode of each preset counter pc, PC, ... PCll. Down mode at low level with mode switching signal
and up mode at high level. そしてPHyp、lp、、p。 Is ah at the audio signal level output
from each output terminal of ICH, 2CH, 3CH, 4CH. In addition, when stopping the sound mound
at the position of the village, the output r of the L clock oscillator GgN is turned off, and at the
same time, the piece 1 corresponding to the preset terminal Q + T + B + t * urV + w + X of the
valley preset counter pc, pc,. Just do it. In this way, it is possible to move the 家 i family to 4
places of Ffi'4's position to the position of only by imitation work, and the player performs 1l
TIIIlll localization of one bundle of sound while playing y1 You can do it, but also on the top Md
¥ i! axis? llではプリセットカウンタPC,。 PC2 ···· Cs count fliK, the audio output 1
corresponds to 9 [force level linearly, but it is not limited to such one, for example, the audio
output level is signed to the above-mentioned count value You may make it respond by the
relationship of the wave. In this case, for example, preset counter pc. PC! ... Insert the code
converter 7 between the count output of PC, and the digital gain adjusters GC +, GC2, GC3, GC4,
or use a digital analog fixture with a human-output relationship of sine wave As far as i is
concerned, the present invention is not limited to the four channels as in the above embodiment,
but it is needless to say that it can be used to control the localization of sound mounds among a
plurality of channels. As described above in detail, the present invention has the count value of
the preset counter having the up-down mode between the human power of the auto double
number and the plurality of outputs in the N6 series (C-interposed digital analog vI4! Since the
player's gain is controlled so that the player himself can automatically control the position of the
note automatically and smoothly to the desired position, all sound image position control device t
can be provided. it can.
4. Roundabout lvl + + i + 11%: Figure 6 shows an example of the present embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 1 is a block diagram, FIG. 2 is a digital gain adjuster 11 is a schematic
diagram 3 is a block diagram showing the Prescent counter gold, FIG. 4 is a circuit diagram
showing a control circuit, FIG. 5 is a diagram showing a diode matrix of a control # circuit, and
FIG. It is. pc, pct... PO2... preset counter GgN... black y 伽 4 UC .. control circuit OC ++ 'J Ctr () Cs,
GCs'' digital gain! # To the apprentice applicant's place 升 鈴 鈴 鈴 1 囚 PinDAa 9 、, V-86 ID / 7
uucl 3% '˜ 9] 45 (--PC7, PCB4s 6 oi world L L "/ c' Taki Human Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. 221 !! II
ceramic 12 vPI (P2. PI 几) NINPinqoPA1 · 2-22-9'2-3 Q + 2-2 'Q 22-72-5 Q 32' 4-7 · '% (j59.. 24
applicant Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. Fang 3 Figure a MSBC 1 eQ' C 2001-0 ° 1oiQ) Oii b b MSB °
° ° 0 ° "Qi (& 04Q" JQIO 4 Q '+ Cb α 1-cAk "212J' 4 dMSB2. −2 2PCst" J JiJ2 x 148 to 1
person, 3 applicants Sansui Electric 4, formula company Yo Picture 1-64 Hayashi <<Footprinter
machine σ 4 (J'l) −-014: E,---+ x-11 □ 1 oi -21, 1-□ □, 1 □ □ □ □ 1 δ ε δ − □ !: − 臂
1: 1 time 1: 1: 11 〜 d 111 □ r − 17 ′ 5> 9 c = p (Φ 17) a port 5th! lqrsl: LIVWXVO-60-6 MSB
(), 61aPB1 LELB engineering; = 壬; = stone; ■; 壬 0 M 48-L, 7, 57 ゝ Sansui ゝ 14 '' 01 o 6 e
(ICH) goth]-シTwo-f (2 CH) L "j j]-9 (3 CH) h h (4 CH)" 1-f-L "Wang-" a a (ICH) [-published-1 to-b
(2 CH) C (C) 3C1-1) 1-d (4CH) -u-ull-PI (ICH) '□ p 2 (2CH): P3 (3CH) J light (2 J to P 4 (4 CH)-no)
(7 \ -19 ,, 6 /, applicant 1 "1 company 4 company 1 bell 1 仝 5 (inventory list (1) Committee
letter 1 letter 1 (2) specification statement 1 statement 1, . 1 (4) Requested duplicate 1 1 6 other
than the above and the trader, the real applicant 111jli proposal registered applicant, agent (1)
inventor Tokyo Metropolitan area Suginami-ku Izumi 2-chome No. 14 No. 1 Sansui Electric Co. 1
(21 generations 1 'r + 1 Yutaka Tokyo Port l) · Shibaishi, Hoji 111 Town 2 17 17 Mori Building, 2
悸 剰 (5 □ 43) q +' i -4- 5 Kitake Yugi Kiyoshi # i 'kl "i □ 6 D Constituent 79i Name (6881) 1' 1 1
L 1 'Ting Yu 3/110 /