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Description of Invention
Crystal drive motor drive circuit
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a motor drive
circuit for a quartz watch. Conventionally, since the crystal drive, load capacity (capacitor) and
integrated circuit for oscillation are independent of each other in the motor drive circuit of the
crystal watch, each component is mounted on the circuit board even if the frequency of the
crystal drive is adjusted. If it is attached, the oscillation frequency will shift. Therefore, it was
necessary to put in a trimmer capacitor and to adjust the frequency. The present invention is
intended to provide a motor drive circuit for a quartz watch which eliminates the abovementioned disadvantages of the prior art, and after the adjustment of the frequency EndPage: 1
almost eliminates the deviation of the oscillation frequency.
Crystal drive motor drive circuit
Detailed description of the present invention will be given based on the drawings. As shown in
FIG. 1, the inside of the metal base 1 is filled with the airtight glass 2 and the terminal pins 5.4
which are 12 external terminals are implanted. The multi-circuit board 5 is erected on the base 1
by the terminal pins The process of making the circuit board 5 and the process of
making the circuit board 4 will be described with reference to FIGS. The material of the circuit
board 5 is a non-conductive material such as glass, epoxy resin, Bakelite, etc. The circuit board
has two base electrode films 6.7 and their lead-out electrodes 6m and 7a, earth electrode films
8.9. In addition, an electrode film 10.11i is formed. Next, the dielectric film 12 is formed on the
upper surfaces of the pace electrode films 6 and 70 by vapor deposition of silicon oxide or the
like except for both outer side portions of this electrode film as shown in FIG. Further, as shown
in FIG. 20, the ground electrode film 15 is deposited on the upper surface of the # collector film
12 so as not to contact the exposed base electrode film 6.7, and the ground electrode films 8 and
9 are made conductive. There is. Therefore, the load capacitance is configured by interposing the
dielectric film 12 between the base electrode films 6, 7 and the earth electrode film 15. Since the
ground electrode film 15 only needs to be conductive, the film thickness may be very thin. An
integrated circuit (IC chip) 14 is mounted on and attached to the upper surface of the ground
electrode film 9, and the lead-out electrode 6a of the sea-based electrode film 6.7, the 7as ground
electrode film 9 and the electrodes [110 and 11] It is wired with each circuit element of the chip.
The terminal bins 5 and 4 are respectively conductively bonded to the electrode films 10.11 of
the circuit board 5. By the way, on the base electrode & jii 6.7 exposed on the surface of the first
circuit board 5, the oppositely conductive holding spring 15.15 is implanted in electrical
conduction with the base electrode film. There are various shapes of the holding spring 15, but
there are various kinds of holding springs 15a, 154, 15 * d as shown in S5th to 5C, respectively.
Bonding pieces 17a and 176.17g for bonding and bonding are formed. Further, fitting grooves
18a, 186, 18tJ for fitting and attaching the outer side portion of the quartz crystal lift are formed
in the rising edge pieces 16a, 16h, 16aK so as to be φ. Therefore, as shown in FIG. 4, the quartz
crystal vibrator 19 is held substantially parallel to the circuit board 5 by a holding spring 15 with
a gap 't>. Then, driving electrode films 20.21 (not shown) are formed on both sides of the quartz
oscillator 19 and one extraction electrode 20. . The 21 ° is drawn in the opposite direction and
is electrically connected to the holding spring 15.15 and fixed by the conductive adhesive.
Therefore, the circuit board 5 and the quartz oscillator 191 are hermetically sealed by fitting the
lower end and the opening of the metal cap 22 completely to the metal base 1. As shown in the
first and fifth figures, there is a holding plate 25.25 which holds the ground electrode 8 of the
circuit board 5 and is elastically bonded to the inner surface of the cap 22. The holding plate 25
holds the upper end W6 of the circuit board 5 at a predetermined position. Therefore, the metal
cap 22 and the ground electrode film 8 of the circuit board are electrically conducted, not a fool
to reduce the impact due to external force. Next, the electrical connection state of the present
invention will be described with reference to the equivalent circuit diagram shown in FIG. The
terminal bin 4 is an output terminal for driving a clock, and is wire-bonded to the ICC-Fu 140
clock driving circuit 24 through the electrode 11. Reference numeral 25 is a divider circuit, 26 is
a buffer, and a 27 扛 amplifier. Next, the metal cap 22 becomes an earth, and the holding plate
25 and the earth electrode film 8.1! ! , 9 'ij are connected to the IC chip 14. Next, the driving
state of the watch by the quartz crystal oscillator according to the present invention will be
described with reference to FIG. A capacitor 29t is connected in series to the drive coil 28 of the
inductor motor M, and a DC power supply is serially connected via the switching circuit in the
drive circuit 24 of the series circuit KXC chip 11! Connect IO '/ f. As a result, the drive coil 28 is
supplied with electric current Rt- in one direction and the capacitor 29 'is charged, and the
switching of the switching circuit causes the capacitor to be discharged so that the current in the
other direction flows in the drive coil. As described above, the inductor motor M for driving
EndPage: 2 motion is rotationally driven. According to the present invention having the above
configuration, since the load capacitance is formed on the circuit board and hermetically sealed
in one cap together with the integrated circuit for driving, 1 floating capacitance is very small
and 1 oscillation frequency is very offset. small. And since the area of the load capacity can be
widely configured, the capacity can be increased, and since the air tight sealing is performed, the
load capacity is not affected by humidity and the reliability becomes high, and an external
trimmer capacitor for frequency adjustment is provided. Do not need Since the number of parts
is very small, assembly is very easy and easy to work with. Especially when 2 external terminals
are used, assembly workability is further improved than with K.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the embodiment of
the present invention. FIG. 20 is a plan view showing an order of depositing load capacity on a
circuit board, and FIG. 20 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of a holding spring,
respectively; FIG. 1 is a sectional view taken along the line WW, FIG. 5 is a sectional view taken
along the line VV @ 1, FIG. 6 is an equivalent circuit, and FIG. 7 is a connection diagram of a drive
circuit of the drive motor. 1 ............ metal pace 5 ............ watch drive output terminal 4 ............
power supply terminal 5, ············ Circuit board 6.7 · · · Base electrode film 8.9 · · · Earth electrode
film 10. 11 · · · Electrode film 12 · · · · · · · · · · Dielectric film 13 ...... earth electrode film 14 ......
integrated circuit 15 ...... holding spring 19 ...... crystal resonator 22 ...... metal cap 25 ...・ ・ ・
More than the holding plate, J! 7, "agent top-'EndPage: 3 Figure 4 * 5 Figure EndPage: 4