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In an electrodynamic speaker in which a spiral conductor portion formed on an L # polymer film
is a narrator plate and a voice coil, the two terminals of the voice coil are each plate, a screw, a
rivet, etc. An electrodynamic speaker comprising: a metal plate attached to the metal plate; and a
plate, a pole, and a yoke serving as relay wires for taking out leads of the voice coil. DETAILED
DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrodynamic speaker,
and more particularly, in a so-called flexible substrate formed by laminating a metal foil on a thin
polymer film, the metal foil is formed into a spiral pattern by etching etc. Electrodynamic type 1
to operate as a coil and diaphragm. About the bribe. The structure coil of a speaker using a
flexible flexible substrate is shown in FIG. Zir, 7 is a film diaphragm, 8 is a voice coil, and the
voice coil 8 of FIG. 1 shown in FIG. 2 is soldered or electrically conductive in order to take out the
output to the amplifier from its terminals A and B. It is customary to provide a lead by means of a
metallic paint. 2 (a) is an enlarged view of a portion m of FIG. 2 (t) and FIG. 2 (c) is an enlarged
view of a portion B of FIG. 2 (c). And, if the clearance of the magnetic circuit t is a portion
corresponding to the spiral of the above pattern, the first one. In the example shown in FIG. 2,
two magnets of 1 × 15 × 30 × are used with a magnetic field of about 6000 glass, a flexible
substrate with 12 thick films and a conductor with 20 aluminum thick wires. With 200 voices
and 100 voices, it has a swirl of 8 turns and its length is about 12m. The sound pressure level of
EndPage: 192 dB can be obtained at a distance of 1 m at 1 w human power. Since the speaker of
this structure is made of a very light-weight vibration unit, the frequency characteristic up to the
high region is in front of the vibration unit (No. 1). It is taken out from the part (B) of FIG. 2 and
there is a defect that abnormal noise and disconnection easily occur due to abnormal resonance
of the lead wire. The first one. Mu shown in FIG. As part B uses a solder or conductive paint, the
film has problems of heat resistance and corrosion of the conductor. In the structure shown in
FIG. In Nika, only the portion of the voice coil pattern is large for the voice signal, and can be
regarded as an insulator in comparison with the direct current resistance 4 to 160 of the voice
film. Focusing on the two points, the speaker of the present invention has an adverse effect on
the vibration of the diaphragm, and the lead wire of the voice coil can be easily taken out with a
As shown in FIG. 3, the cross-sectional view of the loudspeaker according to the present
invention is shown as 1- ° 7, and the reference numerals 1 to 8 represent the same partial
molecules as those in FIG. It is hook で あ る-. In the same figure, one can take out the lead
through the plate 5 and the other through the ball 3 and the yoke 2 without attaching a lead wire
directly from the voice coil 8 on the diaphragm 7. According to the present invention, according
to the present invention, since the portion which does not vibrate on the pattern is fixed with
screws or rivets according to the present invention, the vibration of the diaphragm is not
adversely affected. Because there is no lead wire in the area, there is no risk of abnormal noise
and lead wire breakage due to vibration of the lead wire. ■ It is soldered like conventional lead
wire because it is mechanically fixed with screws or rivets etc. And corrosion of the conductor by
conductive paint and deterioration of the film due to heat, so that the heat resistance
requirement for the film is M (the film selection range is broadened, and the film can be selected
from acoustic images Thus, a speaker with excellent characteristics can be obtained.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional speaker,
Figs. 2 (a), 2 (b) and 2 (c) are enlarged views of a voice coil used for each speaker, and Fig. 3 is a
diagram according to the present invention. Cross-sectional view of the speaker, scale, ..., y
(shows the central position number machine. 1: Magnet, 2: Yoke, 3: Ball, 4: Sound absorbing
material, 5 nibrates, 6: Spacer, 7: Film diaphragm, g: Voice coil, 9: Screw, 10: Wassi f-6 Attorney
patent attorney Aihiko-Yu family 'EndPage: 2