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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a composite type speaker according to the
present invention, wherein A is a plan view, B is a longitudinal sectional front view, FIG. 2 is a
longitudinal sectional front view showing an ordinary speaker, and FIG. It is a longitudinal front
view of a speaker which attached a cone. 1 ...... magnet, 2.2 '...... voice coil, 3.3' ...... cone, 4 ......
treble reinforcement for corn, 5 ... ... Damper, 6 ... ... Iron core, T ... ... Center pole, 8 ... ... Frame.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION As shown in FIG. 2, a speaker commonly used is
composed of a voice coil 2 and a cone 3 connected to the voice coil 2 to a magnetic circuit
consisting of a magnet 1, In order to crystallize the high-pitched ■ rate, another high-acoustic
speaker may be used in combination, or as shown in the third factor, one voice coil 2 and one
voice coil 2 may be connected to a magnetic circuit consisting of a magnet. Connect to i L
and □ 1 □ / −) /),? There is a type that adds a small high-tone reinforcement cone 4 to the
same voice coil 2 as the 799 O cone 6. However, it can not be desired to reproduce satisfactory
bass and treble with this type of power speaker. Therefore, in the present invention, as shown in
FIG. 1, a cone 3 is connected to each of two or more separate voice coils 2, 2 'in a single magnetic
circuit consisting of a Macnet 1, as shown in FIG. , 3 'and so on. The speaker of the present
invention is composed of two or more voice coils and cones independent of valley into a single
magnetic circuit, for example, the bass cone 6 is connected to the bass voice coil 2 and the treble
cone 6 'is for treble Each of the voice coils 7 is connected to a single magnetic circuit in common.
(2) O Thus, since the speaker of the present invention is constituted by a single magnetic circuit,
each independent cone and voice coil, the material can be saved and the structure is simplified
without increasing the shape of the speaker. Low cost 1 '::; vc As a function of the speaker, it is
possible to obtain a feature that can generate a faithful reproduction sound that spans a wide
range from low to high. In the drawing, 5 is a damper for supporting a cone, 6 is an iron core, 7
is a center pole on which a voice coil is fitted, 8 is a frame so that the voice coil for treble is as
light in weight as possible K and 1 It is desirable that the connection be made so as to be easy to
perform and in phase with the bass voice coil.