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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 show a plan view of a conventional
loudspeaker with a loudspeaker attached thereon, and FIG. 3 shows a loudspeaker according to
the present invention. FIGS. 4 and 5 show another embodiment of the speaker system according
to the present invention. 3 ...... arcuate portion, 4 ...... narrow small portion, cut-off parts to avoid
5 ...... speaker mounting portion, 6, 7 ...... engagement portion .
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker system
which is adhered to the outer periphery of a diaphragm of a speaker. Conventional speaker
gaskets are laminated paper and cork roots. Alternatively, it may be an annular gas piece
obtained by removing 11 + '-plates of a rubber machine or the like) t ++, or 1 may be split into
several pieces. It was an assembly (2) which became annular. Accordingly, in the case of the
annular force skenot (1), the air leakage between the speaker and the mounting plate to which
the speaker is attached is to be made 11 by the former, and it is excellent as one of the cask The
waste of materials was extremely large, and the mermaid was expensive. In the case of 1 ^ 11
type (2), as the number of casknots N, n−L increases with the number j of the number j of the
number of division j, the heavy bondability in the fitting part between the respective casket
becomes worse. It had a mermaid that was prone to muddy air leakage. This proposal aims to
remove the above-mentioned person and mountain, that is to say, according to the proposal Suki
Kaka (force skenod has a plurality of arc-shaped parts (3) as shown in FIG. 6 (b)). An arc-shaped
part is formed integrally with the sandwiching part (4) which makes a series 1 1 F 1 by the same
material, and when pasting to the vibrational root edge of the speaker, ih autumn small ・ ・ (4)
is bent sequentially The both ends of the power line are configured with holes 6 so as to form an
annular ring of + 1 ≦≦ as shown in FIG. 6 (b). Although the speaker cask can be formed
according to the present invention as well as l, it may be formed by +1 l plate of IT 4 plate, cork
plate, or rubber plate dab, it is also possible to arrange cutting by bending of the small portion
(4) Then, it is preferable to be made of rubber or a material having elasticity of 恢 j44,) j). In the
case of using moon, rubber, and rubber, it is possible to use a pair of 1.11j. The speaker cabinet
according to 3D is composed of a small part (4) connecting the above-mentioned <tM number of
arc-shaped parts (6) and a true circular arc sub), and the above-mentioned small parts are ll '
Because it is a go <m component that forms an annular ring by ji bending, (compare to the ringshaped caskeno i · (1) of 疋). (6) There is little waste of material, and one way can be
manufactured to the price. Furthermore, since each arc-shaped part is integrated, handling
becomes more disturbed than in the split type (2), and the number of Ls to which the speaker
combination and the cask ト not in the second case can be reduced. The curvature of the large hk
'LK 115 of the speaker can be the same. It was small. In the case of pasting C1, if you add note 0
to + 1 of Bi part of speaker power skenoto, it is possible to completely prevent sky x wrinkle
leakage in cask not 7 min gl + (3 (2) By comparison, the l'l business can be much the same.
Fig. 4 is a cutaway portion where the speaker mounting screw can be removed in the arc-shaped
portion of the speaker power skenoto according to the present invention. It is also configured as
a removal portion that avoids a two-circle speaker mounting screw when the small portion is
bent to form a lump as a one-part oval-one-part removal portion (5). In FIG. 5, each of the two
end bars 13 of the screw force force is shown in FIG. The air leakage can be further prevented by
providing a), and the paste-up 6 "workability of a rice cake can be improved.