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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of
an audio canceller according to the present invention. 11.12 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Down off lower times M, 5, 7 ..... Low pass filter.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a voice canceler which cancels the voice of a singer located at the center of left and right
speakers in a stereo music source. In recent years, many stereo reproduction devices equipped
with a microphone mixing device are commercially available. Yuki aims at simultaneously playing
back his voice while playing music. By the way, the music source often contains the voice of the
KFi singer, and it is not preferable that the singer's voice and his own voice are mixed if it is sung
simultaneously with the reproduction of the music. Therefore, an apparatus called "voice
changer" has been developed recently, in which the voice of the singer in the music source is
erased and used in combination with the microphone mixing apparatus to sing in place of the
singer. As an example of such a device, there is a method of erasing all sounds localized at the
center of a peak, in the case of normal vocals, focusing on the point at which the singer's voice is
localized at the center of the left and right speakers. However, according to this method, the
accompaniment sound to be localized in the center is erased along with the voice of the singer, so
that the reproduced sound is only a signal to be localized on both left and right, and the sweat is
emitted with a 180 degree phase difference. Also, only the low frequency range with relatively
small phase rotation is simultaneously erased and becomes an unnatural reproduced sound. It is
impossible to make a deviation, as an example of another device. There is also a method to
eliminate all of the h in the frequency range that can be voiced by the 7-elter focusing only on
the point that can be produced only. However, according to this method, a certain range of sound
is extracted, so the reproduction characteristic is remarkable There was a drawback that it
decreased. The present invention has been made to correct the flaws of the acupuncture and
moxibustion, and the purpose is to eliminate the vocal sound almost completely and to cause
almost a loss of information regarding other signals. It is an object of the present invention to
provide an audio canceller that can be played back. Another object of the present invention is to
provide an audio canceller with low pass correction and good frequency characteristics using a
low pass 3-filter in combination. Further, another object of the present invention Is to provide a
voice canceler capable of erasing the voice even if the singer's voice exists at the position moved
in either left or right direction. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described
together with the circuit diagram of the drawings. Li is a left signal input end, L is a right signal
input end, J is the left and right signal input ends i, and a matrix circuit connected to RiK is
connected to the left signal manpower sore plate and phase division circuit II Signal input
terminal RiK connected phase portion 11 j [! !
mixing amount changing circuit 13 including a port J variable resistance Vtt for changing the
mixing amount of the positive phase component of the l path 12 and the phase dividing circuit 1)
and the reverse phase component of the phase dividing path 12; A variable resistance (R) path
14 including a variable resistor H2 for changing the mixing amount of the negative phase
component of phase 1 and the positive phase component of the phase division path 12 is formed.
2 and 3 butterfly, phase shift circuit for converting the phase difference of the difference signal
component provided by the above two mixing amount change circuits 13 and 14 to be
approximately 90 degrees to each other, 4 is a level at the left signal input end Li An emitter 7
lower-order circuit connected via an adjustment variable resistor R3 is a low-pass filter 5 for
passing only the signal from the circuit 4, and the output of the phase shift circuit 2 and the
addition resistance 1 ( , R, and the connection point is connected to the left signal output end
LoK. Also, an emitter 7 lower-order circuit connected to the 6Fi right signal input end Ri via a
level adjustment variable resistor R4 is used as a low-pass filter for passing only the signal of the
bass range from the circuit 6 as described above. The output of the phase 77 circuit 3 is
connected to the addition resistor 1 (s, R4 respectively), and its connection point is the signal
output end R. It is connected to the. Next, the operation will be described based on the above
configuration. Now, when the left / right signal input terminal Li, the human power signal eL (ψ
(0)) of the RiK left channel and the human power signal eR [ψ (0)] of the right channel are
applied, the signal company phase division circuit 11.12 The output is divided into positive phase
eL (ψ (01), eR (ψ (0)) and reverse phase eL (ψ (g)), eR (φ (1E)) and four outputs. Then, the left
channel positive phase signal eL (0 (0)) and the right channel reverse phase signal eR (ψ (π))
are added by the mixing amount change circuit 13. On the other hand, the left left channel
reverse phase signal eL ( The mixing amount changing circuit 74 adds ψ (π) and the right phase
positive signal e) L (ψ (0)) of the right channel. Therefore, since the components of the same
amplitude in the human power signals of the left and right channels are added in the reverse
phase relationship, they are mutually canceled, and components of the same phase and the same
amplitude are output to the output from the matrix path 1 (for example, The singer's voice is
removed. The output of the matrix circuit 1 mentioned above is not only the voice of the singer
but all the components of the same phase and the same amplitude located at the center are
removed, so that it becomes not only a sound image of the center missing but also its output
mutually Since it is taken out 180 degrees out of phase, it has been experienced that it becomes a
state IIK that gives a listener a sense of mental discord.
Therefore, in the present embodiment, each output from the matrix circuit is added to the phase
shift circuit 2.3, and each output is shifted by 90 degrees in phase difference as described above.
It is designed to eliminate such inconvenience as giving a sense of discord to the elderly. Also,
since the low band outside the voice band is also attenuated, the left and right signal input end Li,
the signal applied RiK is passed through the emitter 7A lower circuits 4, 6 and the low pass filter
5.7 to obtain the left and right low band sounds, When this low frequency sound is added to the
signal passing through the phase shift circuit 2.3, the low frequency is also corrected by 7 to
obtain a relatively flat frequency characteristic as a whole. Also, in the above case, when the
singer's voice is at the position attended from the center, the phase is adjusted by adjusting the
variable resistances vkL and va in the mixing amount changing circuit JJ and 74 and changing
the mixing amount by oJ. The output level difference from the dividing circuit 11.12 is corrected
so that the signal of the portion where the singer's voice is located can be removed as described
above. The present invention, as described above, separates the accompaniment (No. j when
recording, the left and right microphones respectively have different vibration and phase
differences, and the voice of the singer (vocal) is the same with one microphone. Focusing on the
amplitude, the same phase, line 7-added, the components of the same amplitude and the same
phase that are localized at the center are added in the opposite phase, and the signal is phase
shifted by the phase shift circuit to be hollow. By correcting the sound and further adding the low
band signal outside the audio signal band to the output of the phase shift circuit through the low
pass filter and correcting the low band shortage, it is possible to eliminate the loss of musicality
as a whole. . Also, since the mixing of the output from the phase dividing circuit is performed by
the mixing amount changing circuit having variable resistance, even if the variable resistance is
variable, even if it is located at the sound image of the singer or at a position distant from the
center, this singer Practical effects such as being able to eliminate the voice of