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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective view of the
present invention. 11 ······· Cabinet, 17a, 17b ··························· Port, 19 ·············
[Detailed Description of the Invention] The nineteenth invention is a handy hand-carried
handpiece that is a part of a phase-reversal type speaker device. In general, the phase-reversal
type speaker device has an opening in a part of the front of the closed cabinet to fix the speaker,
forms an opening in the other part of the front, mounts a boat, and reverses the sound wave
phase behind the speaker By radiating from the seven openings, the bass characteristic of about
50 Hz to 100 Hz is improved, and further, a net, a grid and the like are attached so as to cover
the above-mentioned speaker and boat, and a design effect is also achieved. U +, / ', 7-, 9-i In such
a speaker device, 41! In the case of a large-sized speaker device, etc., the weight is also increased,
and it is necessary to provide a special handle in order to be bulky, which causes a drawback
such as an increase in cost and the like. On the other hand, in the above-mentioned speaker
device, the port gold-mounted opening is generally provided on the front that is flush with the
bass speaker, but the wavelength of the bass relative to the distance between the front and the
side of the cabinet. Is as long as about 6801.100 Hz and about 3401 at 50 Hz, and since the
phase difference at the listening position is negligible, it is not necessary to provide the aperture
on the same plane as the bass speaker. Therefore, in the present invention, by forming an
opening on both sides of the cabinet O and attaching a port, a -1 phase inversion type speaker
device is provided in which the disadvantages such as providing a special handle are eliminated.
An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings.
First, to explain 4I or, the substantially enclosed rectangular cabinet IO front face alK is provided
with a sound output hole 11 (14) (2), and the O sound output hole asfia to be a speaker for low
frequency sound a! 9. Fix the speaker according to the characteristics of the high sound speaker
ae etc. by mechanical means such as screws. j! On the left and right sides of the cabinet, an
opening (17) (1) b) of a shape selected to be suitable for the acoustic characteristics is drilled at a
position suitable for the acoustic characteristics and the handle. On the other hand, the hollow
port a second of which the both ends are open having a cross-sectional shape which is equal to
the acoustic characteristics is outside l! ], The inside and the outside are connected, and the
through hole 0 of the position, shape and number to support acoustic characteristics is formed,
the boat [both-ends opening (20 heat) (20b) of the II] the left and right side surfaces of the
cabinet 01) It abuts on the opening (17m) (17b) and is fixed by means such as adhesion or
screwing. Although not shown in the drawing, the front face of the cabinet I: a speaker f at the
S, (If you want to capture lfl, attach net case such as case 1-child etc. and have noise and design
effect, n, □ a * m 5 au, 9 deg. Explain the function of the invention. When the slider one is
operated now, the sound wave in front of the squiby (3) car as, ms is radiated forward through a
grid or the like not shown in the figure. On the other hand, the sound wave at the back of the
sbeka 118a 61 resonates with the air passage reaching the outside formed by the port 8 and is
phase-reversed and emitted from the cabinet (the openings (17m) (17b) (17b) on the left and
right side surfaces of II) can get. Further, since the left and right sides of the cabinet are
connected to each other in this boat gang, the cabinet 0 is more enhanced, and the bass
characteristic is improved. At this time, if the positions of the through holes a9 to be formed for
the port outside are provided not at the center of the cabinet fist 1 but at different distances from
the openings (17m) (17b) on the left and right side surfaces, the left and right of the bow 11 In
O! -The number is no, and the frequency range of the bass reflex effect is also extended. In the
18th invention, the inside yabinetto IO11i1i1iKg mouth (1) 鳳) (17b) is provided, so this tIl! The
space to be used is a space with a little space to the wall of the amplifier, rack, room and so on. A
crossbar etc. is provided on the surface of the cabinet part to improve the effect of the master
and also the space distance with the wall etc. You may secure (4) As described above, according
to the speaker cabinet of the present invention, the ports are connected to the openings on the
left and right sides of the cabinet, so there is a bass reflex effect and the cabinet is also reinforced
to improve the acoustic characteristics Of course, it is possible to put a hand on one side of the
cabinet, which is very convenient for carrying and transferring the speaker.