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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings relate to an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional side view of an essential part of a first embodiment, FIG.
2 is an exploded perspective view thereof, and FIG. FIG. 4 is an exploded perspective view of the
embodiment of FIG. 5.7 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · yoke piece, 6 · · · non-magnetic thin
plate, 9 · · · coil bobbin, 10 · · · · · · · Yoke support, 10a. 10b
························································································································· Yoke piece.
The present invention relates to a pick-up cartridge of the type which converts the sound groove
No. 1 of a record into a 礒 -A signal, and in particular, a magnetic circuit is formed by combining
CJR through a plurality of yoke pieces f: f Composed, in the vicinity of the void, it is generated by
vibrating two specimens, Hoku 3 t, 7: Kuno reef y 1 or t reef 1: 1! ! ! The present invention
relates to a structure for forming an @ circle circuit in a pickup of a type for converting a change
in the amount of magnetic flux in the circle circuit into an electric signal. Hereinafter, the actual
rou 1 of the home business will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 41 is a we plan
view of the first actual stock example of the home plan, in the figure (1) is a stylus (2) and a
permanent magnet 3) A canna lever that is stored and vibrates according to the sound groove of
the record, and is mounted on the pickup so as to be able to vibrate by the damper rubber (4). (5)
is a 1lll yoke piece, and the inner wall of this yoke Pr (5) is a thin p! r (6), for the gate, phosphor
bronze flakes are laminated with an adhesive. (7) is a second yoke piece, and an @ circle circuit is
formed by abutting the first yoke piece (5) and the non-l ik type thin film (6) in the air gap O) as
illustrated. . (8) is a coil wound around the yoke ff (5), <7, and wound around the coil bobbin (9).
The yell is a yoke support for keeping the yoke pieces (5) and (7) in proper positional
relationship, and is made of synthetic synthetic resin that is 1-elastic. This yoke is formed in the
god body C1 [) by two yokes) f frame entry holes (10, +06), and-10,000 holes (+063 is the
second yaw p, the third piece (7) Has a size such that it can be inserted tightly, the hole (l-) of the
hole is made by laminating the first yoke piece (5), nonmagnetic thin film) t (6) and the second
yoke piece (7) It is the size that is close to me. a2 Figure 1 is a decomposition village tax map in 1
of the above first practical example, and the same code is attached to 1III corresponding to FIG.
The first yoke piece (5) in which the non-conductive thin plate (6) is laminated is inserted into
the hole of the ruby luhobin (9) a week after the hole (+011) above the yoke support QO and
then + g2 Of the first yoke E (5 J) from the opposite pole to the hole of the small coil pin (9), the
hole above the yoke support QQ (one injection) of the yoke P4r (7) In addition to pretending like
premonition, while the legs of the yoke part (7b) of the 9442 York piece (7b) are inserted into
the 10,000 legs (106) of the Yoke fork hunting Pr, the legs of the Asahi million (7b) Press until
the tip of) abuts against the non-contact thin plate (6) of the first yoke piece (5) to complete "C".
Yoke support shouts are elastic materials such as plastic snacks in advance. The distance and size
of the holes (1011) and (+06) are set so that the position of the yoke pieces (5) and (7) can be
kept constant. A nonmagnetic thin plate (6) of the same thickness as the width of the air gap 0
shown in FIG. 1) is formed on the inner wall of the first yoke piece (5) P. 4-. Since the layers are
stacked, if the assembly is performed in the above-mentioned procedure, the positional
relationship of the yoke pieces and the air gap size are fixed to one in automatic fishing. 43 is an
exploded perspective view showing a second practical example of the present draft, and the
difference between the above-mentioned '# 41 and the practical example-1 is that the coil bobbin
o1 integrated with the yoke main body is one. And the yoke piece insertion holes (IIα) and (+16)
are formed in both legs (Ill :) and (Ill :) of the coil bobbin 0η. FIG. 4 is a main part of a new small
surface view of the third practical example of the present 4 alternative, Ij! The parts
corresponding to FIG. 1 are assigned the same reference numerals and detailed explanation
thereof is omitted, but the yoke support piece (the end) and the coil bobbin (9) as in the case of
the second embodiment also with respect to the third embodiment. And C). According to these
inner parts, the yoke support 6 made of an elastic material formed in advance when forming the
magnetic circuit (1083- (106) 4: yoke pieces (5), (7) are inserted) Non- □ in which 10,000 yoke
pieces (5) are stacked on other yoke pieces (7). The magnetic circuit (6) can be formed by only
bringing the magnetic thin plate (6) into contact with the magnetic thin plate (6) to form a
magnetic circuit that makes the adL relation 1 town 1: 1 and the gap width 1 m definite. In
comparison with the conventional technology, performance and performance can be improved
compared to the prior art L (conventionally, in the conventional formation of the magnetic
circuit, the yoke piece is provided with a fixed gap of m in the mold for molding Fix it. It was
pressure-fixed with thermoplastic resin. However, it is difficult not only to form an air gap with
high precision in the mold, but also to require dimensional accuracy of the forming mold, since
the yoke piece is formed by bending quickly. It has a complex structure. In addition, if it is
obliged to mold the whole of the circuit at the home electric power, molding should be common
since it is possible to mold the one formed by the specified Horibayashi line as it is. According to
the home market as above, conventionally, the obstacle in the fixation of the yoke piece for
forming the air circuit and the formation of the air gap is eliminated, and the pickup cartridge
having the simple configuration and easy assembly is high precision. Du Yu good (centered on
the practical effect of being able to manufacture.
4. The drawing is a single ftWJt light p, b All drawings relate to the practical pole example of this
zero point, g1 is a main part of the embodiment of @ l new plane open view, FIG. 2 is its exploded
view, Fig. s3 is an exploded perspective view of the second example of the real stock, and Fig. 4 is
a principal part of the real weave of g3. (5), (7) Yoke piece (6) non-aerogenous thin plate (9) coil
bobbin OQ yoke support (+ (XI), (+06) yoke piece insertion hole Utility model registered output
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