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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is an explanatory front view showing a state of use of a conventional example, and FIG. 2 is
an up and down movement of a receiver using a floating body as a drive source. Fig. 3 is an
explanatory front view showing the transmission ratio of the present invention, Fig. 3 is an
explanatory front view showing a state of use of the present invention, Fig. 5 is an enlarged
perspective view of a disc-shaped sea anchor, and Fig. It is a perspective view of the sea anchor.
1 ...... antenna, 2 ...... float, 3 ...... hanging cable, 4 ...... sea anchor, the 5 ...... electronic circuit Case
housed 6, 6
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention reduces the noise generated
when the wave receiver vibrates due to waves, etc., and obtains a good wave receiving sensitivity.
About. Conventionally, suspension of the underwater wave receiving device to receive the
seaborne sound etc. generated by suspending the wave receiver in the water (in the sea) from the
floating body (buoy) which was made to play on the water surface 4 As shown in FIG. 1, a
suspended cable (eg, signal 11 gh # + ki kiab ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ tlfM * e * +
− Attach the wave receiver 104 via the pull 103, suspend the decoration 105 at the lower part
of the wave receiver 104, and add 1 to the above-mentioned spring constant of the suspension
cable 103 and the mass M of the weight 105 alone. (Fig. 2 shows the vertical movement of the
wave receiver when the floating body is used as the driving source) The figure shows that fo = 6
r, and the shaded area in the figure is the attenuation area). However, in such a configuration, the
water damping effect is sufficient due to the above-mentioned spring constant and the physical
limitation of the mass M <<, particularly, in the case of UCj'J, in the case of 'It wave receiver 0, 6
effects of reducing noise 6' It was quite ridiculous. F% -i & apos; & quot; 1 & quot; w * vm & quot;
ts: sm-ti4 (D? -Take a no-anchor via a suspension cable that gives a springiness to a □ 2-bu
floating body, and by hanging a receiving device, a weight, etc. from the no-anchor, Sprinkling
water, weight IJLl weight, ヒ ヒ か せ こ の こ の こ の j [[[[質 ニ ー ニ ー ニ ー ニ ー 動 揺 動 揺
動 揺 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死The purpose of the present invention is to obtain l support in the
water so that the receiving sensitivity can be obtained next. Install a seeker-4 through a
suspended cable 3 with springiness to a float 1 sweat (buoy) 2 with a transmitter, batteries, etc.
housed inside and an antenna 1 sunk in the upper part of the moon, A case 5 containing an
electronic circuit is suspended from the no anchor 4 via a cable, and the case 5: The directional
wave receiver 7 is suspended by breaking a string 6 (in the present embodiment, for example, a
rubber string, a cotton tape, etc.) of a filter book (in the present embodiment). Furthermore, the
stray directional receiver-8 is suspended from the directional receiver 7 through the readable cap
and the weight 9 is suspended via the nondirectional receiver 8 sword-strap. Hanging pieces
such as n et al. 7-anchor 3--3 etc. 17i, ipi't (stored in 'l' 2 and drawn out from the floating body 2
during operation and suspended in water Are configured in the same way.
In the above configuration, the fingerless receiver 12), the guard 9 may be fixed directly to the
lower part of the directional receiver 7 by hanging it with a diple or the like. Next, in the above
configuration, the sea anchor 3 is formed in a disk shape as shown in FIG. 4, or 2 g is formed in a
cylindrical shape as shown in FIG. The former disc is made into a foldable old structure like an
umbrella in order to be stored in the floating body, and the latter 0 (moon surface: i, formed by ij,
etc. of readability, etc. and stored in the floating body) It is a small fold at times, and it has a
cylindrically elongated structure at the time of operation. Therefore, the hot water Nt ′ ′ j 1
using the former disc-shaped sea anchor 4 and the water (seawater) in the upper and lower
spherical (dotted line) portions of the anchor 4 work as additional mass − In the directional
receiver 7 and the ant directional receiver 8 caused by the movement of the floating body 2, it is
possible to suppress the vibration in the downward direction and the lateral direction of the
antenna 8 and reduce the noise generation to a part 4-1. In the latter case, the cylindrical sea
anchor 4 has water that has entered this cylinder at t: f! l] 1iffi Mugura and Shitezu @ <ChiTsude, in which said and can be sufficiently reduce the generation of noise is suppressed shaking
similarly. Next, a string connecting the case 5 containing the electronic circuit on the upper side
and the composition-. 'Because it separates the fixed connection of both, and the directional
receiver 7 is a vibration sensor that receives hill waves in the sea, it prevents vibration due to
sound waves,' r ' (It is a force that needs to be mechanically released from the above case), and
the sleep 9 provided at the bottom of this configuration gives = Q to the spring constant
necessary for the suspension cable 3 and All i pieces are suspended vertically. In the electric
operation of this embodiment, when the sound wave is received by the finger [port] 7 and the
nondirectional wave receiver 8 in water, the received sound wave is an electronic circuit in the
case 5. The signal is amplified, multiplexed, sent to the transmitter in the floating body 2 via the
suspension cable 3, and transmitted to the transmitter as an underwater signal by transmitting
radio waves from the antenna 1 in advance. It is According to the present invention having the
above-described structure and action, the lower end of the suspension cable having a spring
property has no anchors, and a mass of water in a part of the anchor is used as an additional
mass. Because it works, it is possible to sufficiently suppress the shake of the wave receiver, and
therefore it is possible to sufficiently reduce the wave size of the wave by the wave movement of
the wave receiver, whereby good results can be obtained. Especially in the low cost and small size
underwater wave receiver which has high sensitivity, it is effective to make a good effect.
Figure 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 1 is an explanatory front view
showing the use state of the prior art example, and FIG. 3) is an explanatory front view showing
the state of use of the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a disc-shaped sea anchor. {Circle over (2)}
An enlarged perspective view, a Vth mistake is a cylindrical enlarged cylindrical view, and a Vth
mistake is a cylindrically shaped sea anchor. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Antenna, 2 ...
Floating body, 3 suspension cable, 6-414 .. n-anchor, 5 ... Case which accommodated the
electronic circuit, 6 ... String, 7 ... Directional reception 2t, 8 Non-directional wave receiver, 9 · · · ·
· · Weight utility model applicant Applicants Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney
Attorneys Kenjiro Kinkura 7- @ 1 (2701 罎 2 ′ ′ 霞 X 14 formula% formula% other than above
Inventor address Tokyo Tsubaki: Iy algae L4 near! ', 0 address in Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Name Okubo address Address same place name Matsuzaki' kaipa address same place name Fujii
Magneto 5-2-15-j 仝 2 \ Procedure correction writing h formula 10 October 25, 1959 Patent
Secretary General Katayama Ishibe 1 display of the case Showa year 萼 案 顕 No. 65282 No. 2,
the name of the device Person who makes an underwater reception device 3 correction
Relationship with Incidents Utility Model Registration Application Office 10 Shiba Kampaicho
Minato-ku, Tokyo D. (029) Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. President and CEO Masaaki Yamamoto
4, agent address Minato-ku, Tokyo 2-chome 9-5, Minato-ku, Tokyo-8 Nakagin-Shinbashi Building1 phrase. (6961) Patent Attorney Kanekura Kin-厖 l Reno 5, 11th October 1959, with
Supplement 11 instruction, the number of inventions increased by correction / / = = 7 finished,
target specification of correction 8 Contents of correction page 6 line 17 [5. I will correct "Figure
4". Also on the same page, line 18 "figure 6" will be corrected to "figure 5". Mil procedure
correction book (spontaneous) October 25, 1975 Display of the Commissioner Katayama Ishibedon I case 1975 ■ Consideration No. 65282 No. 2, the name of the device Do the underwater
wave reception device 3 complement + E Relationship with the Case Case Utility model
registration applicant Assignee Name 10, Shibahirahira-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo Name (029) Oki
Electric Industry Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Masaaki Yamamoto 4 Agent
Address Minato-ku, Tokyo 2-9-5 Nakagin Shinbashi Building); X'7. : Claw (6961) Patent attorney
gold α 喬 -1 (5 Supplementary 11 date of the command Spontaneous · · · ·, the number of
inventions increased by correction number 7, correction target specification 8 correction
Contents of the through shim correction in the separate sheet 1 Correct the following description
on page 2 line 14 to line 15 of the specification as follows: Indicates the transmission rate of
the vertical movement of the wave, resonance point, o − IJY, the shaded area in the parent figure
is the attenuation area).
2 Correct the description of page 2, line 17 water reduction effect as damping effect . 3.
In the specification 1, page 3, the last line to page 4, line t1, line 4100, line 7 correct "one anchor
3" as 1 sea anchor 4.