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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial longitudinal sectional view of a
conventional diagnostic sound collector, and FIGS. 2 to 6 are parts showing different
embodiments of a diagnostic sound collector according to the present invention. FIG.
·································· ··· Sound pickup sensing part, 5 ··· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · elastic body, 9 · · · · · · ·
maternal abdominal wall. 7 靜 3 Ml Science 244 σ 53
[Detailed description of the invention] In the present invention, by directly contacting the
maternal abdominal wall of pregnant woman, the heart sound of the fetus is collected, and the
change of the fetal heart rate at the time of delivery is recorded to monitor the delivery progress
etc. The present invention relates to a diagnostic sound collector used in a medical device. As
shown in FIG. 1 as a diagnostic sound collector which picks up sound directly in contact with the
surface of this kind of living body, it has the same structure as that of the dynamic microphone #
1 y, and the mu is the mother belly Sounds in direct contact with IIB. ・ 採 C, C is a damper, D is
a coil, Fj, ffi. 1。 52−1バー? F] is a magnet, 1 is a case. However, in the case of the sound
collecting for diagnosis of this structure, depending on the tightening condition of the attachment
belt when the sound absorber is attached to the mother abdominal wall BK, or when stopping the
tape, the stopping condition etc. Pressure that directly changes on the sound pickup / sensing
unit is applied due to labor pain, the difference in the shape of the abdominal wall at the place to
be attached, etc. As a result, the vibration of the sound-pickup sensing unit is suppressed and the
damper C is deformed and deteriorated, so that the sensitivity is low, the stability is low, the
reliability is low, and the durability is not high. In addition, there is a point that the external noise
is directly transmitted from the case ν through the gou-nbar ay to the sound-pickup sensing
unit, so that the signal-to-noise ratio C / N becomes worse. Try to eliminate such drawbacks. In
addition, when collecting the womb and baby heart sounds directly from the maternal abdominal
wall using a contact sound collection type microphone, a team. Pain, abdominal wall shape
differences, microphone wearing. The sensitivity is always good without being changed to the
wearing condition etc. While dancing in the stable sound collection in the state of, and durable.
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a sound collection S for diagnosis. . 2 · · · · 2
Hai: ° The present invention will be described in detail by the illustrated embodiment: · In the
figure, 1 is the case, 2 is the ° opening of the case 1, 3 is the opening of the case 1 2- It is an
opening peripheral part. A microphone 4 is disposed in the case 1 so as to be movable toward
the opening 2 side of the microphone aml 4 at-r-1. The sound type microphone 4 is a capacitor
type even if it is of the dynamic type described above, as long as the sound type microphone 4
picks up sound by contacting the sound pickup sensing part 4a directly to a living body and
converts it into an electric signal. It may be of another type. 5は。 The restricting plate 1 is fixed
to the contact sound collecting type microphone 1, and the restricting plate 5 mainly contacts the
opening skin green WL3 of the case 1, as shown in FIG. 2, FIG. 4 and FIG. Sound contact, by the
elastic force described later.
The mold microphone 4 is for restricting without coming out of the opening 2. It mentioned
above. As in the case of the contact sound pickup type microphone 4, elastic force is applied
toward the opening 2 of the case 1. An example of the tube is shown in FIG. 2 and an elastic
body. Interposing between the back wall of the compression coil spring 6 at-case 1 as 3 · 6 °
and the regulating plate 5, #I! In FIG. 3, an elastic force is applied to the contact sound
collection type microphone 4 by being interposed between the rear wall of the elastic body 6 bi
case 1 such as maltobrene and the contact collection / pre-type microphone 4. In the specific
example of FIG. 4, the air pressure 6 af is used, and the rear portion of the contact sound pickup
type microphone 4 is airtightly fitted to the cylinder 7 protruding from the rear wall of the case 1
to form a piston 7 a The compressed air pressure in the cylinder 7 by the piston 7a applies an
elastic force to the contact / touch sound-type microphone 4. のである。 Furthermore, in the
example of FIG. , An elastic body between the restricting plate 5 and the opening peripheral
portion 2, and a tension spring 6d gold, or a plate spring 6e in FIG. The contact sound collection
type microphone 1. The elastic force in the direction of the 1 雫 opening 2 direction is given to 14. In the figure of the above embodiment, 8 is a contact sound pickup type. , For taking out the
electric signal of the microphone 4. , And 9 indicate a mother belly W. There, the case 1 has an
open shoulder edge 30 surface. 4 Shellfish-□ 1) j Attach to the mother abdominal wall 9 with
double-sided adhesive tape or the like. At this time, although the contact sound collecting type
microphone 4 in the case 1 is pressed by the sand rising of the matrix abdominal wall 9 which
has entered the opening 2, the microphone 4 moves upward against the elasticity of the elastic
body 6. By absorbing the above-mentioned pressing force, the sound pickup 11114a is mother
body at an appropriate pressure! Contact 1119. In a state such as jin, the contact sound
collecting type microphone 4 is transmitted to the maternal abdominal wall 9 by the sound
collecting and sensing unit 4a! & Baby heart. After the sound is picked up, it is converted into an
electrical signal and taken out from the lead wire 8. In this feast, when the nurse 1 is attached to
the mother abdominal wall 1 and 9 as described above, this wearing state, the shape of the
mother abdominal wall 9, the contact sound pickup type microphone 4 due to labor pain and the
like. , Because the microphone 4 is absorbed by moving in an elastic force, 1. At this time, with
the mother abdominal wall 9 and the sound pickup sensing part 4m. The tangential pressure is
determined only by the elastic stress. Well, I affect the pressure on the mother belly I19 and case
1 etc. Because you are not, pick up your senses'; Is4ai; i, to any pressure.
The mother's abdominal wall 9 contacts with "". Therefore, the sensitivity of the contact sound
collection type microphone 4 is stable and good, and the reliability is high. The excessive sound
pressure of the sound input detection portion 4aK is added to increase the durability. Further,
since external noise coming directly from the case 1 and reaching from the surrounding air is
transmitted to the sound-pickup sensing part 4a through the elastic body 6 and is attenuated, the
percentage is improved.