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Description of Invention 19 Title of Invention
4. Brief description of the drawings 1 Silk 1 Fig. 2 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of an
example of the Pirecutna cartridge, Fig. 2 (4), postal address 1. (C1 is a perspective view of a part
of the pole piece and the yoke which forms 611% of the air circuit in the above pickup cartridge,
and the explanation thereof. I 腑 そ の そ の そ の そ の そ の 囚 囚 囚 囚 囚 囚 囚 囚 囚 囚 囚 囚
囚 囚 囚 囚 囚 略 図 略 図 略 図 略 図 略 図 略 図 Figure 4 is a conventional diagram The figure
shows the static crosstalk inertia of the electric bee stereobic amplifier cartridge and the book
dull cartridge. 5・・#1−マチニア、6・・・マグネット、7a、。 7b、8a、
8b*asポールヒース、9a、 9b。 10a, 10b ... coil, 11 ... yoke, 12 · φ · bridge. → 粁 出
マ イ ク ロ micro lab suspension company representative 5 f 士 米 1EndPage: 4