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Detail of caustic soda 1, name of the invention 2, range of 吋 i'fin's 端面 The ratio of the diameter
and length of the end face is 05 ˜ 15, and the ratio of the diameter and the length is 05 ˜ 15. The
range of the sign that is attached to the flat circumference l and the end face of the ultrasonic
vibration control 2 polygon which is made to be attached 'kt # f 第Ultrasonic wave vibration
body J 姐 03 end of [1Jar 2 ll] [the diameter of the diameter of the IIJ and the ratio of the blade is
05 to 5 and the outer diameter of the oscillator is provided on the outer circumference of the
short circle- It is characterized by having made it attach a faction and mover A! i 廿 peristaltic
d sound vibration radiator
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an ultrasonic imaging
radiator not only capable of totally synthesizing the power of ultrasonic vibration and making it
powerful but also capable of changing its radiation direction. Conventionally, in order to make a
powerful ultrasonic power fall by 7R, for example, as disclosed in JP-B-45-19499, an ultrasonic
vibrator is used to form a polygon. The sMIJ vibrator is mounted on the sMIJ connection
resistant body by providing the sMIJ vibrators Pi 'at a right angle or approximately a right angle.
There is a thing which is made to give power to the pseudo low in the extension vibration @ all
transmission and production, but f of the polygon; The freeze resistance is more jerky / J- "G <L,
but it has to be controlled on the surface of the milled rice, and the fry 1 is narrow and not
practical. However, the power of ultrasound #R is combined, and the radiation that can be
emitted by a brother or an anvil V is 1 m1 emitted and the application range is wide and
extremely convenient. From the above-mentioned fatigue point, the inventor of the non-invention
researched for the purpose of developing six self-radiators, and the diameter of the end face was
a, the length! In this case, if ultrasonic vibration radiation is integrated with a short circular field
of Va of 05 to 15, and if an ultrasonic provisional vibrator is attached to the end of the EndPage:
10,000, the vibrator is longitudinally vibrated, As a result of research on history as an indicator
that Asahi vinegar is emitted from the tip and the periphery of the cough radiator, as a result,
research results show that the radiator is a polygon j 〈of class 1 or more in the short daily spot
If you can take super 廿 振動 子 に on a half-phase cylindrical surface, 亘 亘 勤 に に に に に 超
超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超If the vibration is the same phase and temple vibration, if it is not a
single power of a single power from a single power of 屯 111, it is not a シ シ 屯 徹 動 振動 子 振
動 子 振動 子 振動 子 取 取 取 取 取 取He found that the super-Sekibo movement was also
emitted from the peripheral section that did not handle the mover of the Dengeki. That is, in the
configuration of the example '#, the ultrasonic mover is attached to the flat circumferential
surface of the polygonal boundary similar to that of the short circle at the ratio of the distance
between the end 2 and the length of 05 It is assumed that the fishing belt is provided on the
outer periphery of the short circle field so as to be able to attach the super sound 奈 切 子. The
following VC practical example will be described with reference to the drawings. In Fig. l (1), (1)
is a superstructure of the present invention 1 consisting of a square field to the end (8) with a
diameter of 89 and an area of 849 with a view of 849. A long time ago, he made a long time ago
his reiko taking pif county (2), and the whole wall of the m15 was filled with waves, and a
forceful 5 ° face (3) was put in the water , Rq '+ J copy cutters (K) to the same wave 9 father
2860, l (Z, with 50 w working child power, same position 4.
-1, Temple temple,-When I let Chichiri cut off, the chopsticks are synthetic power and sound
pressure from his own pressure (He) or more than 1 barometric pressure Nydontokikaikeiyo
became a sole power The super f temporary beat was spread out. In the case of 2 凶 υ (1 間 の
9.5 9.5 89.5 貢 84.9 論 鋼 鉄 墳 装 装 外 ・ 坦 坦 坦 +1 + 111 parts (I 2 In the present invention,
which is a device of the present invention, which is composed of a low dose child, an ultrasonic
wave, an ultrasonic wave, an eyepiece, an eyebrow Put 1'l (13) in the water and move the front
hand imitation mover ilike + il-phase 2 equal release! When I let it go down, it was a shame V and
I. {Circle over (1)} In the above case, the radiator f (1), the vibrator attachment portion (2)
provided on the outer periphery of the button, (vi) a), <umh et al. to emit ultrasonic vibration @,
but the present invention is not limited to the above (a) Attach (E) ,! Let l @@@ (3), (13) scatter
ultra-high frequency vibration 1 or build a wall insulator (2), (A working child (K) can be totally
deposited Alternatively, for example, the first child's radiation = U + may have a mover (E)
erected in six small-sized roosters (2) with y%. In this case, the sound can be moved from the
ridges of the two mirror parts p11 part (2) of the gauze and the season II of the radiator (1) y
makayama ". This jumbo drink body is like a self-made seven-in-one, in a gyoza-to-go-shi vinegar,
a profit is earned. Depending on the resources, the force 101 笈 1) will be used to make it
possible, and the 閂 'JWC & + + g's vibration handbook p 111 丁 (2) 丁 l "They are those who
stalked HHHi, and from the morning (3) of the radiator (1), temporary vibration is radiated from
the super power of the powerful power, or the power It was confirmed that the effect was about
4% 80%. As described above, ((The two present invention boars can be combined with the
ultrasound pregnant woman with less power than the pregnant woman, and the low service
10,000 changes are also performed with less power, / 'JT's Because it is possible to leave 彼 j +
辰 辰 4, 1 from 1 to 月, that month 4 is miserable and wide. 1 ',)-'.
4. Brief description of the drawings 11th A is a non-inventive outrageous perpetrator, a concave
is a half scam, 2LY 41a is another example of an alternate view, same bit ': i ten rm + me j Ru. (1)
(11) ··· am wave training · visiting 1 group, (2) @ · · · · · · 1ft 収 収 枢 L L L iz L (3) ( E) Φ · · 首 t +
'<1 convergence child agent small) FLJfL Ha) 1, EndPage: 2 body i figure y 2 圀 C then EndPage: