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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of the pickup, FIG. 2 is a bottom
view, FIG. 3 is a partial sectional view of the pickup and a side view of the cartridge, and FIG. FIG.
1 ······ Cartridge body, 3 ······························· Base, 6 ······························· Slope, 7 ··· ... slider, 7a ...... slope, 8
...... split mold fitting portion 9 ...... recess 10 ...... support hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an apparatus for
releasably attaching a setter at a pickup of a record player. Most conventional pickup bodies are
pressed or gui cast with gold MI'U, and for weighing, the body is generally in the lower opening
(2), with a large number of punched holes in part I have seven. I had a bad seal and I was limited
to the freedom of design. The applicant has therefore endorsed the body as plastic in a closed
mold, thereby solving the shortcomings of E. By the way, if the body of the pickup is a closed
type, a special mechanism is required for the mounting and demounting device of the stationary
needle. Here, the present invention aims to provide a mounting device which can be easily
attached and removed to the lower surface of the body of the pickup. Hereinafter, the present
invention will be specifically described based on one embodiment of the drawings. Fig. 1 and Fig.
2 show the exterior of the pickup cart (3) 41-ridge body (1). The cartridge body fil has a
connector (2) at one end, and has a lower surface on which a stick (3) is attached in a detachable
manner. 4;t? 3 · Fig. 4 and Fig. 4 show the bar needle (3), which is a cantilever as part of the
imaging system at one end of its base (4)! 5) and the other end l, the knob (6) supported
rotatably by the pin az, and a part of the knob (6) corresponding to the external operation by an
external operation S & possible slider (7) And the fitting portion (8) of the chopsticks in the
upper hole thereof. Then, the bar needle (3) is mounted with a width as in the four parts (9) on
the lower surface of the cartridge body 1). In this case, the split fitting part 18) has four parts
(9)峻 峻 峻 C も と も と も と も と も と C 轢 も と 轢 も と も と 轢 も と 轢 轢 C も と C も と
も と も と も と も と も と も と も と も と も と も と も と. (4) When the set needle (3) is
removed from the cartridge body ttl, the nose is as follows. First, the slider (7) is operated in the
direction of the arrow KN in FIG. The slider (7) slides the space between the groove part of the
base (4) and the display plate 0, and presses part of the knob (6) at its part -1, turning it in the
direction of the arrow in FIG. Move it. It should be noted that it is advantageous to form the
slants 111 (t-Ja) (7a) at the contact portions, since the knob 16) can be easily turned by pressing.
Thus, since the knob +6) floats up a little, if it is further raised, it is easily removed from the
recess (9) of the stationary needle i31ri, the cartridge body tl) if it is pulled out.
According to the present invention, the pick-up needle in the pick-up can be attached freely to
the lower surface of the cartridge body of the pick-up (5)-and the knob does not protrude
downward from the bottom of the cartridge body. It has the advantage of not being touched. In
addition, as in the M embodiment, when the split fitting portion is inserted into the support hole
of the cartridge body, locking and positioning are assured, and the contact portion between the
knob and the slider Mutually inclined surfaces are useful because the pressing force is small. q A
simple explanation of the explanation 1 Figure 1: Pick-up: 1 I 11: View 2; Bottom: 2 A: Figure 3
Partial cross-section of the pick-up and # 1 view of the cartridge, 4! 5 is a cross-sectional view of
part of the cartridge. (1) @ e cartridge body, (3) · numbering needle, (4) (6) outside 1 ˜ 3 ˜! 1 @
Tube base, t6) · Book knob, (6a) · · Slope, (7) · · Slider, (7a) · · Slope, (8) · Split fitting portion, +91 ·
· ·, (11 · · Supporting hole February 26, 1984 invented Inuhashi Fumio Practical New + ee Inc.
Nagaoka applicant agent Y. Serizawa ,. Dougisu Rei! "T now · Dougisozawa--+ + Masahiko
Miyashita" (7) ji □ j! j 【冥; 三 ギ ギ 1 1 1 訂 3 1? 6 N 〃 6 AR injection M 1140/12 z 'J 壽 3- β
1 L / よ, ノ, 9 9 〃 2 ゞ ゞ-□ □ 1 [642 + ■ 禮 轡) "seven" / 1 side 2 sides [枦 thea F) fjA- ′ ′
40 Q 275, 11 records of attached + 'j class (1) 1 description (2) 1 drawing (3) 1 proxy 16 (4 no 1
writing duplicate 1 (() 出 碩 1 1 6.1 All agents other than 3 agents 3 agents 東京 160 Tokyo 6 :,
New i? il Bein 'LLi 4 TL l 3 W j 22 Y n * Hill) 6276 Patent Attorney Susumu Sawa "-'-,-$ -same 11
N-c 6366 Attorney Susumu Sawa 6874 Attorney Masahiko Miyashita-°