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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view showing the power generation
principle of a conventional moving magnet type pickup cartridge. 2 and 3 are side views showing
the main parts of a moving magnet type pickup cartridge according to the present invention.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a moving magnet
type bi-up cartridge. The basic structure of the moving magnet 菫 Bick amplifier cartridge is
shown in Fig. 1111, and the structure in the vicinity of the magnet is shown in Fig. 42 using the
enlarged view. Cantilever +1) K swing-less human power, 16 sets, magnet 12) 2 pole pieces 3
pole pieces, 4 in parallel with these pole pieces in the middle of 4 dashed arrow cp The magnetic
lines of force are reduced. , +1) 2. If the magnet moves to the center @ a-a ', the equilibrium state
is broken and L5 is shown by a single point. The magnetic flux flows into the yoke 5). When the
magnet is moved in the reverse direction, the reverse direction Kii bundle flows in the yoke 5),
and an electromotive force is generated in the coil 6 wound around the yoke (5), and the electric
output is generated. However, since the magnetic force ar1 most part pole piece 8), 4) from the
magnet 2) causes a short circuit, the lines of magnetic force flowing into 1-g (5) are very small.
My friend's efficiency is non-zero. If the efficiency is poor, 8 / No deterioration of 噌 * S will be
caused and it will be susceptible to external induced noise. In addition, if the number of turns of
the coil is set to t- * m in order to obtain as large an output as possible, the innobi-dance will be
high, and the load on the cartridge 8J1 will deteriorate the wavenumber nature of the area. There
are drawbacks. This study is a good thing to get rid of the above-mentioned drawbacks. The
following is an example according to the present invention, using # 5 F: t # i :: +21 +7. This Fig.
15 is an enlarged view of the structure in the vicinity of the i-gnet in the same manner as Fig. 42.
In order to use the magnet for Oa force 纏 t-1 effect, the pole piece, 3) pL, and 4 holders are bent
near both ends of the magnet to reduce the distance between the both ends. If it is not OX, the ffl
resistance of 4 ffl between the magnet ends and the pole piece is lowered. The magnetic force 4I
can be concentrated. However, when the magnet is moved, a lot of magnetic flux will flow into
the yoke (5). The efficiency of the pick-up cartridge is very good. There are four advantages.