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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a speaker according to
the present invention, FIG. 1 is a half sectional view of the speaker, and FIG. 2 is an operation
view showing a coupling structure of a driver unit and a cover. . Guide groove comprising an inlet
9a, an inclined portion 9b and a recess 9c, 10: a driver unit. Figure 1 Figure 2 1 69 1
Detailed description of the invention: Notes on the structure of the lamp speaker: In the
conventional speaker, the joint force of the horn coupled to the driver unit comprising the field 1
L dome juice diaphragm, voice coil, and by the binding force of the horn, the eight edges MA of
the dome pressure diaphragm) kl! Although it has been fixed by such a method of fixing the
vibration 11 (1)-plate, sufficient fixation can not be performed and 1 * low resonance same wave
number becomes unstable, and assembling is also difficult. In order to eliminate the abovementioned conventional drawbacks, the following description will be made with reference to FIG.
1 and FIG. 111 is a horn to be taken from a synthetic resin, and in the i city of the horn Ill, a
projecting portion (a horn cylinder 1 provided with a button on its outer peripheral surface! l
(131 [F], + C, the vCFi field mlh + 41 in the horn cylindrical portion 131 is stored together with
the teD field i # ..., +41 on KFi, and the dome-shaped excavated Th & i A button is arranged. In
addition, the horn round ribbon 1f3i [is a cover which loses from a synthetic resin having a
barbed circular wedge shape (71 is externally fitted and fixed, the cover in the fixed form fg (71
inner bottom! Are 蔽 of n'C as 1isK Tomemi by a plate spring Gin of Sufurinku (Kun presses the
original song well-field 姶訃 141. Furthermore, on the inner surface of the cover (71, a guide-(9)
for guiding the above-mentioned arrow rod 21) is provided. The draft four drops (9 + as shown in
FIG. 2 to prevent the reverse return of the protrusion (21 to the end (2) I & the child $ 8 b 19 bl
traveling in the direction of an oblique spiral from the entrance (9 a) And a recess (9C) in the
direction of the axis JC>. It is to be noted that the guide rod (9) may be provided on the inner
surface of the cover (7) and the horn cylinder (31) on the inner surface of the cover (7) to the
projecting pole in reverse to the above. As for the assembly of the speaker with the above
configuration, a horn circle N [lff 1131K, a voice coil l 1 lt, a dome-shaped vibration lll lj plate
(61, a field Nfit) + 41 are sequentially built in (a hollow cylindrical portion defeated by 61 Driver
unit 1 & OI and [〕] lKK Shrink + 81 in the cover () + in the center Wb (Ri and guidance 11 +! In
case of Il # 【Use the driver unit laK suppression rotation to fix it and complete the assembly. Jin
W #, the protrusion (! 1 is in the east inner no (910 population (9 a) from slope island (9 bl 11
1111 s, a part of Shrink til + in the direction of the hip joint integral axis) recessed part 1 c of the
end of dormitory # 111) K% included and stopped . Overwhelmingly, the driver unit cover and
the cover (71 reverse protection is prevented.
On the other hand, when removing the cover (7), temporarily put the cover (7) on the flip link
(81 against the driver unit Iff) 1 @! Repress the concave hf90) and bump into the pause of $ @ +
21 seven +1! After that, it is possible to release and separate (3) 'W', -1-+ 4+ inset-like 塾 t ′ ′
by the kernel and K which are rotated in the reverse direction to the upper V. Thus, the driver
unit t + tma cover 17ihk can be releasably coupled. Direction, cover 17) dress w! At 11 A, the
dome small vibration 1I 11 plate (61 has an inner edge portion thereof 14) and the horn il + is
pressed and fixed by the slip link 18+. Therefore, in the case of the kernel, the sflink 181 has two
functions of preventing reverse rotation of the driver unit +101 and the cover (7), and dome type
#hlII plate +61 -γ. As described above, since the driver unit and the cover can be detachably
coupled according to the present invention, they can be easily disassembled or non-electrically
assembled, and the characteristics can be stabilized in the nest, which is practically effective. 4
Fig. I'li's 5jiL 69 clear figure-One dog of the invention of the present invention, an example
shown in Fig. 1 is a view of the cow iIT in the case of the stone, and Fig. 2 shows the connection
between the driver unit and the cover. It is an operation diagram showing @. Mountain horn, (21
· projection part (3) · horn FLIIl! + 1 &% (41 world i1 shame, +6 system voice coil, -6 middle dome
shape diaphragm, 171 cover, + S + flexible ring, (91 · · entrance + 4) unit 1 畠 1 ≦ case 14 (9a)
and 惜 (9a) 9b) and in the dormitory from the recess (9C), +1 α, driver unit Daibojin Yoshihiro
Moriki (5) m / f! lJ / l / 7 岨 θ7! ,? Fig. 升] + + 17-シ i i. C agent Q book @ hiro 51832