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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
a pinaural recording mask according to the present invention, showing an aspect of a main part
at the time of recording. 1: Dummy mask, a, s, io, ii · · · child surface member, 12as 12 by 12c ′
′ · hinge, 13a, 13b-· · hole portion, 14ayl 4b · ′ ′ support member, 15a, 15b ··· notch. −5−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention is a chest o to be used in a pinaural
recording. Recently, a new binaural recording system has been developed which is different from
stereo *. In this system, two microphones are placed in the sound field O with a distance
equivalent to the distance between the positions of the human ears, and the system is used to
listen to the sound of the Kamakura with the head 7), human Only the ear is placed in the sound
field, and it is characterized by its ability to faithfully reproduce the sound of the ax sound
source. In this case, it is conventionally known to use a dummy mask of a head or face model of
the entrance cabinet to set a microphone at the position of both ears of the dummy mask and to
make a bell sound. Therefore, the present invention was made in order to provide a dummy mask
which is convenient for carrying and storing the wire, and it is an object of the present invention
to provide a mask for a pinhole recording that can be folded and stored. In order to realize this
object, the pinhole recording mask according to the present invention is such that positions O
continuous part corresponding to three points of a mask formed in a triangular shape and having
a nine convex part can be freely turned. Hereinafter, the painole recording mask according to the
present invention will be described in detail using the drawings. The drawings show an
embodiment of the mask according to the present invention and is a perspective view showing an
aspect during the recording of pinosil recording. In this figure, 1 is a rod-like member formed in
a T-shape, and this O rod-like member 10 both Ill [2m + 2bti not shown-microphone body of the
rod-like member 1) Units 3) and 3b 2-stored in parallel are held. In this enitz) 3m, 3b, a fitting
groove lie, 5b is provided with a predetermined gap from the windows 1114at, 4b in which a
large number of windows are perforated on its circumference. Here, the microphone body
housed in the unit 31.3 b uses various types of microphones of relatively high sensitivity which
are generally known. The rod-like member 1 is, for example, in a circular shape, and is connected
to the connecting portion 6 a of the nine pedestals 6 so as to be upright. T is a dummy mask
similar to a human face, and four planar members 8, 9, 10 and 11 and a pair of hinges 12a, 12b,
and 12cK 模型 make a model similar to a human face and are nine dummy masks. The mounting
member 10.11 is opened with a desired apex angle so as to form a triangular convex portion
with the member 8 ° S as the bottom side, the dummy mask is used as the fitting groove sa of
the rod member 1, It is configured to be held at 5b. That is, in this dummy mask, the flat If []
members 8 and 10 are hinges 12aK!
Then, the plane members 10 and 11 are layered by means of the hinge 12b, and the plane
members 9 and 11 are layered on the hinge tZC. A hole 13m + 1 lb is drilled in advance at a
position on the flat member 8 ° -1-9 at a position where the human ear O is a gap Kaj &, and the
support member 14 is opposed to the inside of the X-13m, 13b. Hot, 14b is stuck. Further, arcshaped notches -15a and -15b are formed in the flat 1m1iIl material at 10 ° 11 at positions
corresponding to the holes 13m113b. Therefore, when the dummy mask 1 having such a
structure is soldered to the rod-like member 1, the mask is formed by the fitting grooves 5a of
the rod-like member 1, the support members 14m and 14b in the 5bK front arrangement hole
portion 13 "jlab The circumferential surfaces of 1i 15a and Isb are held together. When
recording a sound recording mask configured in this way, as described above, the plane member
10.11 can have a predetermined apex angle to form a triangular convex portion, and it is a plane
other than that at that time. Since the members 8.9.10. 11 are folded back by the manufacture
12a + 12b + 12CVC, they can be stacked and stored in a large size 8ii corresponding to one flat
member. In addition, in the above-described nine embodiments, ** is used in order to make each
plane member freely foldable, or in this case, the invention is not limited to soulfulness or not.
Inexpensive work-even if you replace it with means that shoulders the function. The mask for
binocular recording according to this invention has the above-mentioned F / V, since it is
possible to fold back the unit in the position corresponding to the three points of the convex part
of the triangle, it is convenient to carry and compact. The effect of easy storage is considered.