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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an example of
a conventional electric-acoustic transducer, and FIGS. 2A and 2B are plan views of an
embodiment of the electric-acoustic transducer of the present invention and X thereof. 3A and
3B are respectively a longitudinal sectional view and a partially cut-away plan view of another
example of an illusionary example. 1, 11, 21. 31 ···· Speaker, 2,-23 · · · · · · · · · · · · 4 ■ '44
permanent magnet, 7, 27 frame. 31 FIG. 1 321222a 6641425043445 505a bite X (A) FIG. +1,
h742-81-real opening 51-143438 (2) Fig. 3 (A) u1, 32477774z2 {3 (B) -82-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to an electroacoustic transducer, and an electro-acoustic decapsulator having a simple construction, easy
installation and mounting. The first one shows a longitudinal sectional view of an example of a
conventional electric-sound bite converter. In the figure, the speaker 51 is a diaphragm 3 fixed to
the conductors 2 □ to 2 □ ′! A permanent magnet 'l' = '4 so as to form a magnetic (ii) magnetic
path, and a constitution for holding the permanent magnet' l '=' 4 by a holding member 6 for a
predetermined interval of 11 m It is done. However, the speaker 31 of this (1) is high! ! !
Although the magnetic short II plate 5 formed by the disk method of t11 curtain increases the
current-voice conversion efficiency, not only the amount of the speaker 31 surplus body
increases but also the magnetic shorting plate because the amount is large. The through holes 5a
for air venting formed in any number of 5 increase the acoustic resistance, and as a result, the
high frequency characteristic is bad, and when bonding and fixing the permanent magnets 41 to
44 to the magnetic shorting plate 5 soil Not only the adhesive but also the bonding method is
stupid. The amount of the layering agent is based on the through hole 5a! There is a
disadvantage that the work of removing the same from the through hole 5a is troublesome. The
above-mentioned drawbacks are eliminated in the present invention, and each embodiment will
be described below with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 ^, + 81 shows a plan view of one
embodiment of the electro-acoustic transducer of the present invention and a longitudinal
sectional view taken along line X-X of FIG. In both figures, the same reference numerals are given
to the same parts as w41 in FIG. 1. A rod-like conductor at equal intervals on the lower disc of a
thin-walled disc-like shaking @ S made of a speaker + Fi, a polymer material, etc. 〜2. Are fixed
to a nonmagnetic ring-shaped frame 7 made of a plastic material or a metal material such as
aluminum or steel, and then the permanent magnet 4. It is manufactured by teaching -44 to the
frame 7. The permanent magnets 41 to 44 are, for example, disk-shaped retrograde ferrite plates
4 (the direction of magnetization being easy in the height direction) having an outer diameter of
70 mm and a thickness of 2 m and 1 m degrees shown by a dashed dotted line in FIG. It is
scattered on a mounting table (not shown), for example, formed by cutting with a diamond cutter
peak to a predetermined size, respectively, and fixed by being firmly attached to the one
cylindrical frame 7 brazed to the mounting table. After each water-immersed magnet 4 □ -44 is
completely adhered and fixed to the frame 7, the upper disc attachment base is removed from
the permanent-stones 41-44, such as the speaker 31 by using a magnetic trouser board Each
component can be easily assembled without using 5 and with a small amount of adhesive. At this
time, the peristaltic expansion 5 and the permanent-rock arranged opposite to it 4.
〜4. And the permanent magnets 4 □ to 44 are IPIl permanent magnets 4. . 4. The permanent
magnet 4144 has an N pole and is alternately magnetized to a true polarity, and each of the
collectors 2 and 2 is a plan view as shown in FIG. (3) to 48, respectively, and each conductor 2,.
Are in the field of a predetermined magnetic circuit formed by each permanent magnet 41-44.
Therefore, each conductor 21-2. Are permanent magnets according to * m of the audio current
supplied. 19 actions are received by the action of -44, and this nineteenth beat aS vibrates
according to the sound 1 of the sound current and converts it into sound. There is no need to
dispose the magnetic short-circuit plate 5 of the conventional speaker 31 of the conventional
speaker 31. It is not necessary to have the through holes 51 of the rounded air vents, and each
permanent magnet 4. Since a relatively large space between -44 is a flow path for air venting, the
acoustic resistance is small, and thus the physical properties are excellent. Father, because the
indwelling machine to the frame 7 of each water filled j11 stone 4 □ 44 is small, a small amount
of a caring agent may be used for its loose attachment. 1 Next, ll3- ^ for each embodiment of the
present invention. (@) Together with @. Figure 5 需, the demand is a vertical self- and -S cut plan
view of each implementation of the electrical-acoustic transducer of the present invention. In
both figures, the same symbols are given to 3- ^, 4- and 4-mgs, and the explanation of 7 is
omitted (4). In FIG. 5 ^, the speaker 1 comprises the permanent magnets 41 to 44 of the speaker,
the conductors 21 to 21, the diaphragm 5, and the frame 7 as the permanent magnets 41 to 4. In
addition, the pair of diaphragms 3.5 can vibrate in the K11i1 phase with each other, and the
energy conversion efficiency of the current-sound is excellent. Distortion due to the magnetic
field can be reduced well to reproduce high quality sound. The method of manufacturing the
speaker 1 is the same as in the case of the speaker, and the conductor 2 □ ˜2. And the
diaphragm 3 in a predetermined state, if the fixed frame 9 is fixed to each permanent-stone 41 to
44 K 8 of the speaker, the energy conversion efficiency is increased by using the magnetic am
plate 5 or more. The energy conversion efficiency of the speaker 1 is superior to that of the
conventional speaker 31 and therefore, the practical value is large due to its simple structure and
low manufacturing cost, etc. ○ The third WJ ( 2) In the speaker 21, only the shape of the frame
27 is different from the frame 7 of the speaker, and the composition of 部分], 伽 (5) and 〜 is
completely the same as that of the speaker.
The frame 27 has a shape in which the 1116 member 27m is integrally formed on the one
diameter line of the ring-shaped frame 7! It is effective to apply to a jIP series which is superior
to the l1l variation frame 7 and thus to be large in weight, such as a large diameter speaker. Oka,
the number of the conductor and the permanent magnet in each of the above-described
embodiments may be appropriately set according to the application, and the conductor 21 to 2
° may be sloped on the upper surface without being under the mKa of the vibrating film 5.
Furthermore, 1.11.21 is not limited to the speaker but may be an electric-to-speech converter
such as microphone rt7 on which converts speech to current signals, in which case the speech
current generated by the IrAl1b displacement of full-length 145 in the conductor Converted to
As described above, the electro-acoustic transducer of the present invention performs electroacoustic conversion between the permanent magnet and the vibrating membrane to which the
conductor in the magnetic field of the Wr leg formed is fixed. The structure is such that each end
portion of a plurality of collar (6) one-piece permanent magnets is held by a frame with a fixed
frame on the shoulder edge portion of the vibrator with a single conductor. The permanent
magnet can be reliably positioned and held without the use of a simple, heavy-weight magnetic
short-circuit plate of a conventional electro-acoustic transducer, so that the entire fitting is
lightweight and it is also water-filled The amount of hard binder used when holding the magnet
in the frame is small, and the assembly work is easy and easy to use, and the peristaltic
membrane and each permanent 11143 and so on are excellent. The acoustic resistance of the
flow path section that connects the air between them to the outside is made as small as
negligible. The high-pass bone quality is excellent, and it is easy to configure a push-pull mass
converter that allows the pair of units to operate in phase with only a slight increase in the
number of component parts. , A speaker with a high sound pressure level and a small amount of
★, and the like can be provided, so that its continuous use range, practicability, and the like are
very large.