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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing the
main part of the stereo microphone device shown in FIG. 1 when it is cut at the center of the
stereo microphone device shown in FIG. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... pedestal, 2 ... coupling
member, 3 ... main body member, 6a, 6b ... unit% 7al7b ... microphone, 8a. 8b ···-Receiving
surface, 9a. 9b · ·-L type metal fitting, 10a. 10b = convex part, 11a. 11b: hole portion 12: rod-like
body 13a, 13b: nut. Figure 1 Figure 2-69-■ Utility model car record Attach the unit which
receives the microphone each in the both ends of rod-shaped member, it rotates in conjunction
with this pair of unit same direction turn Like stereo microphone
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo
microphone device which is used with a pair of microphones in stereo front or pinaural noise and
IK. Conventionally, two microphone units in -4! 2.) When 2 channels of stereo roaring are busy,
there are 12-マ イ ク ロ フ ォ ン microphone units that are independent members-by holding
them at each end 11 of the integrated member), stereo Because my sound is being performed. In
this pigeon house, the sound Il is also necessary to adjust the two microphones in response to the
incoming sonic waves, so that it is necessary to be cloudy 1-1-1 These O microphones are
mutually determined by the above 0 member. Therefore, adjustment was troublesome, and it was
inconvenient to choose. Recently, although stereo recording and amm novel pinaural sound-7
stem has been opened, recording is performed by imitating a real-〇 human O sense using the
microphone of eO pinaural image sound system 2- Because, in order to listen to this most frontal
remarks with the head 7 on, and to try to get an O listening feeling of the actual deduction venue
etc., it is possible to reproduce the same sound as the original sound wO compared to stereo
recording. I have a bribe. However, from the storehouse, at the same time as in the case of
stereophonic recording, two microphones are fixed and one microphone is pointed to the
direction of the incoming sound wave O, etc. It had a defect such as one for one stroke. This
device is made to the above 0 point, and 6 is also O, so it is eO device Kx for the purpose, it is a
direction to make a sound recording e ** and a stereo recording or a pin full bell sound KII! It is
an object of the present invention to provide a stereo microphone device which can easily carry a
rock 7 j on and which is convenient for carrying blindly. In order to achieve such an object, the
Yol stereo microphone device according to the present invention can rotate a pair of
microphones provided at both ends of the holding body at predetermined intervals in the same
direction. It is the one that made it to 5. The following is a detailed description of the stereo
micro 70,000 device according to this invention using the drawings. FIG. 11 is a perspective view
showing the outer ring of the stereo microphone device according to the present invention, and
is a longitudinal sectional view of the rod cut at the central portion of the stereo microphone
device shown in FIG. In these figures, 1 is a circular base and 6 pedestals, and one layer of the
joint member 2 is fixed to the center 11 thereof. The joint member 20 and the like are formed in
a T-shape * and engaged with the coupling portion 4 of the rod-like main body member 3 to
obtain 1- !.
Because. The body member 3 provided with a hollow inside is a tool-t 魯 with built-in l-to-l-o-off
7a + rb, and a convex l 510a · 1 · b of @ b is m115 m ahead of it! The 3-unit lia, 6b is configured
to rotate in the same direction in an interlocking manner in the direction of the illustrated arrow
(荀 O 伽) O in the same direction. That is, unit ia, @ ba convex ridge 10a. 10bOfl For example, an
insertion part is a hole 11a in a 6-self-shaped θ-hole 11111a, 11b drilled in the central portion.
The rod-like body 12 having the same shadow shape as the 11b and having a screw formed at
the end thereof is locked, and the nut 13a, 13b is screwed on the tip end portion thereof. Since
the units 6a and @b are combined by the nut 13alIlb and the rod body 120 in combination K, the
unit 1 · · · bo predetermined circumference on the platform, against the sound waves coming
from the sound source The scoop window portion is formed, and the sound receiving surfaces aa
and llb of the microphone Ta-Tb are fixed by the Lll fitting lax $ 1) so as to face the 'IIIK. As this
micro 7 on 7a + 7b, various types of microphones generally known are used. 14 a 14 b 訃 and 11
a = 1! ib is a snap fixed to the convex portions 10m, 111b and the main body II # 3], and when
the 4-unit 6 麿, 6b is rotated, it is for stopping at the hot KIWj1 roll. Also, 1 @ a and Hlb are lead
wires connected to the connection terminals of the microphones E17 on 7a + 7b. さらに、キャッ
プITcL。 tyb is formed in a groove provided in a part of the inside of the unit) @a, @be end is
formed with a 6-piece, and a unit with 15). q, 1ibK is fixed. In the stereo microphone device thus
configured, since the units 8a and 6b are held by the end of the main body member 3 and fixed
by the rod 12, the units 6a and 6b If either one is rotated, the other sense can be followed and
rotated in the same direction. Therefore, if the sound wave coming from the sound source is
incident from an arbitrary direction on the pan for stereo recording or pinaural recording, the
microphone TmaYbO can be received if the unit #i is rotated by an angle corresponding to the
direction of 方向 011 掖. Sound surface 1. B can be directed in the direction of the sound wave to
the eyebrow. In the case of the unit 6a, @be interval is determined to be a predetermined value
corresponding to the sound source in the case of the stereo 鎌)-°-sound, but in the case of the
pinaural bell sound, it is The value is determined to be approximately equal to the interval.
Dan, in the unit latab! It is not necessary to match the pointing angles of the light-off elements
TaaYb, but it may be pre-mounted with a pointing difference suitable for the optimum angle. As
described above, in the stereo microphone device according to the present invention, since the
pair of microphones disposed on the two holders 11111 of the holding body are rotated in the
same direction in conjunction with each other at predetermined intervals, it is hot. Easy
adjustment of the microphone in the direction in which the sound wave arrives. Before, because a
pair of O microphones are stored at the station by the body member etc., it is convenient for
carrying>, and it has an effect that is ideal for portable use. 4 m 11 ml 0 Brief Description 1st
intestine is a perspective view showing the appearance of stereo micro 7 o'clock arrangement by
this vl JIK, 21st is cut at the center of Pona stereo microphone device and the main part
configuration of 6 and 10 is cut It is a longitudinal cross-sectional view shown. 1 ... pedestal, 2 ...
joint member, 3 ... body member, 6d, 6b ... unit, Ta. Tb ··· Microphone, San $ 1) · · · · · Sound
receiving surface, Ia, 11b · · · LW all fittings 10a. 10b ··· Protrusions, 11a, 11b ······················· Rod
body, 13a, 13b ······· 朋 朋 日本 1 Japanese Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Agent
Masaki Yamagi (Enemy or 1 person) 7-ts 5a5btel / ltd)-■ [5- 岬 '. , (-L1 1 '. 10) 1 cr 119a 14a,
'15a 17'; 14 b 9 b 口 b 7 b Fig. 2 utility model registration, applicant Nippon Musical Instruments
Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 14, -y 432 agent Masaki Yamakawa ("1 person") 6. Other than the above
agent Se 1-i j 〒 100 East Tokyo l '<ri 5i, 1illj '21' f-14 2nd o 5 sum pond Pi! 8th floor 4'II
international; ': This single house within the operation', 1. % (58D) 09, 6 氏 名 Name (6713)
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