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(Within 2,000) 23, patent applications (7 () May 19, 1959, President of the Patent Office Mr. Ka
(names Teraoka Fumio (one other person) Name (582)) Representative Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co., Ltd. Shoji Matsushita [Phase] Japan Patent Office, ■ JP-A-51-1. (1976) 11.24 ■
Japanese Patent Application No. θ-tρ, 2B Office serial number 〆ell! 1; Title 2 of the Invention
2; Claims-The metal / foil is molded into a dome shape, this dome-like metal foil is worked,
densified to be porous, and this porous dome-like metal is formed. The surface of the foil @ 皺 in
high-1 IIIl! I1. A method of manufacturing a dome diaphragm for a speaker, which is coated
with a material having a rate to close the holes of the dome-shaped metal foil.
Method of manufacturing dome diaphragm for speaker
3. Detailed description of the invention The present invention provides a method for owning a
dome dome for a loudspeaker having a high modulus of elasticity and a high modulus of
elasticity. # ,! +! lff1 types, polymer thin films, metal thin films, etc. are used north. However, in
the case of thin films, polymer thin films, etc., the high modulus reproduction frequency limit is
low because the specific elastic modulus is small, and in the case of metal films, the density is
large. And forming it as a dome had the disadvantage of being close to f. Furthermore, such metal
thin [! Even if the surface is coated with a highly elastic substance as the whole substrate, the
effect is difficult to appear because the weight and thickness of the core itself are large. The
present invention provides a dome-shaped imaging plate having a high modulus of elasticity in
an lll configuration, and is characterized in that it is covered with the surface of the ultrathin
porous metal film and the entire surface of the highly elastic material layer. For example, when
forming into a titanium or aluminum t dome shape conventionally used as a metal swing-out
plate material, the diameter is 30φ, the thickness is 20μ さ when the height is 6m, and the
thickness is 20mm. It was very difficult to machine the thinner ones. このようなドーム? A layer
of a highly elastic material such as beryllium or melon is formed on the surface of the stool, and
1 is also reduced in its effect #i. The present invention is to form a coating layer EndPage: 1twith strong adhesion by covering with a highly elastic substance layer while making the
thickness extremely thin while simultaneously making it porous by surface machining and
dengue method of metal foil. 6 Ci, according to the book @ Ming, 91 sexual habits are greatly
increased. Furthermore, if such a material is used as a speaker diaphragm, it is possible to
improve and improve the circumferential fatigue rate characteristic applied to the high frequency
range, and to make a speaker having excellent characteristics Wt. In the following, examples of
non-invention will be described as follows: [Example 1] As shown in FIGS. 1 to 3, a chi-no foil
(thickness 40 μ) having a thickness t sufficient to withstand processing as a dome diaphragm
After preparing a dome (A) with a diameter of 3o and a height of 6 tin by using k, it is etched for
6 seconds with a hydrofluoric acid solution of 6% vo (% J20 ° C), as shown in FIG. After making
the dome th porous and washing with 8 people by water-drying, use the ion grating method! !
The boron @ (C) of thickness 10s is formed in the back. [Implementation f12] A dome is
fabricated by the same method as in the real J @ f11, and after performing a 60-second Seki
Edging with a 10 (Ma o A%) hydrofluoric acid solution, the l!
Behind the thick-g 15 j O Borono layer t [implementation? 83) A dome having the same shape as
in Example 1 is prepared by using a 40-μm-thick aluminum plate and a hydrochloric acid
solution of に て 6 (mol11) for 20 seconds. After washing with water and drying. A 16 μ thick
boron layer is formed on the front and back by the ion grating method. [Example 4] 爽 M? Do the
same thing's dome '(ilo (woI /,%) in hydrochloric acid solution for 16 seconds C for 9 seconds,
then wash with water, dry, form a 16% boron layer on the front and back. As is apparent from
the above, 0 (margin below) shown in the table is that the method according to the present
invention can easily be used for the speaker dome blocking plate having a very high modulus of
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 are cross-sectional views of a loudspeaker
dome diaphragm for each type of work rc of the non-explosive method I] 11 # method. A ド ー ム
dome, b 多孔 porous dome, C ボ ロ ン boron layer. Attorney Takeuchi Attorney Nakano-1 other
person EndPage: 2 Figure 1 Figure 12 Figure 3 Figure 6 Inventors and agents other than the
above (2) Agent address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadaru address 1006 EndPage: 3