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Office ■ JP 51-1355021777.23 明 1, 光明 98 & ど· 7 Y Y 7 · · · · ". 21. 考 tl tl 鉋 鉋 tl H θ H
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59th ", A · J J W W 3 / シ ー シ ー ヰ, 5 '/ l + 5' f o 徊 Ω 會 1 乙 machine J Ct-field 1 ° CL 730)
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71 -G'iP <'Z "-' A · 2 minor A ら (シ pEndPage: 1 Procedure Amendment, October 29, 1959,
Patent Office Secretary Hideo Saito 1, display of the case Showa 50 Patent Application No.
059310 2, Patent application related to the case of the case Patent applicant September 60,
1975, 5 Description subject of correction 6 Description of correction 1, title of the invention 1,
title of the invention ·cartridge
Big amp cartridge 6
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the simplification
of the structure of the electromagnetic stereo binnokanopka-torino. In the conventional moving
magnet type and town moving iron piece type BIC □ up cartridge, a permeable magnetic body
called ball heath is placed in the generating coil, and the permeable magnetic body is a total of
four for each of two left and right 1i1 + channels. Constitute one space. And two of each channel
face each other symmetrically. In this case, the number of parts was reduced and the structure
was simplified because the number of parts could be reduced to six because the four ball heaths
could be six and the number of parts could be reduced to two. Also, one of the six can be shared
with the shield case. As a result, in the cartridge having four pole pieces, the angle between the
cantilever itself and the record face is large because there are two pole pieces on the recording
side on the record face. Two pole pieces of a book can be made into one, and furthermore, this
angle could be made very small when shared with the shield case. Moonlight illusion to month 2
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