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(2, n, patent application requester: Patent Office Secretary 2150 "5" / 3 ° 1; Name of Invention
Address: Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Ogata Kamon 1006 Address 3 Patent Applicant Address
Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Ogata Kamon Shin 1006 Address ",- 1, ', 84, agent-address 71
Osaka City Nishi Ward, Osaka city, Awaza Nantami 1-chome 71 [Faace] Japan Patent Office 0 JPA- 51 JP-A (1976) 11.13. Japanese Patent Application No. Shosuke-Yu 77 <t6 [Phase] Application
date 5-0. (197 da), / 37 o / tag clear 釉 1, / / 8 ty I · Kuna Yanna IVV body sound 11 playback
system 2 of the invention, waiting call offering] with a 2 ile 1 speaker that is shaded on the left
and right of the percussionist Akira] 7 tt 音 再生 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 # # S: Listener J) Sounds reproduced with left and
right ears, and 1 speaker's 241 Ili, the sound of the left and right ears of firefly 4 produced by
the speaker And even in the same direction, in the desired direction all the way in front of
prenatal child 1 in every life 6 '岨 岨 実 際 e 直 方向 e さ 再生 直 直 ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ
ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ 左 左Associate with the sky 1114
sétro transmission in the right earring and the right earring Reluctance from the left speaker to
the right ear or from the right speaker to the left ear that occurs when the first and second
electrical signals are reproduced by the two speakers of the system. In order to get rid of it, there
is an undesired signal v (-rrLCl, Ltckl and a second nasty / lei "5-T left 'shy-force, 聡, J), May, 2) 2)
1) 2) 1) 2) 1) 2) 2) 2) 2) 憂 2) 肩 2 1 憂 111 暢 暢 峠 j j j j j シ ー シ ー シ ーFrom the deafness to
the stone J J Tome Ii Right speaker 〃 産 産 産 産 産 第 第 第 の の の の 2 2 曲 曲 曲 曲 會
Q J acid A1 'I' 鮎 桐 鮎 桐 鮎 桐, ゝ, 3, '3i:'! + Ii, i-ー 布 ト 41 万 拓 ニ ニ 相 対 相 対 L 1 1 L 混合
mixed with the second ぢ 第 お よ び お よ び お よ び お よ び お よ び お よ び お よ び お よ び
お よ び お よ びNo., formation L7, and iITTj L two E 'hi'-force 17 this (r r stone stone to the left
ear or stone piece 1 of q 'll l l · stone piece 1 q q r 11 + · old age 持 持 艶 艶 削 削 ML: 24i (The
presence of the speaker (! -叶 H · · 札 A A と と 己 f 利 J J J J J J J J J J J J]]] 1] IT distribution
third ・ · ひFourth synthetic wake-up eighty, front h 1-wheel 21 or I 'j second nitrogen 11-+ · oldfashioned tr: special case and 1 ij first and second empty l 1 fl 蛭 V transmission special A
furnace with an electric line network is adopted which equates the ratio of the power and the
power with which the power of the power of the third and fourth powers of the third and fourth
powers of the third and fourth powers of the I and the powers of the last convictions are met. .
Multi-channel T1.1, which makes it necessary to repeat the direction in which the shear of
the receiving winding is delivered by giving a 24 kJ &) speaker by emanating from the speaker of
2 固 1% EndPage: 1 Honon 暢 方式 method.
2, inventor
3, detailed description of the invention single axis bright multi-channel V '本 廿 生 V 方式 V 心
mind. Sui-US, Kuchanne / 1 / f 豐 play a million 肴 ス ピ ー カ 向 d 砿 砿 砿 ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー
カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ Bu Bu Bu Bu Bu Bu 0 い い い ri 生 生 生 1 γ γ γ There
are four channels of regenerative power such as LED-4, SQ, HM7 Trix, and so on. f ′ ′ i square)
by the speaker with 4 corners krl distributed by 4 directions! In this 4-channel 4% system V,
compared with the 2-channel reproduction system of 米, two 'amplitude-amplified talk, a speaker
of binary 1 and a decoder for recovering J5 are also cheaper. And, in the resurrection equipment,
8 more than twice as many as 8 times or a mandatory one. In addition, there was a drawback
that it became 祐 h7) and registered by the progress of this increase in power and 1 story and
the like of 77, and that it was necessary to draw a cord around the room, and it would be difficult
and sharp. A light bite 1. Oh, 4-to + noon 百 百 呆 呆 stereo 曾 曾 · /);-just わ ら 堝 11 @ 蕗 2 斤 1
斤 ·, speaker 2 (product q) Lee (, ■ ネ ル カ テ 万 j j-j 18 catechota V ツ 、 [· 、, C 4-11 of the
excerpt (de directed I for the Ministry of the 叉 叉 hearing] I "4 well '4: γ ·" 1 ト Tanayanao Body
sound-Re-cow system is a habit-r thing. The following description will be made on the basis of the
four centipedes in the central part 1j gelled surface V 孕. 冴, 1 シ, ば Conventional 4-channel Ybody enjoyment 生 式 1 1, 1 、 2 区 ψ ψ ψ ψ ψ J ψ J 狩 定 ボ −4 V-4). '' I 'f receiving Rt at
the second offense, field, f21 u' I? i strength life story, 1B) 1 ri force% 1m vessel, +4 + + 4r is 7
heika Th. Here the input 'screws of the speaker 14) B; 1 (8), alright + 3w 1 (e) or the speaker
(from the speaker 41 and seven recipients +1 + left ear or σ right ear Q Q / 8 I will call P (8)
immediately after the old days, P (Sun) 7 Ei (Sun) f empty lif sound transmission waiting waiting
Iku "· G is defined as j (8). Here, it is assumed that the deodorization of the θ Fi hearing aid (the
recovery angle at the speaker 141 from middle fire). l (4 nubica or left half 01, check 1-tL, lift
1rJR located in the rock half-space). From the jvl speaker, let's say P on the left ear 1
transmission of the transmission waiting case at the left ear 1 and L1 mebica to the sky on the
right ear 1 + transmission of the sky + transmission of F and fA. For example, the second F one
pair θ is 45 degrees, from the speaker 14) sky l Bamboo in the left ear 1 transmission 舟 舟 汀
G-45 L α 8), 箪 100 in the right ear ◆ transmission hunting 1 l -1rG-a5Lmslfaih.
Next, Fig. 3-a 廿 慧 position, 5H オ ー 0 勘 H こ の H ビ ー) (-13 110) 11 Hisbeika (4 ") or there is
an existing lift table 0 0 this speaker (4") power · · ·暢 in the left ear l · · · · 暢 暢 4 Ir + IF) no-tss L
ds), "imt drunk o'clock at the time of the right ear 1-C '" is a-5 ast, u (s). Set the speaker's (4 ")
voice of the person in charge of electric power or a built-up spectrum as A (8), and sound of the
left ear and right ear of the Ministry of Choir 't' IM sword, PL, l) Assuming that F, PL = A (81; G13 SLL (s) in PR = A (8), '! () -11111 LR (Sun) 12), and by listening to this PL and PEi, it is
possible to acknowledge the identification of the old-fashioned expenses in the receiving a. By
the speaker which is in the lower position like 31st, the same foot position ke m, l 1 fl! In order
to use, eJ E is the fourth pasting! As shown in the front and left side of the absentee as shown in
the r, a speaker with a bivalent speaker, f. id · 6 Al Al 5), uz · k1 v, which responds to the direction
of 16 ぽ in Fig. 3 and the strength of 畦 15 in the form of a fillid human power ship. Direction QL
self-C straightness of 3 wards and speaker (4〃) and (左 (G-t8 bLLis) with white ear In): In the
old-fashioned 僧 爵 僧 す る に に す 1 給 feeding axis・, +13 long if the suhi '-sword (4 〃)
sword \ the right shoulder. 1F1-1 song D-G-135 LR (θ) Nitobi--Transmission waiting-11-1 is a
part-time or air-revolution 1. Mouth 4) Stone speaker Q6 〃 · 〃 · 聡 窒 equivalent to the right ear
of 肴 鴇 m) 肴 鴇 愕 愕 と ヒ ー 右 右 右 窒 窒 窒The old 1 北 tal passage is north of supposing.
G4fiRLfe17 G4 MR Rls' 17z, 6Qri1-i & tii + 'l' j? 'Th 嵯 鮎 C C C6) from the left speaker 124 支
Fe1j @ 1111 (Z) equivalent to the left ear 1 窒 I ← 伝 遂 伝 左 左 女 女 女 省 (Le In the right ear,
the empty M1 sound transmission = -s sex-related o-4 SLRis) / G-45 LL 18) that is the power of
11! Both lMN and (lfyC71U also become γ 彬 inversion 坤 I 詣, u1191 uj JLl calculation gi,
well Ga 58 g day 1 / ′ (G-aII Lb (Elf 〆 G 45 RR (81-G-taLR (sl 'G 46 RL (Fll) All
mountains, one transmission register @ electronic circuit to make a digit, 1211 EndPage: 2, 4. Jlamp 6-TR ", y-G-as LL (s) 7 (()-as LL fs N t G 4 s RR (81-G-48 LR (81 MG ns R r, (e)) consisting of
1 'l j li% transmission standard , To the left speaker -4 · and the child of the stone mbyka · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · by the left speaker-4 · and the stone Mevika · · · · by 釣 自 BI BI 自 自 自 自
自 自 左 左 左 左 左 ス ス 例 例 ex. And from the stone nuhika 12 hill the father of the listener (I)
1 left ear-\ non-desire 1 1 1 τ 士 "I have broken down.
Such 'AL /' QMll child tillC 1. a father. Human power + 5 A (Ship Q go to each pole air circulation
circuit or wheel 1 zone To t 1, new first and second @ formation of fresh air input 1 ^ 1- j 12-.
Here, if it is assumed that the first and the second synthesis or "six" "6 芳 を で + + + + 蝙 蝙 ER
(蝙 ER (q) In addition, the left ear and the right ear when reaching the left end and the mind and
body of the Father's Listening Ministry are under pressure 1 TPL. When JPL 5l-132804 (3) TPB
is used, TPL = A (81 * G-ssbLL (t # <-e-TL8141TPIEt = A (sl, method G-m asLa (st, .theta.-T ") SL
51 and 7i- ゐ. Here, 'J' L == TR and 1 in 1 121 in the equation 1 (= J'7 Jtl is the equation 14 '+ 5
*, and it is reproduced by the 24 + + sceika O Noomi like 4th I 8 Even if the third section 111
(unless 1i "J7 +; (i7 ml woven or not. Here, in general, 1 / (G-45 L μs) 'QG 45 R 8)-G-4 SL spot 8)
〆 () 46 R day)) = + =, ti = 7-e 酩, so-no. I will add it. Here, the amplitude h] mantissa
characteristic of the speed change vessel to be subjected to all four times in the fifth installment.
Fat 51 Qifal θ the sword. At -45 ° knitting, the 5th lfbl plating is done with θ or 1 135 °
plating. The fee for the standing fee 4 hunting e e including the five skiers and the sleeve 1 for
the distance and the speed at the speed of one sand hill / for one set of mixed seasons-I one cow
for evening, I, ', yp; This is an example where the 6th Fσ non-invention is applied to 4 channel
regeneration, and OH input CH3 is released from Nuhika on the right and left from the interview
Shih, QH ζ (] H 4 柾 戚 柾 戚 1 1) It is intended to affirm the sign of backward localization.
Generally, r gonupika self-I 'building is a right and left punishment cup, and the breadth
characteristic in da hearing 1 is also h stone 71 name-(-(1G-iLL (ill 牌 G45 R べ G-13 SLμs' s Gx
3 s RX8 ), BG-45LRf8p + G45llJ8iG-1s6LR [8) = () 1 + 6RLi8) i7i'I'L = TR = T + 8 ', and so on in
FIG. 6 and 1 Lr ') Bamboo block and its 5th support 1 4th 4th 19th (Bore frock 8 譬 and 1 · sl like
a town to celebrate t. Less than "" 2 impertinence V (Y ー 1 ー, 使 X four rivers with Suekaa. In
the case of the lift of 4 chanol re-cow that had been produced-] Localization? I want to put the
product in the father's patch 81iThl 'or 21 in 1 in one and only one in the center of the main
opening "Noh", a reviving toothed man yV4 abbreviation.
4, wards and mountains t41 Congratulation 1 ward 4 4 六 六 ネ ル ネ ル ネ ル ネ ル 讐 讐 丹 丹
、 、 、 1, 2 ト ト 窒 時 時 9 The celebration of the 1st, 3rd ward a foot mer 1 再生 再生 再生 再
生 再生 ビ ー ビ ー 714 714 1 の 1 空 空 1・ The illustration of the phonebook 逢 逢::: 、 、 a a a
a 原理 principle of the present invention of the present invention, 5th) fa) rbl I / f dl Idl 智 仏 イ
イ 相 相) 1 copy II shield. −f sex chart, FIG. 6 and 7th main code of 4 channel ed honner ennome
heno) Lc;) + 3 first · ward at ah. 叶 ... Pano-iM6 size, uv-1151-'da: 'A times Wt69, u6't171-Izu (, □
or% width g1ub, ut +' =) "A) Ascending 8i, 12u1121-'g3気 (41 +-& 14 rs 1, 房 房 工 ス ス ヒ ー 鴻
鴻 鴻 斤 聰 聰 Page Page Page 3 Page Page Page (Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page
Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page If) 夷 '= e-i: Mi' J "-w'J
(EndPage: 46, inventor other than # 1 Hideshi Kitagawa procedure correction document
(Japanese Patent Application No. 577. 46 Patent No. 577. 46 2, Title of the invention 2, Title of
the invention Multi channel stereo sound reproduction method 3, Related person with correction
Patent applicant name (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 4 "1 Agent Address 阿 Osaka
City Nishi Ward Osaka City Awaza Nantong 1-chome number 71! Mano Building Telephone
Osaka 06 (582) 4025 No. (the name of the attorney (68 [18] Patent attorney Yoshihiro Morimoto
5) (Ship date) Showa Date 6, number of inventions to be increased by correction 7, object of
correction The details of the fine invention 発 明 t, 1) On page 4, line 9, correct "threedimensional book" as "three-dimensional sound". (2) The ratio of the 11th line to the 12th line.
Cmg * (S) / Q + 暉 v (B) か る and ZZ are ratio of 94. I- (8) / (r * s * tt (8) f! And correct. (As
shown in Figure 2 in the drawing's attachment: EndPage: 5