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Yoku l / 7F Kuhanot invention name vibration system for spill force 3, patent applicant address
(location) Meguro-ku, Tokyo Meguro-ku 1-chome, No. 4 name (name) (so +) Pioneer Corporation
Representative, Ryozo Ishizuka 6069) Patents Hideo Nobuo 4 21 ・ 11 11 11 1 [phase] Japanese
Patent Office Open Patent Gazette ■ JP-A-51-1261-220 Japanese Patent Publication 51. (1976)
J ,! , 4 夕 夕 明細 1, 1 名称 発 明
Speaker diaphragm
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
diaphragm, and more particularly to a dome-shaped diaphragm. Conventionally, the domeshaped diaphragm is made of aluminum and titanium, etc., which are light and easily rolled with
the material. Further, in order to manufacture a dome-shaped diaphragm, four plates made of the
above-mentioned material, which were rolled to a uniform length beforehand, were press-formed.
Therefore, the diaphragm had almost the same thickness in all parts. By the way, if you vibrate
the above-mentioned vibration and temporary vibration, because it is the peripheral part of the
lamp dome (part close to the joint with the voice coil) which receives a large force, if the whole
dome is made with uniform thickness The vibration mode is different between the central part
and the peripheral part of the dome, so it is easy to make a general vibration mode as the whole
diaphragm, and a thick 碌 peak is generated in the high frequency characteristic to make a sound
purchase. It becomes. Therefore, there is a need to thicken the dome peripheral portion by the
thickness of the central portion EndPage: 1: However, as described above, the conventional
diaphragm uses aluminum, titanium or the like and according to the manufacturing method,
Changing the thickness to a partial molecule J is a first step. The present invention has been
made in view of our point of view, and the object thereof is to easily make the creases of the
peripheral portion of the scanning plate thicker than the central portion and to manufacture the
thickness to a desired thickness. The speaker's diaphragm 'can be provided for a long time. An
embodiment of the present invention will now be described with reference to the drawings. till-j
Diaphragm substrate manufactured by means and material ++ (MM, aluminum, titanium, etc. MM
and incissors easy to cut easily) manufactured by a conventional method, ° (2) Diaphragm base
(m> u on the inner surface of 11, ion plating, Fj of sputtering iron, coated with Beryllic, Young
group such as beryllium alloy) is large and density (ρ) is small If it is [1], it is a coating layer
which consists of a large material of E / rho. Then, in forming the coating layer (2), the central
portion α of the transmission plate substrate (1) is coated so as to form a peripheral portion QZ
so as to become flat. That is, it is difficult to set the drinking plate and the body (1) so that the
coating thickness distribution shown in FIG. Although FIG. 1 shows that the coating layer (2) is
entirely formed on the inner surface of the four vibrating plates (1), the example of FIG. The top
side also shows the coating layer (2Y is applied by the above means and co-worker means).
In this case, a thick diaphragm with a peripheral portion envelope can be obtained from the
vibration of FIG. In the case where the peripheral portion (111) of the diaphragm is made faster
and the central portion is made thinner and the mass of the diaphragm is made constant as in the
above-mentioned structure, the vibration #I is greater than when the entire diaphragm is made
uniform. You can / Js the deformation when you let it go. Conversely, if it is assumed that the
entire thickness of the diaphragm DIh is made uniform and the amount of deformation when it is
made the same, it is possible to lighten the quality of the diaphragm. According to the present
invention, as described above, the sliding plate substrate is made of a material such as aluminum,
titanium, etc., which can be easily rolled, and the thickness increases from the central portion to
the peripheral portion of the substrate. By forming the coating J- with a large Young's modulus
6 and a density of 6 small, it is robust, easy to mount and easy to manufacture, and the
thickness of the coating layer can be freely set. . Therefore, a flat speaker with sound pressure
characteristics can be obtained with 115 performance without causing a special vibration mode
when vibrating.
1, Brief Description of the Drawings Figures 1 and 2 are central & side views showing a smile
example of the vibrating plate for the Sbee blade according to the present invention. il + ......
diaphragm substrate, (2) ...... coatings j co, patents out 励人 Bio Chi A Corporation EndPage: 2
Figure 1 procedure amendment (spontaneous] 1975 June On the 24th, under the commissioner
of the Patent Office, Mr. Fuji Hideo 1, the display of the case, Showa 50 patent application No.
9261 3, the property name statement to make correction, 4-Kameichi 昏 昏 6 letters 111M4, the
case to make correction Related applicant's address Meguro-ku, Tokyo Meguro-ku Meguro 1chome 4th "No. Name: (501) Pioneer shares: 5, 5, 7, y;-, ', Address: 2-1-1 Uchiyukicho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 〒 100 Telephone Tokyo (502) 3171 (Kumano Building) Representative) Name (6069)
Patent Attorney Kanno Hide 1-1 F, 6, Showa year of correction instruction] "7, number for light
to be increased by correction, number 8 for correction, as per attached sheet of correction it
(Japanese Patent Application No. 50) -9261) With respect to the light a4Ft-corrected as follows:
claim 1fflt-corrected as described below. A diaphragm substrate made of a material such as fll
aluminum, titanium, etc. and having a material that easily crushes easily, and at least the surface
of the substrate has a large Young's modulus such as beryllic, beryllic 1-alloy, or holon and can
plate A speaker diaphragm that has a coating layer formed of a small amount of material. (2) A
diaphragm substrate made of a material such as aluminum or titanium that is heavy and easy to
press-abrasive, beryllium or beryllium base metal, or a material having a large Young's modulus
such as Holon or the like, and a small mold setting, A speaker diaphragm characterized in that a
coating layer is formed on the surface or Ik surface of the substrate or on both surfaces of the
substrate so as to increase in thickness from the central portion toward the periphery. 2, page 3,
line 6 to line 9 The purpose is to provide... "The first purpose of this is to provide a speaker
vibration & capable of obtaining a high-performance speaker by forming a small coating layer in
which at least one surface VC Young's modulus of the diaphragm substrate is large and
indwelling. The second object of the present invention is to provide a vibratory board for a
speaker capable of manufacturing the thickness of the peripheral portion of the diaphragm easily
while making it thicker than the arrow part and manufacturing the thickness VC of the thickness
of seven places. is there. ", Young's modulus such as gold" + 7 fourth member second line "gold.
An alloy which is mainly composed of holon or boron is converted to an end page: 3 Young's
modulus of gold etc. On page 4, line 4, "layer. And this "is a layer.
Even if this coating layer (2) has a uniform thickness, the E / を 上 げ る of the diaphragm can be
increased, but if the coating layer (2) is as described below, it is more effective. is there. That is,
5 on page 5, line 12 to page 6, line 2 can be configured freely. By forming a coating layer
of a large material with a large Young's modulus and a high density on this substrate, a strong
and light diaphragm can be obtained, and the coating layer can be peripheral to the central
portion. It is also easy to make the thickness thinner towards the part, and the thickness can also
be free. And "reserve." Applicant Pioneer Corporation Agent swP * mEndPage: 4