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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional side view of one embodiment
of a speaker mounting apparatus of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional side
view of another embodiment. X peaker addition board, 4 ..... sound emission hole, 5 ..... speaker, 6
beams, 9 ..... 1 1 125 1- 51-120 740 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3-126-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a superior speaker
mounting device with a simple configuration: gl, a speaker application device for use in a tape
recorder, radio receiver, etc. . Generally used for tape recorders and radio receivers: The speakers
used are cabinets, and the inside of the cabinet is attached. 1、*5Fie。 よ、ヵ、、え、
111オ、ゎえ、。 There is a j11, 2 easy mounting directions of the speaker in the volume Jl
with a simple configuration! Willow provides an excellent speaker attachment device that is also
°°. Hereinafter, the speaker mounting device according to the F1 proposal will be described
with reference to the drawings. In the figure, 1 is a cabinet,) 2Fi cabinet, a recess formed on the
surface 1, 3 is a speaker mounting plate which is disposed in the recess 2 and has a large
number of sound emitting holes 4 at the center, 6 is a circle of the speaker mounting plate The
speaker e mounted on the surface is mounted on the inner surface of the speaker mounting plate
3 so as to straddle the speaker 6, and the center part KFg formed a slip, the door is fitted to the
support shaft e formed on the support 8 An arc-shaped angle, a washer fitted to the tip of the
support shaft 9 is a locking washer. On fil! Application f! The speaker mounting plate 3 is
attached to the speaker 5tf and the speaker attachment plate 3 is attached to the arc-shaped
angle 6 in which the door is fitted to the support shaft 9 formed on the support 8 Therefore, by
pressing the outer peripheral part of the speaker mounting plate 3, the angle 6 is slipped along
the door, and the speaker 6 is pivoted in an arbitrary direction to make $ -X. It is possible to As is
apparent from the above example P, the T plan arranges the speaker MR attached plate having
the speaker mounted on the inner surface in the recess formed in the cabinet, and the spear force
grinding root is used as a support It is attached to the arc-shaped angle that can slide against the
speaker. カーKtえる。 It is extremely advantageous in terms of use. In the embodiment, the
angle 6 is formed with a slit, and the support 8 is formed with the support 6 to be formed into
the angle 6 and inserted into the nine slits 7. As shown in FIG. The body 8 is integrally formed
with the cabinet 1 in the form of a circle so that the slit 7 is in the form of a circle. A stopper
washer 10 may be fitted to the door, with a stopper 10 being fitted to the door 9f * of a 9-spoke
9-9, in which case the support 8 is arc-shaped. The sliding of a certain angle 6 will be extremely
smooth! , ',': Ff?