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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional ribbon
speaker, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the main part of a conventional electro-acoustic
transducer, and FIG. 3 is an electro-acoustic wave according to an embodiment of the present
invention. Fig. 4 is a top view of the transducer, Fig. 4 is a sectional perspective view of the same
section, Fig. 5 is an enlarged sectional view of the same parts, Fig. 6 is a top view of the same
diaphragm, and Fig. T is an upper surface of another embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 8
is a cross-sectional perspective view of the same. 12・・・・・・グラスチックフイルム、
13・・・・・・4MEセンターボール。 Fig. 1 1 77 1 開 51-118 733 (2) Fig 2 3 3-78 1 51 51
1-18 733 (3) Fig 5 Fig 6 Fig 7-79-開51-118733 (4) Fig. 8-(1) Resources
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a book which provides an
electroacoustic transducer which is light in vibration system quality, high in reproduction height,
and has high conversion efficiency and high conversion efficiency. The voice coil is held in the air
gap of the magnetic circuit in the conventional electric electro-acoustic transducer, and the signal
current flows to the voice coil to drive the voice coil and the cone vibration connected to the
voice coil. As shown in FIG. 1, a ribbon-like nonmagnetic metal body is held in the magnetic
circuit gap as shown in FIG. 1 and signal electric waterfall flows in this ribbon metal frame. Sine,
m 蝉, the current in the direction of the watch 2 in the direction of oscillation 2 cone 11! Or it
can be said that it is closer to a direct drive as compared to one in which the dome-shaped
peristaltic plate is vibrated by the force generated in the voice coil. 1 is a ribbon-like gold tifitll
plate, 2 and 4 are all upper and lower ill yoke plates, and 3 is a single-shaped magnet, and it is
constructed at 2 ° 3.4 with a single magnet. As indicated by the first factor, the ribbon metal
drive plate 1 in the air gap of the magnetic circuit is designed to flow in the direction of the
doctor signal. As shown in FIG. 2 of the prior art, as shown in FIG. 2, an outer magnetic metal foil
is etched on a plastic film base as shown in FIG. 2), or a pair of magnets are used. There is a
structure in which the gear is open, and the gap is S. In FIG. 2, a large number of rod-like
magnets aa, ab,... 7a, 7j)... Are arranged adjacent to each other so that the properties of 6a and 6b
or bb and 6c are different from each other ^ Ru. Each magnet has permeability Or & VS metal
body) 8. A vibration plate 9 is attached which is attached to d, and which is placed at the top and
bottom relative to each other. Conductors 10a, 10D, ... are formed in a diaphragm 111E based on
this plastic snack film. The current flowing in the power supply sections 10a and 10b is designed
to be i-directional to each other. A large number of air emission holes 11.11 are formed in the
metal body 8 so as to radiate straightly. In the gap (c), it is desirable that the magnetic force の
be parallel to the illustrated 9th conductor IL portion 10. However, the conventional 1A-tq
above? 1 "has the following drawbacks. In 71g of domes of the Kono type ^, the recording arc
system lid is point V) or I-1 shredding high rank Shuhan number limit 1 king is limited to a place
where it is low.
In 1 type of livan type, ribbon-like metal swing 1 temporary rope back-to-back A が is borderliner
E1 rrtie-like construction; In addition, impedance transformers and transformers for tenguing are
expensive and expensive, making them difficult to use. Is there any kind of support i like? : & M,
there are problems such as unnecessary leakage of magnetic flux 4 at the end face in the
longitudinal direction of the rod-shaped mag) net and the need for many magnets l'i. Is the
present invention the above-mentioned conventional defect? It is to be removed, and the
following is a brief description of one example of the present invention. As shown in W2B and
FIG. 4, a spiral conductive + H, four part 13 is formed on the thin plastic film 12. In this case, the
wire part 13 has an A2 foil or the like formed on the plastic film 12 by means of bonding
(formed by photo etching etc. afterward!), Its line width, l1lIr), and the control design is made
clearly with +4 between the matching lines I'm going. The plastic film 12 and an iron-shaped
conductive portion 13 integrally formed with the soil form a diaphragm 14 together with a hole,
and a hole is formed at the center of the diaphragm 14. A single gear (1 o ax n @ degree) gear to
be inserted, a 0 to 1 magnetic gap provided in a thick magnetic air gap consisting of 3 to 4
heights with a pitch, and a steel-like ffl pole It consists of 16 and center mail 16, and magnetic
15.16 is' le, 15a and 16b JP! 16a, 16b, and aE> T kj, 'two. The frame is shown in Fig. 516. 、 <,
i14 The storage plate 14 is flat on one side / stretched by a graph 18 so that the hook 1 and 18
can be accommodated in the magnetic pole 16b% t saw ball 16J) It is +11 and the height 19a and
19b are met. Reference numeral 20 denotes an A-shaped magnet, and 21 ° 22 denotes a yoke
made of a material with high magnetic permeability that constitutes a magnetic circuit. An
example of how the electric terminals of the G5 spiral conductive portion 13 formed on the plus
deck film 12 which covers the diaphragm 14 are shown in FIG. (The start point (end point) of the
inner ridge of the conductive portion 13 is formed of plastic fill J, 12 as a single piece, or nl one
side of the outer peripheral portion O terminal portion 231 of the diaphragm 14 through the
electrical conduction portion The outer end point (start point) is connected to a terminal portion
24 formed on the outer peripheral portion of the surface of the grip plate 140. When this it
board 14 is incorporated as a speaker as shown in FIG. 4, it is taken out from the terminal
portion 23. 24 using an appropriate means.
In the electro-acoustic transducer as described above, the width of the metal and the like (the
width of the conductive portion of the fall and the distance between It is possible to make
Uramoto a conventional voice coil-based electric ship resistant by designing 6 It. As a result,
translessing can be realized. Furthermore, an annular magnetic air gap is formed to make the
magnetic flux g! It can be collected directly, and 417 Fv & surface leakage flux t-decrease (it can
be confirmed from the conventional row shown in FIG. 2). FIG. 8 shows another embodiment of
the present invention. In FIG. 8, the diaphragm 14i is not inserted into the nitrogen space of the
magnetic circuit, and it is slightly outboard and it is easy to install it. In the real J, the end of the
bee, which is grown by the magnet 10 and the t cover ball 161-, is the saponification plate 14,
and it is necessary to use the th pole 16 and the end face t of the 7 th Ru. The present invention
has a structure as described above, which is To9, and according to the present invention, it is
covered with rice shown below. (1) Plastic snack film V こ (The conductor part is formed like a
grid to make it a diaphragm, so compared to the conventional that the tombs buy ′ C
reproduction 再生 a field a field j I by expanding the real number . ) IJII-like curiosity! 1 aitf can
be used to reduce the rounding leakage sulfur i'7 · · ·. (1) It is possible to obtain the electric and
resistance coughing of the conventional Boybe coil に よ り by over-scoring the line width of the
spiral-shaped lead portion, fjaMm excessively, and it is selfless by transformerless processing.