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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 to 3 are schematic views showing various usage
examples of the loudspeaker according to the present invention. 11, ・ ・ ・
Speaker box, 21.22, 22.24 · · · · Hinge mechanism, 4 · · · Tightening mechanism, 6 · · · Hardware
for fixing. T / Kokusai 2 Figure-61-Japanese Utility Model Sho 51-113424 (2) Year 3-62-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, the eyes f of the multiple
speaker boxes are connected to each other in a row by a four- wheel structure, and the speaker
boxes are fixed at an arbitrary connection angle. The invention relates to a loud-speaking device
capable of freely adjusting the direction of sound spreading. As a loudspeaker of this kind, for
example, it is made in the song 1fllF *, h, one baffle, temporarily arranging multiple speakers of
the same performance at equal intervals, one f 'L There were things housed in a case that had 4
curves □; ところが、・l)′ぺ)? U This loud speaker makes production of a curved surface
of Hasoful history, production of a box is difficult, and the production cost is very VC market
value, spread of 念 sound 91, east middle shape of neck, etc There is a drawback of t that can not
be summer-type freely. There are some other ll-th loud-sounding devices that can fix the speaker
box to position 1-and change the angle of the internal speaker to change the finger spacing, but
this is the speaker The angle eclipse mechanism is very complicated and extremely expensive,
and the adjustment step size is too wide and the power of the -L speaker is largely changed from
the center. . The present invention aims to provide a loudspeaker system capable of eliminating
the drawbacks of the conventional loudspeakers as described above and capable of freely
adjusting the tone uniformity. The loudspeaker system according to the invention will be
described with reference to FIG. FIG. 1 is a diagram showing a first example of a first-stage
application of a loudspeaker according to this transmission-month. ス ピ ー カ 1, 12, 13 · · · (1
speaker and box housing the speaker in the inside, 芥 speaker box is hinged 21.22.23 · open face
+ q + or the left and right end of the upper town F in the front part・ ・ ・ 2. ・) Are connected
to one another in a row so as to be mutually movable. Each speaker box 11, 12. 13... Is formed in
a so-called truncated pyramid shape in which the dimension of the puff-full plate 2 is maximum
and the height and width of the puff-full plate 2 are reduced together. Ru. Of course, when the
use condition is limited b, the height is the same as the baffle plate 2 and only the width is
reduced toward the rear, or the width is the same as the panfull plate 2 and only the height is
rear The shape may be shrunk to the extent of h. For example, on the top 11 plates of each
speaker box, one side of the bottom removal car, or one side plate, a tightening mechanism 4.4..
ing. When the sound from each speaker box is to be concentrated in one place, as shown in FIG.
1, the baffle plate 2 is rotated in a concave manner to arrange each speaker box as shown in FIG.
Then, the speaker and the box are fixed to each other by the fixing fitting 6.6 · and the abovementioned tightening mechanism 4.4 ··.
Depending on the purpose of the turn, the valley speaker box may or may not be in
communication either in the horizontal direction or in the vertical direction. I3) If the sound from
each speaker box is diffused in a fan-like manner, as shown in FIG. It is good to fix the members
with each other by means of the fixing rough metal tool 6.6 ··· and the tightening device groove
4.4− ···. For example, in the case of using a loud-sounding device with no soundness in Manohira
Mukai, for example, five speaker boxes 11 to 15 are arranged as shown in FIG. It may be coupled
and fixed by the fixing bracket 6 and the tightening mechanism 4. In the loudspeaker system of
this invention, as a flavor to connect the speakers and the box, one made of ordinary gold-plated
one \ others and synthetic tree tlt "r", leather or the like may be attached. Also, as means for
fixing the positional relationship between the speakers and the box, in addition to the fixing
bracket 6 shown and the tightening mechanism such as a thumbscrew, a hook is attached to, for
example, a valley box, and a hook is hooked with the hook The long plates may be nailed
together or fixed between the boxes with nails. (4) 1) According to the loudspeaker system of this
invention, the directivity of sound can be changed freely and simply as required. When changing
the direction of sound, the direction of each speaker box itself changes, so changing the
directivity does not cause any reduction in sound quality.