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2, inventor's address 1-3-17, Oyamadai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Name 1) Yu 3, Patent applicant
name (name) Fibility Research (nationality) 4, agent address 〒 182 Tokyo Choshi, Tokyo Kojimacho 261-6 Chofu Co-Polus Room 205 3357 557 ■ Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent
Application Laid-Open No. 51-1103010 (1976) 9.29 ■ 願, FO-no I;), f7 [phase] Application date
昭 (, (197)),? ,, Z4 / Office serial number hO Tsuno specification, name of the invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a cartridge. As the
cartridge, MM type cartridges are generally used because they have high output and ease of use
compared to MC type cartridges, but MM type cartridges are structurally more massive than MC
type cartridges due to the mass of the vibrating portion. Because of the large size, there is a
drawback that so-called cutting is bad at the time of sound reproduction. The present invention
ameliorates the above-mentioned drawbacks, and aims to provide a high-output cartridge while
reducing the mass of the vibrator compared to the conventional MM type cartridge. Next, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. ,? Fig. 1
shows an exploded perspective view of the cartridge, in which a tooth-like tooth 1 yoke (1)
having a magnetic material and 9.4 legs and a yoke 2 (2) having the same shape as the tooth 1
yoke And the thin magnetic material plates, respectively, and each leg (the yoke 1) with the
permanent magnet 3 interposed between the bases of the yoke 1 (11 and the yoke 2). 4), (51, (6),
(71 (4 '), (61, (71 respectively, for example, excited to the N pole, each leg (8) of the pole 2 yoke
(2), +9) The tip of Q1, αυ is excited to the S pole, respectively. Thus, the tips of the legs (4), (71,
(8), Q 夫) form a bent part which is bent inwards to the end of the husband EndPage: and, as
shown in FIG. 3, the legs (4), ( 7), (5+, and (61, the oblique sides a, b, c, d are provided, and these
oblique sides are inclined 45 degrees with respect to the recording surface ( In this space, a rod-
like, pie-like, or pu-like oscillator αa is used, and the axis thereof is in a stationary state due to a
tamper α に in the direct magnetic field formed by the tip of the tl yoke 佳) Arrange in parallel.
A cantilever <141 is provided at one end of this imaging moving member, and a needle (L 9) is
attached to the tip of this castilizer and bar. The length of the vibrator is at least a little. ,
Preferably have a length between the tips of the 1'2 yokes. The structure of the tip end of the
fang 2 yoke (2) is also similar to the structure of the tip of the fang 1 yoke (1). Next, to explain
the operation of the cartridge of the present invention, assuming that the vibrator (the front part
of the 121 (the side attached to the cantilever) is inclined to the position a in FIG. The rear part of
will be inclined to the position of a. In this case, the magnetic flux passes from the N pole through
the leg (7), passes through the transducer housing 2 in the front part, passes through the
transducer through the transducer from the rear part through the leg (9), and reaches the S pole.
An induced voltage is generated on the rear surface of L2.
For example, as shown in Fig. 5 (i) and (5), if the front part of the vibrator is inclined to the
position of b and the rear part to the position of b, the magnetic flux in this case is N pole )
Through the front part of the vibrator a and the back part of the vibrator from the rear part of
the vibrator through the vibrator α to reach 8 poles, so the induced voltage is applied to the
front of the coil and the back of the coil L5. Occur. Since coils L 1, 2+ 3 and L 4 are
connected in series, the induced voltage is generated in each of the left channel coil and the right
chan coil due to the oscillation of the vibrator. Can be taken out as an output of Also for the
movement of other vibrators, the required electromotive force is generated in one of the coils
"1+" 2+ "3 and" 4 "in the same manner as described above. The coils L1 to L4 are wound in
common to the legs (4) and (8), (5) and (9), (6) and (IQ), (71 and (11), respectively. It is also
possible to wind a coil around the legs of the, for example, to connect in series coils wound
respectively on the legs (4) and (8). In the present invention, as described above, the oscillation
of the cantilever (14) generates an electromotive force in any of the coils L1 to L4, and in the
conventional MM type cartridge, the vibrator itself In order to obtain a cartridge with high
output, it is necessary to use a strong permanent magnet, because of the use of a permanent
magnet for this, the vibrator itself becomes large for this purpose, and This will reduce the
goodness of the trace. However, according to the present invention, since a pipe or a rod made of
a magnetic material is used as a vibrator and a permanent magnet is not used, it is possible to
make an image pickup device small in mass, and therefore to obtain a so-called cartridge with a
good cut. It is easy. (B) Since the permanent magnet is interposed between the yokes, a large and
strong one can be used, and therefore a high output cartridge can be easily manufactured. That
is, according to the present invention, it is possible to obtain an ideal cartridge with a small mass
and a large output. (5) It has effects such as.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of the cartridge
of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a side view, FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of the main part, FIG.
4 (i), FIG. (A) and (B) are operation explanatory views, (B) shows a front view, and (B) shows a
bottom view. 1.2 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · permanent magnet, 4 ˜ 11 · · · leg, 4 '˜ 11' · · · · tip, 12. ...
transducer, 13 ... Dan'noku -, 14 ... cantilever, 15 ... needle, 16 ... two record surface patent
applicant (6) EndPage: 2 depression 3 times l etc., '777Ganma7 old f Figure 111 541 (a) (a)
EndPage: 3