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Patent Office Secretary 2 Inventor 3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji
Kadoma address 1002 Article name (582) Representative of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,
Ltd. Shoji Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 517 Address Kadoma City Osakadame Kadoma 1006 Address
Japanese Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 50-161226.0 published
Japanese Patent Application No. 50. (19 '75) 12. 27. Japanese Patent Application No. 7'-, r ", J7,
[Phase] filing date R'E' Z, (1974) j, 747-l uJV-specification, 1 ,, A flame coupled to a speaker 2
and a frame 5 coupled to a rust-proof e'sim 5 field section is subjected to chemical condensation
of highly condensed ammonium polyphosphate using polyethyl ene zinc, and the rubber latex is
fixed. Nine-pulp weave complex Loudspeaker with built-in diaphragm configured by ° OJl #
plate to hang the chair coil. The present invention relates to a material having a flaking agent
bonded to pulp fibers. In the conventional loudspeakers, nine are mainly made of pulp fibers, as a
plate for preventing damage. In this way, at 40 at which the pulp fiber is wound, an excessive
force is applied to the paper coil! The die coil and the die coil may generate heat, and the voice
coil bobbin vibration plate may be damaged due to heat generation, which may cause personnel6 life O. In recent years, it has been decided that a difficult layer has been separately constructed
on the surface of the 振 surface. However, this significantly increases the mass of the diaphragm
Keel excellent in obtaining a nine-speaker or preferred io Also, as a water soluble form * S- agent
for pulp defibrillation, second phosphorus! 1) Ammonium etc. are often used] but impregnating
by K makes it flame retardant and treats. Since it has hygroscopicity, it accelerates the decay of
pulp fibers, and decay to speaker metal parts. It has a defect such as i1 and so it can not be
controlled by the speaker. Furthermore, when lIA burning of pulp fibers is performed using an
organic flame retardant, the cost is high, and the treated product is gaIl! A large amount of 0
smoke sometimes occurs A, which has a defect of "-9"-This is also a tlt that can be used as a
speaker diaphragm. The present invention eliminates the 0 defect as in the prior art. is there.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be specifically described. End Page 1: EndPage: 1st @ @
Highly condensed ammonium polyphosphate which is insoluble in mineral water can be
combined with pulp fiber #IK chemically using highly reactive polyetherin /, and further
neoprene thread rubber latte Since 4 was added with custard and fixed to the pulp fiber, a
diaphragm was constructed, and this was incorporated into a speaker 4o.
By making the material like a kernel, it is possible to improve physical strength change such as
wet strength, size, tear strength etc. of pulp, and improve pulp fiber 0 # (D stability and flame
retardancy improved) I can do it. In addition, since highly condensed polyphosphate ammonium
which is insoluble in water is used, the hygroscopicity, which is the pulp パ ル プ defect of the
pulp impregnated with the flame retardant conventionally, and the corrosion resistance to the
speaker metal parts are solved. Next, an example of the speaker of the cine invention will be
shown by the drawings. As shown in FIG. 1, the 1 # i field section is a so-called external-magnet
type field section 1 having a seven-interfer ball 2 and a nine-plate a1 ring-shaped O magne 4 .1 It
is constituted by the upper plate 6 in the shape of a ring. This field section 1 is connected with a
sleeve, and at the periphery of the frame 60, gaskets 7 and 4 are made of the above-described
flame-retardant material Il moving plate BOJi! l Edges are bonded by adhesive etc. The coil
dubbing 10 on which the central portion Ka voice coil 9 of the Owe board 8 is wound is # joined
so as to be suspended, and this coil bounce 1 / o is supported by the damper 11. In addition, a
dust cap 12 is attached to the central upper surface of the diaphragm S. An example of a
practical right as a material constituting the diaphragm B will be shown below. [Ex. 11] (For the
intermediate stage pulp pulp of the present invention, add 2 to 3 s of polyethyl py to pulp fiber
weight and slowly stir 1) After stirring 1) Sufficiently stir ^ Condensed polyphosphate ay% Ethum
In addition, perform stirring slowly. The addition of highly condensed ammonium polyphosphate
results in condensation of the pulp fibers, resulting in a frothing, bubbling state of pn, and the
highly condensed ammonium polyphosphate 0 / (yield to lup fibers is 70-.ol. However, when the
pulp fibers are stirred with uniform dispersion, the retention decreases to 60% or less. The
following table shows the above-mentioned high condensation polyphosphate aluminum borates
which are in the T state VC 番 and their physical properties. 5IP 14 above, flame retardant, selfextinguishing properties require the addition of 26-30% or more high sheared polyphosphate. In
the case where stirring is carried out until the pulp fibers are uniformly dispersed, in the case of
9 the am property decreases and even in the case of the addition of II, the self-extinguishing
property is not exhibited. Young's modulus 5 decreases by about 40% compared to the untreated
one. サイズ&はOで6! 11. When the flame was softened with a gas burner mainly
composed of carbonized long butterfly meta / gas, it was 1 kO carbonized length.
[Right Example 2] As in Right Example 1, after adding 2-3% of polyetherite to pulp fiber and
performing sufficient stirring, add rubber latex and then add highly condensed ammonium
polyphosphate to make pulp Stirring is performed to disperse the fibers uniformly. And, if
necessary, add aluminum sulfate. The yield rate and physical properties of the material that has
been made to be a green are shown in the table below. (Hereinafter, the margin) EndPage: 2 @@
6% 11 m 711 + of latex of neobrene rubber can improve the stability of Young's modulus and
flaking of pulp fiber. It is possible to improve neopre / rubber addition and to improve 1 # strong
JIF, water resistance, breaking pot strength, and to have reliability O height 1/14 as a diaphragm
1h . An example is shown in the table below. It is possible to process it as a diaphragm in a
general paper making process, or to make one sheet of paper 7-t t7 JO press to make a
diaphragm and a t-filter. 2. The frequency characteristic of the speaker consisting of the life plate
made of pulp a1 m treated with the right f41 is as shown by the solid line in FIG. The expansion
of the high region is poor because the gear 1 is lower than the speaker. However, II Izaka
consisting of pulp fibers over the processing according to the practical right example 2 °-A
speaker with a frequency of 9 speakers, a speaker with 0 mm mm, and a Young's modulus of # 1
with 9 It shows the characteristics. Becomes glass fiber 9 asbestos fiber, polyfural. Noncombustible and flame-retardant fibers such as modacrylic fiber J1. By hot papermaking, it is
possible to further improve the degree of deflagration, and according to the same specifications
as the current paper making process, it is possible to obtain a flame retardant o * sapon plate. As
described above, the speaker according to the present invention can improve the physical
strength such as warmth strength and tearing strength as the rostral plate II by 5 times, and at
the same time it becomes incombustible, metal parts corrosion corrosive (E, it has the advantage
of heating due to deterioration in acoustic characteristics 4) and has a great industrial value.
4. ■ Image O simple description No.1 ‒ shows a real embroidered example of the speaker
according to the present invention Rooszaka Yo Ij speaker frequency comparison 4 I, 11 is the
present speaker-speaker ° O frequency goodness comparison. IT, ',' 'part, 6 ... frame, @ mail, 9 ...
voice coil. Alumni O Name Patent Attorney Toshio Nakao and 1 other EndPage: 3111!
1329e4 # 1--6 Agent other than the above EndPage: 4