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Patent Request □. Patent Office Director 'Government Hall-10 rounds'. "I. Title s. 6 words
i.lamda. 2, inventor 4, list of attached documents (1) 1 description (2) drawing 1"-[phase] Japan
Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. 50-1504600 Japanese Patent No. 50. (1975)
12.2 ■ Japanese Patent Application No. 49-5 o o94-[Phase] filing date ■ sum 4 y, α 9744 j, 7
names of the invention
Ultrasonic transducer
3. Detailed description of the invention For example, in the case of de Brunner, as shown in FIG.
1, the vibrator 2 is attached to the bottom 1 or its direction of inclination # with respect to the
vertical direction. In order to sharpen the directional characteristics in one direction, multiple
transducers! 1.! Are arranged in such a manner that the sound waves come to the respective
transducers in phase in the same phase, and their combined directional characteristics are
utilized. In the above, it is desirable that the directional characteristics of the transducer be
provided only in the I direction. Especially when used for a debrunner, the pressure sensitivity of
the transducer with respect to the vertical direction can not be minimized. Conventionally, the
pressure sensing in the vertical direction has been designed to be as small as possible for each
individual vibrator. Therefore, when utilizing the combined directional characteristics of each
transducer, the directional characteristics in the C direction become sharp, and at the same time
the pressure sensitivity in the vertical direction also increases to some extent. SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION The present invention provides a transmission / reception base tube in which the
directivity in a predetermined direction is sharpened in the combined directional characteristics
of each transducer and the pressure sensitivity in the vertical direction is smaller than that of a
single transducer. is there. In the following description of the present invention, the directivity
factor is represented by a single mer in the oscillator 2]. Here, assuming that the dimension 'fI of
the transducer is 11, X is expressed by 13% 5sna-----(1) EndPage: 1. However, when the wave
form 1 of λ-sound is modified, 11--and-----------(support) JzS 1 n * pointing coefficient 1 z is ztxnt
(n ′ ′ 2N, Z, 8 It becomes 0 at the time of----). Therefore, assuming that the directivity factor fO
in the vertical direction is n, the dimension / 1ijtx =-! L で---------贋 ine. Therefore, make the gold
plate 9 the best n! When l is set, the directivity characteristic of the vibrator 2 is as shown by a
characteristic curve 81 'in FIG. 2, and the directivity coefficient in the vertical direction becomes
0 at a position ik of -4W. If the dimension t1g of the vibrator 2g is 5aict, then the dimension 12
for setting the directivity coefficient in the vertical direction to 0 is 18- '---------(4Sin #) Given.
Therefore, when lzf is set so that n = 8 in the vibrator 22, the directivity characteristic is as WIz
chart characteristic curve @sr, and the directivity coefficient in the vertical direction becomes O
& c at the position tE- of z-3H. . Therefore, as described above, if the number is set to n all evens
for the vibrator 21 and the ni number for the vibrator 22, as is clear from the ms diagram, each
directivity in the vicinity of the vertical direction The phase relationships on the characteristics
are opposite to each other.
As a result, the composite directivity characteristic (average value) of each transducer becomes
like the characteristic curve z3, and in the vertical direction, the directivity coefficients of the
respective transducers cancel each other, and make the directivity coefficient in the vertical
direction as small as possible? it can. As described above, in the present invention, the combined
directivity characteristic of each transducer can be increased only in the predetermined direction,
and can be reduced in the unnecessary direction. Therefore, a suitable transducer can be
obtained by using a de Brunner or the like. .
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view for explaining the operation of the
transducer, and FIG. 2 is a characteristic curve for explaining the non-invention. Patent Assignee
Kiyoshi Takano First ri! J5, Inventor A Inventor other than the above Name K 錨 讐 B
Inventor Address Same as above C Inventor Address Name EndPage: 2