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Name (582) Representative Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Representative Masaharu
Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 571 [Phase] Japan Patent Office-Open Patent Gazette ■ Japanese Patent
Laid-Open No. 50-1473020 Japanese Patent No. 50. (1975) 11.2666105c / specification 1, title
2 of the invention, claim 1 Reproducing needle is directly bonded to the piezoelectric element
with a binder, and at least a portion as a conductive material in contact with the piezoelectric
element is a metal foil. A piezoelectric pickup characterized by having been used.
Piezoelectric pickup
3. Detailed description of the invention According to the invention, the signal has a modification
corresponding to the time course, for example, a modification of the Bic-Arp to reproduce the
signal from what is called a video disc. The video disc is similar in appearance to a conventional
voice-de-board, but includes a few megahertz high l + @@ wave compensation in the playback
signal, but with a pickup configured as shown by conventional 1st wAK I'm playing. That is, a
hard needle 2 such as a diamond or a sapphire that contacts the deformation portion 1 of the
signal carrier is directly coupled to the piezoelectric element 8 with a binder. Piezoelectric
element 3 "?" It is led to the expansion device by the generating turtle spirit issue guidance @ 44
'. The piezoelectric element 3 is made of an elastic material such as rubber, and is coupled to the
cantilever 6 through a damper 6. In some cases, the piezoelectric element 8 may be directly
coupled to the cantilever 6 without using the damper 6. One of the difficulties in producing this
kind of pickup is to take out the lead wire from the piezoelectric element. Piezoelectric pickup for
voice recording, and the piezoelectric element is also large, and the needle and cantilever are
separate elements, and the piezoelectric element is connected with the piezoelectric element by
an armature so that the lead wire can be removed There was an accumulation of enough size. In
the pickup for the video disk, as is apparent from FIG. 1, almost the entire lower surface of the
piezoelectric element sO is blocked by the needle 2, and the father Iij is in contact with the
damper 6 in the entire surface. That is, the needle is provided eccentrically with respect to the
pressure IE stack, the lead wire is fixed to one end of the piezoelectric element, and in the other
Wi (surface contacting with the damper) of the piezoelectric element, the damper is cut and the
lead wire is connected there I am paying. Therefore, when the needle is biased from the center of
the piezoelectric element and needle pressure is applied to the tip of the needle and the pressure
is nine points away from the center of the EndPage: 1 pickup, the force to twist the entire pickup
Operation) becomes unstable. It is not preferable that weight is applied to parts other than the
center of the piezoelectric element, and it is not preferable. Further, it is necessary to insert a
minute cut in the damper in order to store the lead of the upper surface electrode. In this
method, since the lead wire is welded to the cylindrical solder electrode, the bonding area with
the piezoelectric element is small, the bonding strength is small, and peeling of the EE
piezoelectric element occurs due to ultrasonic vibration. . In addition, when rounding soldering to
increase the bonding area, the mass of the solder becomes the load of the piezoelectric element.
The method shown in FIG. 2 can be considered to reform the above-mentioned defects.
That is, when bonding the conducting wire 10 to the electrode 8 of the piezoelectric element 7, a
gold wire of 16 μφ is used, and the front end portion 11 is crimped to the electrode 8 without
flattening using ultrasonic bonding I11. It is a thing. In this case, the bonding area can be
reduced, but it is easy to cut at a point where the gold wire and the round cross section change to
a rectangular cross section, **** exists in the center of the piezoelectric element. Not, this defect
can be avoided by covering the entire surface of the piezoelectric element, but it can not be
compressed to a uniform thickness, although it can be avoided by covering the entire surface of
the piezoelectric element. It requires root pressure to change nature and is susceptible to being
cut off. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a pickup which has been
redesigned based on the examination of the above-mentioned conventional apparatus or its
improvement. Embodiments of the present invention will be described below with reference to
the drawings. In the third wi, the piezoelectric element 7 has a thickness of 0.18 jllk and a width
of 0.1158. It has a length of 0.1 g, 11111, shape 1 lJ), and electrodes 8 and 9. Ultrasonically
pondy knob gold @ 13.13 '0.16 m wide and 6 μ vortex thick against 8.9. The gold crucible is
very easy to be crimped to the electrode, has a large bonding area, and has a smooth upper
surface, so it is easy to manufacture and has good characteristics. Flexibility as a lead is for a
0.016s11φ gold wire. 0.15IIm width 6μ thick gold @ U2 times too To), if same width-2.6μ
thick one is used more than 4 times and 1-6 because of the ultrasonic vibration of the
piezoelectric element The weight of the lead wire for load and 1 is wider than the 0.016μφ gold
wire and 16 鵡 thickness 2. @ ΜO gold sag times m *, so it does not cause a problem. Rather, the
gold foil weight gives a good result when it comes to the gold box of the piezoelectric element.
The conductor of the above shape is used as the lead wire of the piezoelectric element. At the
same time as the separation τ, the movement of the cantilever also produces good results due to
its large degree of wear. The effect is described by 2. In o 6 ml, the vertical movement of the
signal carrier 1, ie the velocity of the signal 2 o or-by the lateral movement in the direction
perpendicular to it), the force perpendicular 4 is for example d7.6 Hz It vibrates centering on the
support point 16 at the above moderate. 16 is an identification board. In contrast to such
cantilevers, the wire from the piezoelectric element must be inaccessible to the movement of the
soot. Use the metal @qs, 1s' for this 0 point, and connect one end of each ° to the input terminal
1s, 1 · Ell of the pre-term II), and so by doing so, the freedom of the cantilever to 11iK. Degree is
the best), I!
During the operation, use a gold foil that is most familiar and poor at the junction with the
piezoelectric element, and at the tip of the lead, it is more flexible-it has a large strength. Connect five foils, etc. Also, if the vibration width of the cantilever is small, use metal foil for
bonding with the piezoelectric element and use a wire normally used for bonding with the
preamplifier. When the piezoelectric element has a size or structure sufficient to connect the
leads, a metal foil is used between the π-lead and the pre-amplifier to facilitate vibration of the
cantilever. It is possible as one application of the present invention. As described above, a metal
foil is used as a conductive material to be connected to the piezoelectric element in BIC, UP using
the main element 1III-based piezoelectric element. As a result, it is possible to obtain a
piezoelectric pick-up which can effectively make the entire thickness of the element 111 for the
main body and also has a large mechanical strength and can simplify the manufacturing process.
4、I! Brief description of IIIIN 1E 構成 A block diagram of a pickup according to one
embodiment of the prior art. Big, EndPage of the embodiment of L, o mail-1sll Enomoto-Akira: It
is a block diagram of 2 up. ? ,,,, Piezoelectric gratings 8, 9,..., Tlk, 18.18'0060. Gold leaf. Name of
agent Attorney Nakao and one other person 411 @ 51! 1 Fig. 6 ・ Yo 6 Attorneys other than
those mentioned above Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma address 1006 EndPage: 3