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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram of the main part of a fourchannel stereo system for explaining the present invention, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 are waveform
diagrams for explaining the operation thereof, and FIG. FIG. 5 is a waveform diagram for
explaining the example. 1 is a decoder, 2 is a logic circuit, 3A to 3D is a gain control amplifier, SO
is a control signal, D1 to D3 are first to third diodes, 24.28 are current sources, Q1 is il Q2 is The
transistor 2 and 27 are time constant circuits. Fig. 1-3-50-145 302 (2) Fig. 3 Fig. 2 · · · · · · · · · · 0 ·
11. I+B, ? '"" 1 i 3 B movement Fig. 4 Fig. 5 1 1 4
[Detailed description of the invention] In the present invention, a good week to explore the 8Q
method is used in the logic circuit of the four-channel stereo me, and the good week # circuit KA.
In the matrix type 4 channel stereo device such as 8Q type, as shown in FIG. 41, a synthetic
signal LT of 2 channels at the time of birth, BT car et al. 4 channel signals Ly ', LB', Ry 'and to 1
decoder When supplying to 441 + 1 L, this n (H each corresponding speaker (@ (1) 'Dt not
shown) with fi +, the improvement of separation is aimed at, the 2 channel bottom signal, ,, BT
once into Rosic LQljlt21 The above-described object is achieved by supplying C and, for example,
C which controls the levels of the signals LF1 to g ′ at its output. In this figure, (3) to (3D)
are gain control increase, and-this gain control of-(level control) is the signal of the previous
issue, as shown in the figure. , ',! t and BF1 is 11 by 1ll 呻 · 1 word itself, but 浚 10,000 、, tLM 1
and 顯 1 are secondary legs but the phase is reversed because they are completely reversed. It is
controlled by 1. Phase inversion ljl! lFI&である。 By the way, the control signal in such a
main * 71 ul. As shown in Fig. 2 @, a level-like signal whose level changes rapidly from 101 to
111 or from 111 to 101 is obtained from logic 1 path (2). Therefore, now the signal 8. If you go
to the moon, you will lose a bear! ! If the 1fA1 and the 2c are to be performed, the main output
(see FIG. 21B) of the signal LB1 and the signal 1 to 1 (refer to FIG. 21B) is attenuated sharply at
the pick-up point (2) * h, no t. Conversely, the signal LF 'and the reproduction output of the
signal 顯 1 controlled by the No. 9 control No. 1S, ′ are the autopsy 1ilIII 遺 borne on the wire
at the same time t. Therefore, for example, in the case where a control signal is present only for a
short time, regardless of the IC 4 which does not have to attenuate the reproduction output so
much, a fluff, a sound 1 and a sound field in which a large attenuation operation is performed.
Becomes unstable, and has a drawback t4. Therefore, this defect is changed with rt (so that K
changes the rise of control signal-(S1) with 14 藺, for example, within a period until it reaches a
predetermined level as shown in FIG. 3). If the level is increased by t2 and the cabinet is
gradually changed with a certain time constant, the reproduction output obtained at that time is
as shown in FIG.
Therefore, the present invention suppresses the drastic level change of 1 turtle in the rise (the
father falls v) 4 of Ii 1 in order to improve the stability of this sound field, and then the working
power of the time constant a circuit In order to obtain an excessive level change, it is t. In the
following, although each tree can be designed by cutting 4 drawings, each tree can be cut, but in
(3)], this is the case of 4 channel stereo @ imaginary in 7tSQ system described above in 1 '^. In
41A, J indicates the signal # circuit according to the present invention as a full rate, which is
provided in the logic circuit t2jK shown in the first factor and is provided in the vk stage of the 曳
detection circuit thC2) J is an input signal That is, the rectangular wave shaped control signal S,
D input terminal, and 22 are output singles. Via the 通 a polarity such as the 媛 a signal SaUA and
the 蘂 a diode D, it is supplied to the first transistor Q, which is made to the PNP で は in the
river of sound. The emitter gAK of this transistor Q + has a load of 41 resistors in series and a
current source l connected in series with the power supply 1, 1 *, and 420 transistors in both of
the 410 resistors 5cl ( NPN 壜) Q, is rigidly connected in parallel via 蘂 20 resistance. Then, the
first O transistor Q and node -JK are connected to a time constant circuit 1 consisting of a
resistor (27 m) and a capacitor (27 b) at @ sO #. Is connected and the 30th resistance (27 m) of J is 4N-J for the 1st resistance, th body (O) and the O connection point. (4) 1) The O signal
control circuit l has the following configuration. In other words, it is a transaction! A series-path
of a current source and a resistor is wired to 1- of QmO work electric power claw and
employment source skin, and the connection point of 1. More specifically, the polarity is fixed to
1 and the second output signal is derived 1 through the second diode DI so that the connection
point 4 anode becomes a cathode. At the output terminal 0 and the input terminal 14 there are
43 diodes D, respectively. The base of the transistor Q in Part 1 is a base line of Pjr constant, 1
mark 7 mark, and a sinking m mark 7 is a quantity line, and +311 is a resistance for bias of the
diode. In this way, one of the signal control circuit j which has been constructed in the
configuration field t 'is referred to the 、 S70 $ L form, but first the output ladder-even in a row]
42 and 萬 3 diodes Da , I) I will talk about aO fire. Now, in a whistle in which both the diodes D, D
are in the on state, the cathode-potential O in each of the Dio-D ', D, D, and CD is one of the most
serious cuts. .
(5)), to explain the operation, when the level of the input compensation 8 is at five levels, that is,
at the time point t, the threshold t0, the effective diode D is turned on. Thus, the first and second
transistors Qs-Qa are normally turned on. Because of this connection point! The electric potential
V of is given by the current of the ayl source (至) and the low compensation of the low resistance
device by R4, then V, = I, R4 (conventionally, this formula is for the transistor QI If the emitter
potential vE is zeroed t), The cathode D of the diode D of iII E3 is at zero level, and the level of the
output terminal is at zero level. Next vc, the input level changes from 101 to 111. In the first
diode D, the reverse bias is rounded off, but the on-state II line of the first and second transistors
Qs, Qa does not change, and hence the junction point ξ. The potential V of V is given by KV = I,
@R as described above, while the cathode of the diode D of 11E3 has an O potential V and a
higher potential LK, so that the output Ω Ω From the second or third diode D, D, O cathode
noble potential drawn to the lower 6 level (6)) At time t, the predetermined potential V is the
level of the output electron @ In this case, in the case where the human power level changes
rapidly in this way, the 'C' also produces an output that is only comparable to the intermediate
level, and is good. It is a major feature of the circuit of the present invention that the oxidation
level is set directly to a predetermined Q1 such as CO and K. In addition, the above-mentioned
electric potential v1 sees the transistor of 41, when it starts to turn on, 仇 R4 and 4 1st place V
obtained in 1, 1 R can be easily set to any level (eg 6-1 id B as an example). By the way, when the
5g11D diode D is turned off, the constant (27b) starts more likelihood 4c at this time t, so 5110)
the transistor Q1'D emitter signal vE increases its level with time. Then, since the potential of the
connection point 4 can be expressed (order v, ha, V @ = 1Bll 84 + VW't ', the potential V rises
naturally following the rise of the emitter potential E as a matter of course, and the rise state is
J5 (7) As shown by -x'maaPa, the time constant is determined by the time constant of the road
surface and the filling factor 1 which is 1 in the 04 constant 1ith II 271. By the way, luck J (d) O1
pressure one line V which is mixed with the base of the transistor Q is considered to be
dangerous, emitter potential Vk, power Va-VBg (vag is transistor Q, voltage between O base and
emitter) Point of rise by i.
Since this transistor Q8 is turned off at this time, the dog 7 is turned to zero (f (it)) through the
second transistor K and the second transistor K so far. Here, from the current fAI! Since the
current I to be subjected to ii1 is constant, the absence of the current fls * means that the current
flowing into the layer 111 at 1 o'clock becomes relatively large, so that the emitter potential VB
is increased. The rate of increase is higher than that at the temple point t, and so on up to this
point t, and the voltage rise [ll plex Pb (black in FIG. 5) also becomes steeper in O]. That is, the
time constant of the one time constant circuit is changed to t. However, at m hard point, (high
order V, input 1 S, higher level (high order is H,) higher than null time 4t, Kf 144), now Vd1 E3 O
da (#-de D, sword The potential of the sword A is lower than that of the second diode (8), that is,
the 1st position of the second diode (8). Is the output potential. In this way, the t output signal so,
1144 obtained at the output terminal port becomes as indicated by J5 Lij, and the level output
signal is given by the above-mentioned level III 次 and the following 49 'r 4 kO & 91 If Lj "-R13
'OL / Hell @ (4 signals; 3 pK, *) is used, then the control signal # 1 to 1 at the time of the control
#? As described above, in the present invention, when a signal whose level changes rapidly is
input and 7 is input, the level change small is effectively suppressed so that the output level does
not change following the 11th digit. t. That is, in the present invention, a continuous wave signal
is inputted, and the current source 1 and the resistor ■ 'ili! The potential V is controlled to be
the output potential at that time point 0 to effectively suppress the level change small, and 4X IID
after that is the transistor Q. The second transistor Qm is controlled by the output of the second
transistor Qm to control the transistor Qt'c- * hard tiger time constant times wcmo time constant
more effectively than the ic transistor. It is a kind of feeling. (9) i) In this way, when the
rectangular wave input is large, the output level will only change by a predetermined level up to
the level of tl. ■ can stabilize the sound field. That is, according to the present invention, there is
one intense level change and one sense of hearing is not impaired. As in the present invention,
the output level is suppressed to a certain level, and the time constant as shown by the alternate
long and short dash line of the third sA is quaternized to level 0 to level 0 Even in the case of m's,
KiB will be used to obtain similar results, but this will cause the playback output level to change
too slowly. The sense of hearing suffers from having a defect because the O signal is in the case
of No. 1 LP '% ˜ 1 only in the field and it is not possible to effectively peel off the back signal LBl,
Rf,'. Because.
However, according to the present invention, after decaying to a predetermined level at time t,
the curve is attenuated with curve 5-B with reference to that level. The 10,000 signals LB 'and
IIB' are suppressed, and the hearing is not vague. Moreover, the way of suppressing the noise
does not become unstable at one end. In addition, time 1. Level 4 is optional, ai X X! ! Of course,
that 瀘 Oai is done by setting aai: is, 04 position V, too. In addition, in this case, the output level is
divided into two steps and an example is shown in which the waveform is shown by a dotted line
in FIG. 5A or three steps, and the eye URK It can be added accordingly. In one stage i, 42
transistors Q 黛 tttrim [Resistor--Transistor i-Power Wei]] Necessary J! ない。 In addition, ガ tIe
used in 4K 84,000 in the 4 channel stereo-a straight OO) Tsuku ー in this moth is used by itself
in マ t 1: タ ス 弐 1 Further, it is needless to say that a time constant may be added to the
rectangular wave form 0 human force ilI, and the output 1-No O waveform may be used for
example 4hA in a place where it is not as shown in the chart S. The input signal 8 ° is not the
21st place. a υ 【,. The same wave form can also be beaten even with layered wave O signal
changing from 111 ′ ′ to 101 .: * mo @ simple &, @ 11 1st-is the real J! O channel @ 4 channel
stereo quantity, line 1.82 of oiiis and Fig. 3- are 70, 11 乍 il! The waveform diagram of the hand,
FIG. 14 shows the circuit of the present invention 0-PA, and the waveform of 4-1 to 51 shows the
waveform for the explanation of 6 h. 111 is a decoder, (2) is a logic circuit, (1A3 to t3D) is 4i
414. Is a control circuit, D, D D is a 1-xao diode,-1 is a 鑞 厖 1, Q is a JllO% Q @ is a 纂 2
transistor, and j is a time constant circuit. Practical new, II registration applicant Sony
Corporation one person tps *-ゝ 2,3. 1111tJ!! 2-pHTj8PI :, 3cBTLB 'Rs' 3D ¥-'-' 3rd WJ
Figure 2 double? --- oA 'two "--F:' 1 '" ..-. 13 plate volumes e 'R 勾 勾 蝉 蝉 ニ 453 0453 () ;;-/ /' J
Figure 4 1 迦 迦 □ 1124 □ 225 "Dt", 2At Ra o L24 to 12211 (Ra)! k "] 1 Sat Y0 to the mills Iney,
0318511 :. "I"-i 'n' "-one year and one 0%-b-cattle-b-<---= = lPl 1a # 12 Ba text (f)", 45302, /
Procedure amendment Showa 49 August 7, 2007 Patent office referee chief Hidehiro Fujita
(patent office referee head) '1, display of the case 1949 utility model registration application No.
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