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Name? 祐-為 り (龜 24) 3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma
1006 Name (582) Pine, representative of Shimo Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Matsu ° Masaharu
Shimo ■ Japan Patent Office ■ JPA 50 -'134 4530 published Japan 50. (1975) 10.24-· ·
Japanese Patent Application No. 47-4θ Tata ・ · agency serial number g 3: j 241? 明細 明細 24
specification 1 stv @ o name throwing away submersible resonator 2, claim request OII @ I in the
water! A detection element for detecting 1IlW &, an ultrasonic transducer, and this ultrasonic
transducer * IE-distributed ultrasonic sound #jL transducer is held, and an O-l sound--ultrasound
generated by a transducer # 1. [Holding to emit outside through super sonic # LV lens-at least,
and with the above structure as a seven-body structure, the outer surface of the super lightning
don lens is configured as a flat Wi shape VrII # 黴 と ゐ 観 S * S. 8, invention on fine a town-main
production-No. 11 discard type underwater view, ultrasonic telemeter type O dump lid in water
to the cape Il! It relates to the device. As a research OII vessel to adjust the ocean and me, K> h,
'c,-min water accumulation ty @ 11 and ii * t in the water depth direction- so! ! There is an
adhesive telemeter type. As a representative side device, it is possible to control the state of
operation m by the O output, and to control a certain scale by controlling the operation state m.
Sound extraction I! 11 Piezoelectric 趨 励 振 て 励 振 励 振 励 振 励 振 励 振 電池 電池 電池 お お
お ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae. It has the
advantage of being able to do it efficiently. Because there are various noises, such as the sound of
the boat living in the water by the movement of the ship, the flow of water such as #I # 1, the
noise generated by squeezing, and the generation of underwater wisdom, The signal level is
higher than these sound levels (in order to detect incoming ultrasonic signals, a strong & + mf
output is required to enable detection of incoming ultrasonic signals. If you want to increase the
output power to increase the output power, you need to make the field of the dog one kind of
dog, or if you need to increase the output power, you need to use a heavy snowfall. There is a
problem that it is necessary to demonstrate the enlargement of the transmission part and the
power supply part by reducing the target of Il adjustment without using EndPage: 1 and using
the space generated thereby. 超 -1 水中 −1 水中 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超 超
am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am 、 、 容器 容器, ・ am am <, am
container, etc. A part of the wave is reflected on the bottom of the sea or a rocky reef and
reaches a strong reflected wave on the surface of one ship's wave receiver.
The ultrasonic signal that propagates on the observation-jl, et al. 1 reception wave * plane is
interfered by this reflected wave, and its waveform is significantly damaged, as the Ils device falls
near the bottom of the water, Under water force, etc. reflected wave is similar to ** wave in
magnitude, phase and so on, and the degree of interference becomes large, making it difficult to
detect wL tangential wave, thus, #i, To Il! Even if the output of the horizontal 11 units is
increased, the reliability of data collection can not be improved. The present invention improves
ultrasonic radiation 0 directivity in a very m-sized structure in this kind of underwater-all unit,
and reduces the signal response of the reflected wave to I [when the liquid contact OV bell is
increased. It is an attempt to provide a structure that can be The details will be described below
based on one embodiment shown in the figure. In the figure, the water tank-+ I11 is a collection
of columns or columns of watertight structure 8 vessels 2 and detection collection for detecting
various quantities of water temperature such as temperature and pressure or salt concentration
#, hydrogen ion acidity etc. End plate s4 provided with the child 3. King of plate-like piezoelectric
ceramic gutter super-f skill oscillator 6 and its holder 6! ! It is organized as a department. The
watertight container 2 is controlled by the detection signal of the detection λ 3. FIII f wave
oscillator circuit and battery etc. that oscillate the ultrasonic wave remarks that have changed the
law! The am plate 4 which incorporates a portion (not shown) of the Ib system and which
electrically connects the detection mechanism a and the ultrasonic transducer 6 while
maintaining the watertight state The container 116 is integrated with the container 2 by means
of adhesion, screwing, melting III or the like, and forms a so-called flat bottom with a flat plate. It
has a circular joint portion 7 capable of accommodating # IL # & movement element 6 and a
plastic ultrasonic lens 8 mounted on the O opening. The lens 8 is a plano-concave lens. A small
hole 10 for equalizing internal and external pressure is provided in the circular joint portion 7,
and the piezoelectric m ultrasonic transducer S is formed by a stopper 12 through a washer 11
of a visco-elastic material, a retainer It is crimped to the top of e. In this IklIll device, a plate-like
supersonic sound tl! When the pregnancy mover 8 is excited in the wide side vibration mode, the
ultrasonic wave is radiated into the cylinder 1i 117, and most of it is radiated into water through
the ultrasonic lens 8 at the opening. The 'super' that is emitted is a tearing sound field, and the
lifting platform of this practice has a heavy surge toward the top, making it a sharp siderow such
as the resonance phenomenon of an acoustic tube.
FIG. 2 shows an example in which a plano-convex lens is used as an ultrasonic lens 1s by
partially modifying the structure of the above embodiment. According to the fact, the sound field
pl of the ultrasonic waves to be emitted! Im upward 5 forward powers, and the focused wave i
becomes whistling. Although the sound field tends to be emitted when the distance from the all
side device becomes very long in 4 in any one case, if the distance is relatively short, the
radiation in the direction unnecessary for the company is necessary. Because it is suppressed, it
is possible to greatly reduce the dry # to the direct wave by the reflection #L, according to the
description above, this 1j IAI! According to i4, since the tweet #L signal is emitted into the water
using an ultrasonic wave lens, its directivity is very good. It is clear. Since there is no need to use
an acoustic tube as a holder for the ultrasonic transducer, its dimension accuracy may be
relatively low, and manufacture is easy. Furthermore, by making the outer side of the ultrasonic
pencil flat, the both sides of the ultrasonic vessel can be made to be-and the detection bulk is in
the downward direction, that is, the bottom direction, * It is possible to lower the water vertically
at a degree of-foot, by setting the weight of the container. For this reason, it is possible to
accurately know the distribution state of various values in the water depth direction.
Brief description of the drawings EndPage: 2 years old 11 ili is an underwater m side か か るpractical example according to the present invention 図 partially cutaway cross-sectional view, 1
yr old cutaway cross-sectional view of another 2 m1 company as well. 2... 0 container s. . Holder,
8, 1 s,---Ultrasonic lens. Name Shishio's Name Attorneys Mr. Toshio Sugao, 1 person Ill Figure
112 囚 6 Inventors and agents other than the above (1) Inventor's address same place '(2)
Agent's address Osaka Prefecture Kadachi city Ogata Kadoma 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial
Co., Ltd.-"Name (6152) Patent Attorney Shigetaka Ogino EndPage: 3