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Address Sakaemachi, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture No. 258, Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd.
Koriyama Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Saeki Tamon Name Saeki Taguchi [Facial] Japan Patent Office
■ Japanese Patent Publication 50-1344490 Published Japan. (19, 75) 10. 24 Internal Serial
Number, c4b; SS-, s Specification 1, Title of Invention
Combined speaker system
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to preventing an
abnormal temperature rise inside a cabinet due to a large input of a composite speaker system. Traditionally, the combined speaker system has a coil L to divide the band of each speaker. A
network composed of parts such as capacitor C1 resistance R1 is used, but among these parts,
the fill L and the resistance R generate heat by the signal current and may be burnt out inside the
cabinet, accident such as fire etc. There is a risk of rising and there is an undesirable
disadvantage in safety. This departure F! A seeks to provide a combined speaker system in which
such drawbacks are ameliorated. An embodiment of the present invention will be described
below with reference to the drawings. In the drawing, (1) is a bass speaker, C2) is a treble
speaker, and (3) is an input terminal b (4) line to which the terminal of the amplifier is connected.
A high frequency blocking coil (5) connected in series to the terminal, a high frequency blocking
capacitor (6) connected in parallel, and a bass blocking capacitor connected in series to the treble
speaker and the input terminal (7), resistance 8), and a coil for preventing the low frequency (9)
and EndPage: 1 connected in parallel. A heat-responsive switch connected in series between this
network and a person and a power terminal is provided in the vicinity of the high-tone blocking
coil, the bass blocking coil, and the resistor, and is attached to the heat transfer . a1 is a cabinet.
Next, the function and effect of the composite loudspeaker system configured as described above
will be described. During operation of the speaker, for example, when the energy of the program
source tends to be concentrated on average, the low frequency speaker (1) serving a band from
low to mid range breaks during continuous operation. An abnormal temperature rise occurs. That
is, as a load on the amplifier side, the high frequency blocking coil (5) and the high frequency set
up capacitor (6) are connected in series to the power terminal (3), or a specific At the frequency
of (1), the series resonance is also a chicken, the impedance side viewed from the side of the
amplifier is mainly the series resistance of the high-frequency blocking coil (5). Therefore, when
viewed from the amplifier 儒 9 constant voltage drive: A large current flows in the abovementioned resonance frequency portion, and the high-frequency blocking switch 3, 4 or 5)
generates heat. . When the temperature rises, the thermal reaction switch al thermally coupled to
the vicinity of the high frequency blocking coil (5) operates to know this temperature. And shut
off the current flowing to the high frequency blocking coil to prevent the temperature rise.
Next, if the temperature drops due to the interruption of the current, the thermally responsive
switch is "closed". In the above embodiment, although the two-in-one speaker type has been
described, a composite speaker system using three or more speakers has the same effect. In
addition, although the heat generation of the coil at the time of the speaker disconnection is
described in the above real example 11A, the same operation can be obtained even if the heat is
generated other than the temperature rise of the resistor or the speaker disconnection. . Of
course it is a line to do the effect. In the above embodiment, the circuit is operated using a
thermally responsive switch, but it is of course possible to operate only "open" such as a
temperature fuse. As described above, since the composite type speaker and system of the
present invention detect an abnormal temperature rise in the cabinet and shut off one circuit,
there is no accident such as burning or fire, and the safety is improved.
Brief description of the table drawings 扛 show the complex type speaker system circuit diagram
of this invention% (11 扛 bass speaker, (2) high-pitch speaker, (s + h input terminal, (41u
network, (5) is high-pitched Blocking coil, (61 t! High-pitched sound stop condenser, (7) is a bass
stop condenser. (8) is a coil, (9) is a coil for preventing bass, alFX thermal responsive switch, and
aa is inside a cabinet. Agent Shino Shino-91tEndPage: 2