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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the structure of a
conventional ultrasonic wave transmitting and receiving unit, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 are crosssectional views for explaining the mounting state of a conventional matching unit, and FIGS. The
drawing is a cross-sectional view for explaining the mounted state of the aligning device of the
present invention. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Bimorph piezoelectric vibrator, A5 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Fig.
1 Fig. 2 · 1 part G Fig. 4 · Fig. 1 · 5 Fig. 5 · · · · 1-191-actual opening 50-129080 (2) correction
correction 49.11.29 drawings 1 Correct the figure as gray. Fig. 1 ■ ■
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a super-its
transceiver using a bimorph type coin-knurled ladder. It is known that the structure of the crosssectional shape shown in FIG. In the figure, 1 is a cylindrical case with no cracking, 2 is a
piezoelectric thin film made of barium titanate or Rochelle salt, and so on, and 6 is an insulating
substrate, and the support 6 'is perpendicular to the surface. The vibrator 2 is fixed on the cross
section 5 'by means of the above-mentioned vibrator 2 or an elastic contact agent. 4a For
example a paper or aluminum temple on a free 4 matcher on top (1) sieving attachment in the
middle of the surface of the vibrator 2 with a sieve molecular adhesive temple. 5 is a gold plated
wire back plate, which is fixed to the back W surface of the substrate 6 and is made. 6 and 7 are
the above-mentioned 哉 & 6 and earth 1 child and 1 人 power child who are led to the outside
through the back plate 5, and the ground 1 child 6 is shielded at 4 緘 8 in the misery of the fine
movement f2. , The input shoulder 7 is electrically connected to the back surface 5 of the forceps
2 at a point 4 and 9 and is disgusting G with the K plate 5. In the case 1, the lower 4 openings
are placed on the outer periphery of the substrate 6 and the outer periphery of the temporary
piece so as to make the cut pieces 2 'ia' +- 1 o or constant 6 The extravaganza 4 is cone-shaped,
and although its center is fixed to the vibrator by Nt, since it is bamboo treated in a narrow space
in a non-gull, its stigma is poor, and the center of the vibrator in history 1) has the drawback that
it can not be fixed easily, so the structure shown in FIG. 2, FIG. That is, in the figure 1JfJ2 shows
that the ring-shaped support 11 is interposed between the と 4 and the vibrator 2, and the 饅 (2)
combined book 4 has the correct posture with respect to the vibrator 2, #! The massacre work is
而 W. Fig. 31 shows that the continuous cap of 12 @ hichikawa h1 -4 is fixed in the middle pit of
the vibrator 2 and the g18 unit 4 is fixed to the tip-in contact with V-V, lack of upper ground, Q
or not YO can do, if it is more than a face point, and there is a problem that the workability is bad
in that it is two or more contact points, it is a defect to suppress the inherent movement of the
alignment device, the present invention is a drawback of the above ■ \ And provide a super 1 t
IHL transducer capable of mistaking and easily removing an ice insulator V with a V-book with
no inherent HiR motion of the matching device. FIGS. 4 and 5 are cross-sectional views showing
the fitting device 4 of the transmitter / receiver and the introduction of the vibrator 2 according
to the present invention. The assembly 44 has a funnel shape, and a protrusion 4 'is integrally
provided from the center of seven. The tip of the protrusion 4 ° of the aligning device 4 is the
center of the bimorph type piezoelectric transducer 2 In the bottom of the hole in the bottom of
the hole in the beak layer wound unique (No. 41A), or in the vibrator 2v, or in the hole in the
middle hole reluctance hole 1 person in the back hole to solidify with bronze (Figure 5 (6)).
As described above, the present invention can be made to have a predetermined distance from
the surface of the hammer 2 by setting the volume 4 (in the shape of 1-funnel, from the center
(in the shape provided with the piece 4 ')). Bonding and fixing becomes easy, and simply inserting
the protruding piece 4 'into the middle fire hole of the vibrator in history makes one scratch at a
scratched position-and -f, to LI. Such as 仁 の オ: 尺 オ (つ 冊 固 仰 仰 j j j j Q 1Q, 15 幀 而 柩, 柩
搗 搗 超 込 改 改 改Four things are given.