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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1a is a plan view of the container body, FIG. 1b is a
side view of the left flat portion in cross section, and FIG. 2 is a sterilizer according to an
embodiment of the present invention. 3a is a plan view of the retaining plate, FIG. 3b is a side
view of the same, FIG. 4a is a plan view of a disinfectant, and FIG. 4b is a side view of the same.
A4V ..... disinfectant. , 8 ····· Adhesive, 9 ··· Ring paper. 1 'Fig. 72a,' --La v1b 4-23 one real open 50216 10 0 (2) NC λ '3 4
The present invention relates to the improvement of a telephone disinfector attached to the
mouth of a telephone. In the past, various types of phone disinfecters of this type have been
considered, but in any case, circular phone disinfecting tablets are inserted into flat containers
and fixed to the mouthpiece with a mounting cover, or A projection is provided on the lower side,
and the projection is inserted into a mouthpiece hole and attached, or the lower face of a
container is stuck on a mouthpiece face, but the shape of the top face of the mouthpiece It is easy
to remove because it is not constant, and it has a disadvantage that the disinfecting effect is low.
This device is intended to eliminate these drawbacks, and an umbrella-like annular tongue is
provided below the outer frame of the container to make it easy to stick to the upper surface of
the mouthpiece, and a plate-shaped antiseptic tablet And a flexible disinfectant prepared by
impregnating a sponge-like foam with a disinfectant. The configuration of an embodiment of the
invention will be described with reference to the drawings. This telephone disinfector is a
container body l (hereinafter simply referred to as the main body and (2) -11-), the antiseptic 7 to
be inserted into the main body, and the detoning agent so as not to be detached from the main
body It consists of a frame t. In FIGS. 1a and 1b, the main body 1 is a circular frame molded with
a soft synthetic resin, and the central space of the outer frame 2 is provided with a lip 3 for
forming characters, symbols or patterns, etc. There is. The lip 3 and the outer frame 2 are
connected by a mesh t and formed into a nearly flat plate. Round medicine frame on the bottom
of the plate! An annular projection ja is provided at the lower end thereof toward the inside. The
lower end of the outer frame is extended outwardly in the form of an umbrella, and a very thin
annular tongue 2a is formed so as to be pointed forward. Then, an adhesive r is applied to the
lower side of the annular tongue 2a as shown in FIG. 2 and an annular sheet is attached. The
adhesive rK attached to the lower surface of the annular tongue 2a by simply peeling off the
same paper during bonding by this way, the disinfector can be placed on the microphone of any
shape (3) One-one mouthpiece of an arbitrary shape. It can be stuck. The fixing frame t is a thin
(about 0.7 mm thick) frame consisting of a double circle and a radial lip connecting it as shown
in FIGS. 3a and 3b, and its outer diameter is the medicine receiving frame j The inner diameter of
the annular projection ja is approximately equal to the inner diameter of the ring, and is formed
so as not to come off easily. The disinfectant 7 is a thin disk (approximately 2 mm in thickness)
which is a sponge-like foam impregnated with the disinfectant, and is flexible and configured to
be freely deformed.
Because this device is configured as described above. If the disinfectant 7 is inserted into the
main body l and the locking frame 6 is further inserted, the locking frame is locked to the
annular projection ja of the drug receiving frame by the peripheral edge and the disinfectant can
not be removed, and the disinfectant is Since the sponge-like foam is used, the sterilizer is
attached to the transmitter so as to be in close contact with the transmitter face even if the shape
of the mouthpiece is somewhat uneven, and the disinfection effect is improved. (Μ)-(/ 葛, · g, f
Also, since the outer frame 2 is extremely thin so as to extend the lower annular tongue 2a like
an umbrella and face the tip thereof, Easy to adhere to the top surface. や。 It has a practical
effect that it is difficult to be removed by sticking on the upper surface by T □ contact, □ I key
1, 1 □ 離, 2-, mary regardless of the shape of the mouthpiece is there.