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i, J Ille SN, TAA, PUGAD CO., LTD. Representative Akio Morita-· Published Patent Gazette ■ ■ JP
50-420305-JP [email protected] Publication Date-50, (1975) 9.20. 17 1723 specification 1
invention O name-pickup cartridge 2 曽 IIPyis * om I attached a mounting cantilever with a sand
Mk ring-shaped magnetic body portion is provided, ζo 9 ring-like magnetic body portion K11 m
in the bumper! At the same time, move the magnet ◇ the fulcrum point to the inside of the ringshaped magnetic body part and make it a friend that it is 1 #. 8 発 s 11sll & jg 111 This
invention is a movinda merdanet type pickup car) concerning the structure of the oscillator of
the ridge δ thing eTobe = conventionally such kind of jitterer car) vibration of the ridge 'a
14 C (1 m) (1 m) ( lb) dg-# He-xw-? The above pool piece soda (1 m) (1 lb) (lb) ell is distributed in
the "Dell" is also a short III at the rear (d) 紘 damper (3) 辻 ring 7 magnet In the above-mentioned
damper 12) K glued-in ·% 4 company cantilever inserted in the center part of the abovementioned Madañet ') (2) and fixed in place-415) acupuncture needle, ax) is a holder and the
above-mentioned damper (2) ) Is mounted. (7) Abutment to the inside of the holder (6) with the
wedge sleeve (provided and leaked into the damper wedge), and-Journal. (8) 唸 Buckinder sleeve
is inserted into the inside of the above cantilever (4 of the above Madanets) (3) acIIi, and screwed
in and inserted into the inside of the part, 上 記 suspension wire with 紘, the sleeve (7) and It
penetrates the inside of the damper (2) and penetrates the inside of the one end line abovementioned tool tucking sleeve (3) and J! ! 憾 憾 sleeve (7) O-tin fixed. I draw a shadow i due to
tension in the direction of the upper 1 B wheel by friction II of the recording disc and needle
point by pulling this wire four butterfly cantilever (4) and the magnet (3) in the direction of the
wheel It is now with ○. In the cartridge O vibration system of the above-mentioned structure----------------------- O 'appearance llB11 KJ: G11 l. 8m KJ II vh arrow X-needle (group O displacement
direction tube shown, EndPage: 5 points depending on this tip displacement Magnets according
to the tip displacement) (3) From the position device shown by the broken line to the position
shown by the solid line Displace.
"a", "bSC", "d" indicate four corners of the side cross-sectional rectangle in the chain line position
of the magnet (3), axb ') C'% J similarly indicates one "corner in the solid line position It is a thing.
Now, looking at the flow of magnetic flux when the magnet (3) is displaced with the point A as
the fulcrum, and immediately when it is in the solid line position of FIG. 2, the magnet JIH for
contributing to the power generation of the cartridge Since d 'of 3) approaches the pole piece
yoke (lb), d' → pole piece yoke (lb) → pole piece yoke (la) → a 'flows. However, this and ilcl move
closer to pole piece Wi-ri (lb) K than C, and further from pole and piece yoke (1 a) than Ka '紘 a,
d' → pole piece yoke (1 b) → C A flowing magnetic flux H 'is generated. Since the magnetic flux H
'flows in a considerable amount, the power generation efficiency of the cartridge is deteriorated.
If you place the above problem in the red part of the magnet (3) as indicated by JE 8mK 支点
point 支点 point pole point yoke (lb) from d'dd K approaching C'a C yo> Away K, t 'a'da) A pole
piece blazing (la) & a 611 bundle H approaching d' → pole piece yaw (lb) → hole piece sun-(1
resistance → l Flow, and the flow line of the magnetic flux H 'as shown in FIG. 3 does not start. As
a cartridge utilizing this principle: FIG. 4 is proposed to have a dream. The effective length g- * of
the wire 4 can be reduced by rounding the fulcrum A inside the magnet (3). For this purpose, the
tip of the sleeve penetrates the damper (2) as shown in JI 4 To be inserted into the magnet (3)
and to be inserted into the friend cantilever (4). In this case, the diameter of one cantilever (4)
must be thickened as shown in the figure in order to make the cantilever (4) displace by a
displacement of the papermaking sleeve (8) K # so that the magnet (3) Inside Ka a large cavity
(畠 1) is generated, and the damper (2) and the magnet (3) become large and &), the mass of this
vibration system becomes large = 1kvh tee on the recent 4 channel reconide Since a large m'a
regeneration zone as large as 5KHII is required, it is necessary to make the vibration system as
light as possible -16. If the magnet (3) is small, the sensitivity decreases and the contact area
with tbKlf 6- (2) also decreases, so that the braking effect also decreases. It occurs.
In order to eliminate the disadvantages of the present invention, the ring-shaped magnetic body
portion is provided on the cantilever-attached magnet, and the ring-shaped magnetic body
portion of the kernel is in the damper Kgi! In addition to this, the * I IJ fulcrum of the magnet is
located inside the ring-shaped magnetic part, and such a structure provides a small vibration
system mass, a cartridge with excellent power generation efficiency, and a damping effect of the
damper. It is possible to In the following, the detailed description of the present invention will be
made with reference to FIG. 6 by the same reference numerals as in FIG. In the cartridge dl16 of
the present invention, as shown in Fig. Dl16, a magnet (3) k-ring-shaped magnetic material is
fixed, and this ringing magnetic material (11) is embedded in the member (2) and 1 magnet (3)
In the same manner as in FIG. 1, the vibration fulcrum person is placed behind the magnet (3),
that is, inside the ring-shaped magnetic body. The flow of the magnetic flux due to the above
structure is examined in the JIG diagram. # 6 WK at-rb, t / and d, d'a chain M position and solid
line position shows a rectangular corner showing-plane cross section of magnet (3), t'a, j and c, c
/ company line It shows the corner of the cross section of the ring-shaped magnetic body a0 at
the position and the solid line position. As can be seen from the figure, when the magnet taJ and
the ring-shaped magnetic body Ql) are displaced from the dashed line position to the solid line
position, the pole piece date (lb) K approaches the d '紘 d of the magnet (3) In addition, the ringshaped magnetic substance (11) f) is farther from cjlac than 1-rubeis yota (lb), and closer to pole
piece (1a) K than sl 'ore a. By doing this, the flux flow H of the magnetic flux H flows now as pole
piece yoke (lb) → pole piece yoke (la) → d, and a flux line like mzm does not occur (& 1 power
generation efficiency is improved) I can do it with you. またカンチレバEndPage:2\?
R-(It is possible to knit as much as possible without the need to thicken 4). Further, the magnet
(the magnetic magnetic material fixed to the lens 33 is embedded in the damper (the lower part
is embedded in the crucible-the contact area with the 1 ζ O damper (2) becomes very hot, and
increases the dynamic effect be able to. According to non-explosion 11F-, the ring-shaped
magnetic body portion is provided on the magnet attached with the cantilever, and the ring
shape of ζ-. By embedding the magnetic body part in the damper and positioning the vibration
fulcrum of the above-mentioned magnet net on the inside of the above-mentioned ring-like
magnetic body part, the paper sheet, the coping efficiency and the cocoon effect are made the
same, area! 1ii1 ikJIi It is possible to obtain effects such as neglecting a small weight.
4, 5 I # no easy to 1111111161! A sectional view of the vibration system of a conventional
moving magnet cartridge, a side view showing the flow of magnetic flux due to a displacement of
a magnet of a card luff in the basic diagram of JIs diagram company, an improvement of the
cartridge of FIG. Fig. 8 shows the flow of the magnetic flux of the cartridge in Fig. 8 of Fig. 8 vI
company, and Fig. 6 is a cross-sectional view of the cartridge ollim system due to non-explosion.
1-20305f3)-A diagram showing the flow of magnetic flux due to the displacement of the magnet
of the cartridge of the present invention. In one reference numeral used in the drawing, (la) (xb)
is a ball beast yota, (a movement damper = i4Fi cantilever, par, one ring-shaped magnetic body,
mu is a fulcrum of vibration). Agent Tsuchiya-Katsuichi 11il Han Yasuo I Shibata Hiroshi
EndPage: 3 Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 6 JP 5O-120305 (4) Other than the above-EndPage: 4