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In particular, '' patent application (2000 yen) January 28, 1974, the name of the invention pick
chip cartridge name Nagaya-3,% Persuasive applicant address Osaka, Osaka Prefecture J1 c city
Oji Kamon Shin 100 (S address name (582 > Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative Masaharu Matsushita 4; Agent 〒 167 (3) Application Subscript 1 copy, j (4)
Proxy Letter 1-1-1 ■ ■ Japan Patent Office ■ JPA so-1 -05103671723 Specification -1, Name
of Invention Pickup Cartridge 1, Name of Invention Pickup Cartridge
2, inventor
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a pickup cartridge for
reproducing a so-called A'5-45 system record in which two signals are respectively recorded in
one sound groove, and more particularly to a pickup cartridge using a pressure-sensitive
conversion element. The purpose is to provide a pick-up cartridge which can significantly
improve the reproduction characteristics and improve the productivity. 81 to FIG. 4 show an
embodiment of the pick-up car according to the present invention, trizzo . In each figure of
the figure, in each figure, CI) is a needle lever, and (2) is a heart needle attached at its tip. Is a
seven-shaped armature, which is attached to the proximal end of the needle lever [1] in a plane
which is approximately at the axis of the needle lever. (4) (4) d A nine strip-shaped bending type
sensing element conversion device which is V-shaped in plan view in the one plane, and the
conversion element (4) (j) has the lower end of the armature ( 3) and while supporting the upper
end thereof respectively on the starting support +5) (g), for example made of rubber. (6) is a case
made of, for example, a synthetic resin, and in the V-shaped portal structure (7) provided in this
case-上 upper v-shaped armature (3), V-shaped pressure-sensitive conversion element + 4) ti )
Fixing fitting of (2) @is support (5) is). ts> <6> is the terminal which was useful in the rumor of
the case (6) which is upper, (9) tjr> are these terminals and 1: pressure sensitive conversion
element! 5) The (i) seed wire connecting the (i) to the next, the operation of the pickup cartritz of
the present invention, the effect ′ will be described in FIG. 5 the front wall of the left
channel of the joint sound II (a) If only (b) is modulated, the plane (3b) orthogonal to the front
wall (b) of the armature 3a (3) is in rotation of the needle lever (1) as shown by ■-cr <center ■
As shown in the figure, during the rotation of the needle lever (1), the rotational movement is
performed as cr <center EndPage: 1, and the unmodulated sound band (而 perpendicular to 窃 is
shown as arrow (c) It performs rotation operation around an axis passing through the rotation
center of the needle lever (1). FIG. 4 is a side view of the main part of the present invention
shown in FIG. 6. In this figure, when the needle point (2) is modulated by the sound recording
mark (b), the armature (3) is labeled F in FIG. The motion described above is transmitted, and the
conversion element (4) (i @ +) mounted between this armature (3) and the brake support (51 tg)
is stressed by this interlocking. Since this variable probability element (4) (i) is formed in a strip
shape, the stress applied to this conversion element (41 <i + is long in the conversion element <i>
orthogonal to the modulated sound band (b) In the transducer element (4) which is orthogonal to
the unmodulated band (6) in the longitudinal direction and in the width direction respectively,
the stress in the longitudinal direction becomes larger than the stress in the longitudinal
direction, thus The degree of left-right separation can be taken sufficiently.
The cartridge according to the present invention is shown in FIG. 6 (4a) (4a '(4b) (4b) (4b') (4b),
(dc) (4c ') (Ac') (4c), (4d). (4d) (4d) (,! The shape may be as shown by + (1) (4d,), or it may be an
armature or the like. Furthermore, as shown in FIG. 8, the present invention cartriso zo is in
contact with the nest without fixing the lower end of the dummy conversion element (11e) o to
the armature (3). In this conventional pick-up cart 11's-zo (see FIG. 91 1. 1. i (in FIG. 12, all those
with the structure shown in FIG. 12 are 6 °, ie, 6 °) 111 · C body, U is the needle lever and this
needle lever qB is identified on the bottom of 1 capital tIO from its base end all screw + 13 fc, the
needle tip α at the tip and the inside 1 η fv 1 1 (7) armature Attach 1341 respectively. (Lflt14
is a braking support made of, for example, rubber, and the base end of this support .alpha.9
(inside 19) is inserted and fixed at the base end of the pressure sensitive conversion element
ueM. No (-He lost armature! Attach one end of 14 Therefore, the above two rows of @@ support I
(the highest), the pressure-sensitive conversion element 110, the upper part of the armature 04
and the upper part of the armature 04 are inserted and fixed in the h. In addition, Q 端子 is a
terminal, G → is a lead wire connecting this terminal and the above-mentioned pressure-sensitive
conversion element (1υCL 8). In the prior art pink azzo car 1) shown in FIGS. 9 to 12, the
attachment point (P) to the four bodies .sigma.1 of the needle lever 01), the fulcrum of the taking
movement of 1j at the needle tip, and both conversion elements. The three points of attachment
of 6u 4 to both brake supports u 9 am (≠) and these three vibration fulcrums (P) (#) exist at
different i locations, and armature (14) Exists in the vicinity of the needle tip (1) of the needle G
〇 D. Therefore, the normal movement of the needle lever that performs various vibrations
following the sound groove of the record in this situation is interrupted and the reproduction
signal Cause unnecessary distortion, which may degrade the reproduction and characteristics of
the pickup. However, since the armature (3) and the f-commuting element + 4 + Ci) are in the
plane perpendicular to the axis of the needle (mar) (1) of the present invention, their structure or
In addition, there is no possibility that the normal shooting movement of the needle / J ˜ is
interrupted as in the conventional one and the distortion metal is generated in the reproduction
signal, and the pickup reproduction characteristics become extremely good.
As the arrangement of both conversion elements adQe is arranged in a V-shape as shown in FIGS.
10 and 11, both conversion elements QI in the processing and assembly of the armature C14 and
the braking support QffQi are arranged in the above-mentioned prior art. One's own room, l [of
the size is difficult to hold, there is a drawback that causes deterioration of productivity, 6 rats of
exogenous characteristics. In contrast to this f'L, in the above-described embodiment of the
present invention, as shown in FIG. 2, the two conversion elements (4) are arranged radially in a
plane in a plane, and simple By using both damping supports +5) t6> of the structure, it is
possible to make the whole of the safety properties of Anhui Shishi city with very good ** and
measure the progress of productivity. It is necessary to make the braking effect of Sara J's (July's
"One Piece (Cartridge, Since the conversion element 4te α- is in a V shape in the width direction
in both, the braking support (19α et al.'S braking effect with respect to any photographing
movement of these conversion elements becomes uneven. On the other hand, in the present
invention, each conversion element is a simple and simple imaging transmission system in which
each conversion element is formed in a planar arrangement, and the braking effect of the
imaging support is uniform with respect to every movement EndPage: 2 of each conversion
element. It will be Since the pickup cartridge of the present invention has the above-mentioned
effects of the above-mentioned buildings, its industrial value is extremely large.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a practical example
of the pickup cartridge of the present invention, FIG. 2 is FIG. 1 (D (cross sectional view along
line D, FIG. Fig. 4 is a side view of the perspective view, Fig. 5 is an explanatory view of one of the
cartridge of the present invention, Fig. 6 is a front view of another embodiment of the conversion
element, Fig. 7 Fig. 8 is a perspective view of another embodiment of the armature, Fig. 8 is a
side view 1Δ of the pond embodiment of the main part, Fig. 9 is a longitudinal sectional view of
a conventional pickup cartridge of this type, Fig. 10 is Fig. 9 01) (H) A sectional view along 1 (4),
FIG. 111 shows a sectional view along (9) (3) (3)), and FIG. 12 is a view of a part of the fence. 12)
... needle point, (1) · needle · ー -1 (31 (, 4 + (hair · · armature, + 41 (41, (4a) (4a), (41)) (a4) (4g
(4c) (4c) (4cl (4C), (4a) (a) (fa) (4a) (4a) ··· bending type pressure sensitive conversion element, (5)
(i) · · · brake support body. Patent applicant Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Agent Island 1)
Kenji Sanbu 1 r Bu 20-7: 11 ¥ T ya 47 ya ヲ 6 eyes? Figure 7 ■ 2q 厨 110 Figure 111) ′ ′
712 Figure EndPage: 3